Past and Present Soap Stars on the Primetime Emmy Red Carpet

The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards brought out current and former soap stars and executives, including Victoria Rowell, Eva La Rue and others. Who looked the best and who looked the worst? View photos of the familiar faces after the jump.

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Eva La Rue

Photo by PR Photos

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  1. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Victoria Rowell had a singular goal in wearing that dress: to generate buzz and to have herself photographed and have that photograph printed as much as possible, in as many media outlets as possible. Congratulations Victoria, you have achieved that goal. ;-)

    Just think, Y&R is getting this kind of publicity from a former actress. Former being the operative word. Imagine the kind of press Victoria could throw Y&R’s way if she were currently on contract.

    PS: I say that Y&R is getting the publicity because in the majority of the media outlets in which I have seen the picture, it reads “Former The Young and the Restless Actress Victoria Rowell…” And in some cases it simply reads “Former Daytime Actress Victoria Rowell…”

  2. Profile photo of arielade

    I agree SoapSnob, VR did that for one reason and one reason only: PUBLICITY. And hot damn it worked! This just adds to the pressure on MAB to make the smart decision to bring VR back for the ratings and for the abysmal Winters storyline. Great job VR! She KNEW that was a hideous dress, but the woman is S-M-A-R-T! Please bring Dru back to Genoa City!

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    Victoria Rowell knows how to generate buzz. I agree SoapSnob she knew what she was doing when she did this. I have seen this photo on multiple websites. Talk about a business woman. She knows what she is doing when she does stuff like this and I love it. Plus I’m a huge Obama supporter. LOL

    GO VR and Y&R wake up and hire this woman back on the show

  4. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    You know that they was asking Victoria when she is coming back to the show. They know Y&R and Dru and that was probably what the show needs right now because the writing and s/ls is not making me loving the show right now.

    Also, Eva La Rue look great, too.

  5. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Why does VR want to come back to Y&R after she has I guess “publicly” dissed the show? It doesn’t sound like she’s interested in returning – only that fans want her back – and she seems to be playing up that aspect of it. I guess what VR wants to have happen is she wants MAB/Y&R to ask her back and not the other way round.

  6. Profile photo of CGat

    Why, oh why Victoria Rowell? Politics aside, really, what the hell? You look like your wearing a bed comforter or some ugly ass curtains. No No No No. Bad!

  7. Profile photo of soapster

    There is a method to the madness, Victoria knows what she is doing and she is doing it well. There is a reason why she gets press even though she is no longer doing any acting jobs.

  8. Profile photo of TmontyB

    Yes, there is a method to her “madness”. It’s ironic that a former soap actress is getting more publicity than anyone on her former soap. TPTB at Y & R are dropping the ball on this one.

  9. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    I said it before and I’ll continue to say it until I drop dead. I wish these so-called “actors” would keep their bloody political opinions to themselves! And it’s an ugly dress.

  10. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    If VR was THAT smart, she wouldn’t be stirring the pot and creating drama from the parking lot. She’s negatively affecting morale and she’s not even on the soundstage yet.

    And the dress is fugly and more fitting for middle-schooler.

  11. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Oh, please, VR is just great and she is speaking her mind. She has the power because Y&R definitely needs her and the ratings for Y&R is terrible and the gang on Y&R are a bunch of egos and high schoolers too so she is not doing anything wrong and I so agree with her. Keep speaking the truth, Victoria and shame the br*ass.

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