Kristoff St. John Talks Diabetes in Real Health Magazine

The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John is on the fall cover of Real Health Magazine. Inside he talks with Michael Fairman about having close family and friends who live with diabetes.

Beyond living with the impact diabetes had on his immediate family, St. John also watched his friend, actor Dorian Gregory (former cohost of The Other Half), spend years living with the disease.

Gregory was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 9. He later met St. John on the audition circuit, and the two became fast friends. Once St. John learned of his friend’s condition, the two discussed Allana’s diabetes. “When I had my first real conversation with him, I found out his wife had diabetes and that was a ‘wow’ moment,” Gregory says. “I saw how supportive and how a part of it he was. He cared so much, so of course, I wanted to know him.”

Check your local bookstore or news stand for the issue.

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    Wow, I will need to read that article. I myself have had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 8 (33 years ago). I am living proof that if you take care of yourself, you can live a long complication-free life! Thanks to Kristoff for the article.

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    I like that they are friends although they have to be some years apart. Didn’t St. John play a kid in the third Roots movie and Dorian Gregory played Alex Hailey’s father?

    Love to see they are talking about something that is really killing the Black community. Everyone always talking about having “sugar” but I never hear no one talk about feeding their kids right and teaching other Black people about how to not get the “sugar”. Leave those greasy neckbones alone!

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    I too applaud Kristoff for talking about diabetes. I only wish there was more awareness for Type 1, but it seems that type 2 gets all the attention. (This might cause a debate, but) I’ve often wondered how type 1 diabetics feel when the media and everyone imply that type 2 is diabetic. if only type 2 diabetics had to deal with half of the problems that a type 1 has to go through.

    My husband got type 1 diabetes at 5 years of age and it is a struggle to do things the right way. He is 33 and thin and although we make sure he eats a good diet it is very difficult to keep his sugar where it needs to be. As a consequence of having one too many episodes of it being too high, he recently had panretinal eye surgery in one eye.

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    Hi. My husband takes the shots. His endocrinologist has him on Lantus for the long-term with the pen for short-term. I have talked to him until I am blue in the face about getting on the pump but he won’t. My husband’s real problem is that, despite the fact that he has had this for many many years, he doesn’t like to admit he has it or acknowledge it most of the time. He sometimes thinks he has super human strength and I have to remind him he has a disease. Now that we have a baby, he has gotten better about these things, but I think the eye surgery could have been prevented or stalled if he would try harder.

    I’m so glad that the eye surgery worked well for you. He was freaked out because his eye stayed dilated for almost three days later. Again, he didn’t listen to me and take the rest of the day off from work and recuperate like he should have. That’s just another example of how stubborn he is. :-)

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    Isn’t it the truth about eating right. I am a teacher and see so many FAT kids!! The sate of type two is rising among kids. Type 1 really can’t be prevented by diet, but Type Two can be. Parents need to feed their kids better. I consider it abuse when I see them allowing their kids to shovel down food like there is no tomorrow.

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    How does your husband take his insulin? Shots or pump? I am on the pump and it is fantastic control. I too had the surgery in my eyes and it works beautifully! Sometimes it takes a while to see, no pun intended, the results but eventually he will.

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