Y&R to Recast Role of Malcolm Winters!

The Winters family is back… well most of them. Soap Opera Digest reports that The Young and the Restless has placed a casting call for the role of Malcolm Winters, which was previously held by Emmy winner and prime time star Shemar Moore. According to the magazine, the role will hit the airwaves in November.

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    I think Marcus Patrick or Jason Olive would be great for the role although I would love to have my Shemar back. Jason used to be on AMC and Marcus as on Days. SOD also reported they are hiring an 50-60 yr old actor for a contract role of a maverick billionaire. I am hoping and praying that Drake Hogestyn tries out for this role. I would love for him to come back to daytime.

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    Scott Novick

    If the storyline is good, then I will give a recast a chance. Y&R has had memorable recasts before like Peter Bergman, Jess Walton and Billy Miller, but they’ve also had some duds. So a combination of a good story that gets the Winters family moving again and a good actor will work for me. I’d love for Shemar to come back, but he’s committed to Criminal Minds, so it would be a shame to pass on a decent story just to wait for his limited availability window on breaks from prime time.

    If the story is not good, though, why bother? The Winters clan already has bad stories and doesn’t need another one just so Y&R can say, “Malcolm is back.” So I really hope this will be worht the recast.

    I guess we’ll see in November.

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    Jason Olive seems too young to play Malcolm, who should be in his late 30s to mid-40s.

    I’m not sure how successful Y&R will be at recasting the role of Malcolm. Y&R desperately needs to rebuild its African-American cast but I think bringing back Victoria Rowell would bring more bang for the buck. I think the Y&R producers are too afraid of Rowell, sadly.

    Although Y&R is well produced, it has been such a bucket of gloom lately. The show needs dump the depressing storylines. There’s too much death, destruction, and mayhem along with WAY TOO MUCH Nick/Sharon/Phyllis. Those three are great actors but the recycled storyline is oppressive.

    Y&R needs some serious fun and drama. No more death!!

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    Lamarr Rucker(ex-Marshall-ATWT, ex-Amc) would make a great Malcolm recast, but tiii would destroy this character like any other character onscreen so I am not optimistic with the recast whoever it is yet.

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    I say they should hire Boris Kodjoe. I liked Shemar Moore as Malcom but they should have recast this role a long time ago. I mean it’s long overdue.

    It sounds like MAB & Co. are listening to us fan when we say we want the Winters family rebuilt.

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    A recast of Malcom Winters is LOOOONG overdue. Shemar Moore brought a special magic to the role, but Malcolm can be successfully recast with the right actor.

    Rhasaan Orange, Boris Kodjoe or Thyme Lewis would be FIRE in the role.

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    Some more suggestions for the role

    1. Richard T. Jones
    2. Darrin Dewitt Henson

    As a matter of fact I think Darrin DeWitt Henson would be perfect for the role. Either him or Boris Kodjoe.

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    reggyreg I never thought about Malcom Jamal Warner but i guess he could work. I do know that Malcom is supposed to be on Sherri Shepard’s new sitcom.

    I think whoever they get has to be someone who has good chemistry with Michelle Stafford’s Phyliss and Victoria Rowell’s Dru. He has to gel with Kristoff St. John and Christel Kahlil

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    Malcolm Jamal Warner as Malcolm Winters?

    Are you kidding? They look nothing alike.

    And, he’s not hot.

    Malcolm was a ladykiller with looks to make women (and some men) swoon. Malcolm Jamal Warner is not that. He’s no Rucker or Moore or St. John.

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    While I am sad to see Shemar Moore not return to the role…I am ECSTATIC that they are trying to build up the Winters clan….We’ve had great recasts with core characters like Jack (Peter Bergman), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Billy (Billy Miller), not to mention other soaps, with OLTL’s Viki (Erika Slezak) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) being the best recast examples EVER. The fact that they don’t bother recasting the Winters (with the exception of Lily) has always bothered me. Recasting other characters (even those such as Amelia “Faux Victoria” Heinle) shows that they’re central to the canvas, and that a recast is a more sensible risk than having the character absent from the show. Who knows? We might be happy with a recast of Malcolm, and perhaps Olivia (since Tonya Lee Williams has gone back to Canada)…Victoria Rowell is irreplaceable though, imho, and would be just as disastrous as attempting to fill Heather Tom’s shoes, or Michael Zaslow’s (Roger, GL)….regardless of the skill of the actors who took those roles over…..

    At any rate, I really like the idea of Boris Kodjoe or Darrin Dewitt Henson (was a big fan of Soul Food)…might as well add Rockmond Dunbar to the mix, although he might be a bit old for the role…any of these men would be FINE (pun intended) additions to the Genoa City canvas, going by any name….

    Other possibilities for Malcolm…Brian White, Paul Taylor (ex-Isaac, ATWT), Jason George (if Sunset Beach didn’t ruin his love of Soaps)

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    I know he does not look anything like Shemar Moore. I guess I was grasping at straws…lol. It is going to be hard to recast that role. Why not bring a new long lost brother for Neil. We know very little about the Winters clan. Bringing on an all together new (maybe sinister) character might give the show some spark. Oh, I just remembered they are doing this storyline with Ryder and Kevin. Oh, well back to the drawing board..lol

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    Boris Kodjoe looks the most like Moore. He’s in the new Bruce Willis movie “Surrogates.” Therefore, I doubt that he would take a role on a soap.

    But, Kodjoe is my first choice.

    I’d set Malcolm loose to rescue Phyllis from dumb ol’ Nick.

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    Nitney, why not just bring Tyra back while we are at it. The guy who plays Charlie Baker is one of the WORST actors I have ever seen in daytime. He is awful! I do like the fact that you are considering actors of different shades of color. A lot of people are suggesting men who are fair in complexion because Shemar Moore is. The character does not have to look exactly like the original performer. Michael Muhney and Chris Engen look nothing alike and yet Michael Muhney is doing just fine. Some will say there is a difference because we are talking about men of color but it should not matter.

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    I agree with Reggyreg’s last comment. I’m so late to this thread that there’s really nothing more for me to add. But I will say that Boris Kodjoe is the closest resemblence to Shamar but Jason George is the closest resemblence to Kristoff St. John. And if they’re brothers, shouldn’t they resemble slightly? (Plus, Jason was nominated for his Sunset Beach role during its first year on.)

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    Restless maniac

    This is the WORSE news I heard in years! I’m so disappointed!!!! Shemar was supposed to reprise his role as Malcom this summer for some episodes and I was more than excited to watch his long-awaited return in Y&R even for a short stint!! That would have been fantastic to see him playing in both in Criminal Minds & Y&R. But seems that would never happen…

    And now, they want to recast him? Are Y&R staff serious??? Malcom can’t be recast, because the way Shemar played this character was just perfect. Also they forgot there is a big part of Shemar’s personality involved in this character. IMO, a new Malcom is the worse decision ever made by Y&R executives…

    They should have let Shemar reprise the role, at least for a couple of episodes, so he can still be in touch with the soap. I expect that Criminal Minds will be on air for 1-2 more seasons, but it will not last any longer after that. And it would have been perfect then for Shemar to return for a full-time appearance at Y&R. Even if Shemar is an awesome actor, I doubt he will find easily another primetime show.

    Really too sad… And as for the recast, all the names suggested below can’t beat Shemar’s performance with Malcom.

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    To All Marcus Patrick fans. They brought him in for a read. It went very well. The decision is he is too young looking to play Malcolm Winters. I think they’re looking for someone in their 40’s!!!!

    What is up with that. Marcus would have been perfect for the role!

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    Who’s Tyra? Tyra Banks? I’m at a disadvantage because the only soap I watch is B&B. But he is hot and I don’t know how anyone could even determine whether or not he’s a good actor, he’s only been on peripherally in a couple of scenes with very few lines.

    And since when does acting ability dictate? Look at the lead male on B&B. LOL.

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