Kim Zimmer "Sad" Onscreen Daughter Didn't Return

In an interview with On Air On Soaps Michael Fairman, Kim Zimmer gave her thoughts on Guiding Light's avoidance of bringing her alter ego's daughter back to Springfield and how fans will feel with her character's ending.


Did you feel disappointed in the end, on how it wrapped up for you as Reva?


Well, I was sad that they never brought a Marah back. I don’t know why that never happened and that kind of pissed me off. They could never really figure out which one they wanted to bring back, because each one had a different job on the show. You could bring Lindsey McKeon back, but you could not bring Kimberly J. Brown back, because she would not have worked with Bradley. It’s just weird.
So, I think that is why they avoided the whole thing. I think the fans will like the last episode. I think 60 percent of my fans will be happy and I think 40 percent won’t be. (She laughs).

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I'm sorry but Kimberly J. Brown's Marah has a bigger place in GL history than Jeffrey so his presence shouldn't have prevented her from coming back. Isn't he supposed to be dead anyway? Maybe they should have kept it that way! Jeffrey & Marah were intimate and the Queen of England or Miley Cyrus could play her and that still would be the truth regardless!
Marah Lewis should have come back before the end, now she's like a ghost character, and I'll never know what "face" she's supposed to have. Kinda funny come to think of it.

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Didn't Kimberly J. Brown appear as Marah within the last year or so? Maybe last 2 years or so? I remember seeing her on GL. She made an appearance at Towers I thought, with Josh and Reva.

All grown up.

Actually, I liked the last three Marahs..
Lindsay McKeon was very beautiful and convincing with Tony Santos.

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Lindsay Mckeon was my favorite Marah...the marah/tony pairing along with the whole michelle,danny,drew,jesse fiasco is what got me hooked on guiding light back in the day!