LIVE BLOGGING: Guiding Light’s Finale Episode!

Well, it’s finally here! The last day EVER of the longest running scripted drama is television history, Guiding Light! I Live Blog this today with heavest of hearts. I’m sure by the end I won’t be able to type through the tears so if I drop out for a few seconds at th end y’all know why. How about we start this blog the way GL used to. The way MY GL Starts! Hit it! Special Appearances by Beverlee McKinsey and Kimberly Simms as Alexandra Spaulding and Mindy Lewis!

Look at the opening with all the GL Logos. I’m already tearing up.

The Cooper/Rivera-Spencer clan trying to come up with names for the baby. Henrietta! LOL! Daisy telling everybody she’s going to school!

Doris and Ashlee! It must be the last day of GL because Caitlin looks SUPER Beautiful in this dress. Doris told Ashlee she can go with Daisy to college!

Christina freaking over having a baby and NOT being married! Boo Boo this is Springfield NO ONE will care. Everybody has a kid out of wedlock. I don’t remember the last time someone had a baby IN wedlock.

OMG FLETCHER AND ALEX!!! Anyone else LOVE how he’s wearing that same hat. Those two just make me happy!

Jon, Sara , and Reva! So cute!

Josh NEEDS to talk to Reva at Cross Creek! GO REVA GO!!! NOWWWWW!!!

Stupid Opening! You want the real one that SHOULD have aired today, click the link in the beginning paragraph!

Daisy, James, and Ashlee! Ashlee telling Daisy she’s going with her to Berklee!

Matt and Maureen. Maureen telling her dad he should go on a date.

Remy and Christina trying to find Mel! Her phone ain’t off cuz she’s working. Well she might be workin Cyrus, but that’s another story! Cyrus saying he’s giving Mel her birthday present. Hey Cyrus, My Birthday is January 31! Just putting that out there!

Otalia giving some longing looks and handholding. The norm for them.

Lizzie, Beth, and Phillip saying goodbye to Alex and Fletcher. Alex and Fletcher are going on a world win trip! Bill and Fletch talking. OMG They brought up Ben! I can’t belive! Alex is leaving with Fletcher and his HAT!!! Alex saying she will be back for Phillip and Beth’s wedding! I’m starting to tear up because Alex is leaving with HER Fletcher!

Billy and Mindy! I love these two. Mindy will forever be her little girl! Awwwww Mindy is moving back to Springfield! Billy just yelled and picked his baby up in joy! Awwwwwww.

Josh and Reva! Josh isn’t going to Venezula again, he’s going BACK to Tulsa! Awwww Reva is tearing up and I’m crying now. This is such a REAL moment between not only Josh and Reva but Kim and Robert. I can just tell. Josh telling Reva about his plan to kidnap and marry Reva! OMG he’s confessing his love for her! JUST GO WITH HIM REVA!!!

Remy and Christina getting married for MILLIONTH TIME!! I’m OVER it!

Liv and Nat smoking up my screen with just a look. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice sweet kiss her. Maybe even a peck, ah hell anything. Their talking about the baby and Frank.

Josh and Reva again! Josh apologizing for what he just said. Don’t apologize. Reva’s resonse "I love you bud! ALWAYS have, ALWAYS will!" Reva tries to say she’s not ready and Josh finishes her sentence. Josh telling Reva he’s not ready but every part of him is designed to be with her! ALWAYS!!! He’s leaving but he’s coming back in a year FOR HER!!!! He’s coming back at 12 noon at the Lighthouse and waiting for her! Just GO REVA!!!! You know that’s your heart. You will NEVER love anyone like him! JUST GO!
Anyone else crying BUCKETS over that last Josh and Reva scene! I am!

Reva sitting on the bench at Cross Creek and Billy walks up. He asks if she’s ok but she doesn’t know. He wants to know her plans in a year. Of course Josh told Billy, Reva! I could have told you that! Mercy!  My Kim Zimmers make up looks perfect after her crying scene with Josh….

Maureen trying to hook Matt up with her teacher by volunteering him to build her sets. I love Matt’s "Oh Really??" LOL!

Daisy, Ashlee, James with the rest of Springfield who were randomly walking the streets to the wedding. Doesn’t anybody have cars these days! Doris and Ashlee saying goodbye. Marina saying goodbe to Daisy. The only other Cooper girl in Springfield!

Daisy and James saying goodbye and I love you! LOL at Ashlee breaking up their kiss with the car horn!

Frank and Blake saying they have to go to Buzz!

Phillip looking at a picture of Alan and Beth shows up. Phillip saying it feels weird because he’s the oldest Spaulding living at the mansion. Beth got Phillip a journal. She thinks he should write EVERYTHING that happened down. Remember when Phillip used to write all the time! Oh hell, I’m crying again. They kiss and the phone rings. It’s Rick. Rick says everybody is in the park.

Well we have about 20 minutes left of Television History! It’s getting harder and harder to type this! Tears are making it hard to see. I apologize for all typos after that initial Josh and Reva scene!

Blake and Frank meet in the park. Frank admits he’s meeting a date there and trying to get rid of Blake! They figure out they’ve been talking to each other online. Frank asks Blake on a walk. Awwww, there cute.

Olivia and Natalia on a walk in the park as well, hand in hand. They have a name for the baby. Francesca. After her daddy! Awwwww. Olivia asks if Frank and Blake are a couple! DUH Olivia!!

That little Sara is such a cutie! She’s so funny. Lizzie saying she wants to have babies with Bill.

I love Buzz’s reaction to seeing Frank and Blake. "Well, I’ll be damed!" LMAO!

I still find it a bit absurd that the Coopers and the rest of the peanut gallery are just walking around SF.

Mindy coming out and surprising the Bauer clan with Phillip and Beth there! The 4 muskateers ride again!

Marina signs Shayne up for an assisting coaching job. Cute scenes!

Remy and Christina tell Cyrus and Mel their having a baby! Mel freaks. So cute.

James tells Phillip that Daisy left for Berklee. He says he’s ok with it and plays frisbee with hsi dad.

Reva talks to Olivia about being with Natalia! Reva tells her about Josh’s proposition. Reva says she doesn’t know if she going to go. Stop fooling yourself Reva! You KNOW your going!

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  1. Profile photo of jase

    Watch out for the conga line of Mormon love, the lynch mob stalking Frank and Blake through Peapack in a few minutes! And Jeffrey, what Jeffrey? Ed and Holly? WHODAT?

  2. Profile photo of goyankees

    I’m really freaking out for you GL fans right now (it’s airing in CT at the 3:00 PM EST hour)….15 minutes left…

    I applaude your strength and enthusiasm today (SOB!) if this were Y&R, you’d have to peel from the ceiling….I was a mess for WEEKS when FRIENDS went off the air!!

    The unfortunate demise of the longest running show in history has made me appreciate my soap all the more…

  3. Profile photo of couchpotato7


    THE FIRST FEMALE COOPER, LEWIS, SHAYNE..DAISY IS GOING TO COLLEGE. YEAH! {Dylan should have been thier to see his baby off}

    Thank you G. Light Cast, Crew, Past/Present Actors and all your families. You have been part of my family for 38 years and you will not be forgotten. I will remember all of you. ALWAYS.

  4. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I’m a complete mess! I thought that Jeffrey was going to be in the background watching Josh and Reva! Always, Josh and Reva! I can’t believe it’s over. Of course, there are always going to be things we wish could be different, but for a final episode after 72 years, I thought it was wrapped up beautifully!

  5. Profile photo of good4u

    This is so sad. The show just ended here in Ohio. I can’t believe it is done. I can’t stop crying. I am going to miss GL so much. I can’t imagine a soap world w\out a Reva Shayne or a Josh Lewis. Thank You GL for making the way for other soaps. You will never be forgotten.

  6. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    They should have used the old opening. It was a classic, not the cheesy one they have been using.

    My god I still can’t stop crying. Josh and Reva got their reunion finally. Dinah and Mallet…even though I loved her with Shayne I loved when he picked her up over his shoulder. When it said “THE END” the waterworks started and I doubt they will stop for awhile. I can’t believe the light is gone.

  7. Profile photo of good4u

    I’m glad everyone got their happy endings. My grandma would be bawling like a baby today knowing that GL is gone. It was her favorite soap. It was a good ending. I will have to start watching something else at three o’clock everyday. I wish CBS could have given GL a two hour finale today. That way we could have scene how Dinah and Mallet got back together. Was it me or was there more commericals then usual?

  8. Profile photo of Joan76

    It was a really nice ending, although would like to seen old clips, more old charcters, nice rap up.

    I will miss dearly the holiday episodes and the Christmas stories. GL is a generational fan base show, my mom listen to it on radio my 5 children 3 daughters and 2 sons will be watching the last episode together and grandkids that are grown will be watching, my 3 daughters we use to watch the Christmas episodes while we wrap presents. CBS does not realize what they are loosing.

    THE GUIDING LIGHT will always be remembered as ground breaking TV; it was not about perfect bodies or perfect looks, it about normal everyday people and normal stories, that’s what people loved about GL. God bless GL and it’s cast and crew, hope they find better opportunities elsewhere. I will follow were ever they go.

  9. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I got my Josh & Reva!!!!
    It has finally hit me and now, I’m crying. This show has been a part of my life since I was old enough to understand anything, and I’m damn near 24 years old. Much like Mel, my earliest memories of GL are watching with my grandmother…I wish miss you, Guiding Light. Always… :((

  10. Profile photo of jefhamlin

    I haven’t watched more than a handful of episodes since they killed Maureen (yes, some people really did quit at that point), so I’m not as broken up as some folks, but I do think they did a pretty good job of wrapping everything up and leaving the fans a little bit of happiness.

  11. Profile photo of miss trish
    miss trish

    I only found it was the last episode when I saw the “The End” part. I’m like, wth!!! You do you mean “The End”. I don’t know where I was to not even know this. Needless to say, I teared up, like I have been doing all week, especially when Allen died, telling myself this is just a soap opera. Well dammit, now it’s gone. I’m upset about this, and then when Katie Couric comes on the news saying “lights out for GL”. I’m freaking out here!! So I google this nonsense to find out it’s true, and here I am. OMG!! Now my head hurts, I’m gonna miss my Springfield characters. Looks as though everyone lives out there lives and such, but I’m still wondering what ever became of Jeffrey and what’s his name’s cat and mouse game. I’m so upset I can’t even think of his name.
    This is extremely upsetting, and I already know that my weekdays at 2 o’clock are going to be hard for awhile, knowing that I won’t be seeing Josh, Reva and the others. I understand now the reason for some of the character’s story lines. Allen’s demise, why some are leaving and others coming back like Jeffrey, Dinah and Mallet leaving, and Jon and Sara, Mindy and Michelle and Danny coming back.
    Very sad day.

  12. Profile photo of Agim87

    Im with you all, im 22 and watched it with my Grandma since I was like 4, she passed away in 1998. I felt like it was my last connection to her, now it is gone too. Im already crying, and i havent even watched the episode yet. The end of an era, truly, i feel like we all need a big hug. This is not just a tv show to most of us, its a family member. Damn you CBS. :( :(

  13. Profile photo of Hoosier Daddy
    Hoosier Daddy

    Sad day to now realize that there are now only 7 shows left on daytime. At least, GL gave its fans what they wanted (after not doing so with the production model, etc) which was a happy ending.

    It’s going to be weird to not see it on at 3 PM here anymore. Hopefully the GL fans, depending on what timeslot it was aired in your market, will give OLTL a shot.

  14. Profile photo of craigcp

    Goodbye GL and CBS forever, they finally showed the light house thought they forgotten that stories were once centered around the lighthouse, I love lighthouses that’s why I started watching it. There will never be another soap like it. GL had real people and real stories, sure will be missed.

  15. Profile photo of DebbieDowner

    I didn’t cry but I wanted to. It’s kind of upsetting to me that just yesterday Edmund and Jeffery were shouting at each other in NY. I wonder why there was no followup to that. I really can not believe that it is over. I have the last 5 days left on my DVR and don’t want to erase them. Out of all the soaps why did they have to end GL.

  16. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Great job Mel. I think I’m still in denial. Come monday and I will be a wreck.

    So many little things I loved. Loved Bill saying he missed Ben. My gawd, I’ve been wanting someone to say that for the last 4 years.
    Josh and Reva ended up together, of course they did. True Love…

    Dinah and Mallet, SWOON

    I’ll post more in J. Bernard’s post (you’ll have one, right?)

  17. Profile photo of HarleyFanForever23

    It’s like saying goodbye to a dear friend or companion. Not quite family for me. I saw GL through its last decade and like Harley the most. Watching through it’s final months was weird. It never felt like it was ending soon. And I just basked in the joy of seeing Bill & Lizzie, Olivia & Natalia, and Shayne & Dinah in their stories. I was enjoying a lot on the show, except for Mallet & Marina and Reva & Jeffrey. Even when there was 1 month to go, it felt like farewell was a long way off. And even during this last week I wasn’t yet moved to tears. I was just like, “Oh, this is happening. These two are getting married. And Alan’s dying.” No real emotion yet. Just seeing how it all wraps up. I was especially wondering how the Jeffrey story would wrap. What was hard was counting down the days. I had a little bit of tears after each show, thinking “There’s 3 episodes left”, then “2 episodes left”. Today…I was fully prepared to be sad. And I was. I cried through the show. But I was left with a feeling of happiness as well as loss.

    Everything was pretty quick. A lot was jammed in these last two episodes since we had to see how things would end for every character. A lot of happiness, as it should be. And everyone having babies, LOL! Of course Shayne & Marina would be together. I liked that. I’m surprised Mallet & Dinah was shown, but YES, they are back together! And Ricky & Mindy and Frank & Blake – love both! Lots of love going around! Wish we had more Otalia lovin – at least one simple, sweet kiss. I loved the Josh & Reva parts of all this because with them I had no clue what was going to happen. I loved how time moved up a year, and Reva met Josh at the lighthouse with Colin. It all goes back to the lighthouse. And Josh & Reva always. I was crying through the whole ending segment as Michelle Branch’s “Together” played. I had been waiting 2+ years for Josh & Reva to get back together, and it happens in the finale. Makes it more special and tear-jerking. I feel bad for the Reva/Jeffrey fans, but I assume Jeffrey died after all. Maybe he and Edmund killed each other. Reva belongs with her Joshua…always. So, I’m happy with the finale. It’ll really hit next week that this wonderful show is gone. I’ll turn the TV on, and it won’t be there. *sigh*

    Also, have to give a shout out to my girl Harley. I wish she could have returned for this, but of course that couldn’t happen since Beth Ehlers is at ABC. Harley could have gotten a mention when Daisy went off to college – like “Harley would be so proud of you.” Frank or Buzz could have said that. Or Daisy could have talked to her on the phone. If Beth never left and Harley was a part of all this, I would have been crying more. I’d be sadder. She could have visited Gus’s grave, and the GusH pairing could have been wrapped up in some way. Just my wishful thinking, but really, GL’s ending (and great 2009 storytelling) has made up for frustrations I’ve had with the powers that be. We will never forget this legendary soap opera. It’ll live on forever and always through us, the fans.

  18. Profile photo of

    I have never really watched GL, but I’ve watched every soap’s final episode over the past 12 years (The City, Another World, Sunset Beach, Port Charles, Passions, and now GL). Seemed like everyone got a happy ending, which is all you can hope for.

  19. Profile photo of blake3b

    Such a great episode for a last one (except for Remy and Christina, seriously who the f*ck cares about them!!!!) I love that it was a happy ending for Josh and Reva, Blake and Frank, Olivia and Natalia, Beth and Phillip, Rick and Mindy.
    I’m seriously shocked that Reva and Josh were together at the end. I thought that Jeffrey would have been at the end with Reva with Josh around but was stunned that Jeffrey was not in the end and Reva and Josh were not only together but also had the last lines of the show!
    My sister and I texted during the last show and we loved how they ended it. We were upset that it was over but at least it ended like this.

  20. Profile photo of gush900

    Everybody remember this guiding light was cancelled on barbara blooms watch.The past six months this soap really got it together from filming to storyline.I cried watching this show fade.I think what drew me to this show twenty years ago was the fantastic storytelling.I truly believe tgis soap shouldve pulled out the big returns and cameos last year.I dont watch any cbs soaps as of right now my number one soap these days is days of our lives.I urge all gl fans trying to watch a new soap to try watching oltl.Does any one remember tv guides yearly slogans the best show your not watching.Well”one life to live”the best soap your not watching.

  21. Profile photo of CGat

    Mel, I completely understand your tears. I had to hit paue about 10 times because i literally couldn’t see the screen. :( A piece of my heart has left me.

  22. Profile photo of gdread

    I like Remy and Christina. It was important to show what happened to them and to Mel (though what about Leah?), if for no other reason than to offer some diversity in the ending of the longest-running TV show in history. Consider it a nod to Gilly and Hamp and David and the “diversity” characters long gone and apparently forgotten. Beyond that, though, even if you did not care for or about them, be sure that someone did, if only me. And I deserved a wee bit of happiness in the end too – just like you, I’m losing my GL.

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