Beauty and the Geek: Will Spixie Get Hitched on GH?

Will Maxie survive her wedding week and make it down the aisle to marry Spinelli? Watch the hilarious promo after the jump.

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    I read in my ABC Soap Opera magazine some spoilers…..


    I think it said that the wedding will happen. The night before Matt will try one last time at Maxie but I guess that makes her realize how much she loves Spinelli and would do anything for him, including get married. Maxie will decide that she will marry Spinelli because it is what he wants and she loves him even though she doesn’t want to get married. She tells someone (Jason?) the night before at the rehearsal dinner just that and Spinelli hears. He sits on it and at the ceremony in the middle of it he realizes that he doesn’t need to marry her to be happy. So they decide to stay together but not get married right away. Then they have the “non-reception” afterwards that is fun for everyone and then the afterparty is at Jake’s and karaoke-night will ensue. It said lots of fun for Jasam fans and I think even Lulu/Dominic fans at the reception.

    All from ABC Soaps in Depth. If any details are wrong– I’m sorry I read it in school and may have missed some parts.

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    I do hope that Sam and Jason rumor is just that and has no basis in fact. Jason needs Sam about as much as Sonny needs Claudia. Both of these guys need women in their lives who have a strong moral center and the courage to go toe to toe with the mobster and his enforcer. That would certainly make for more conflict and drama than what we are getting with Sam whose track record with men is far from sterling, and the ever-whacko Claudia who needs to be in a padded cell for the well=being of humanity. She is most definitely her father’s daughter.

    Regarding Maxie and Spinelli: They make a great couple, not just great lovers. I’ve enjoyed their courtship and the redemption of Maxie, but they should NOT marry one another. I do hope Spinelli loses some of the tint on his rose colored glasses and learns to deal with the real world a little better. He has to stop being a doormat for everyone.

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    If its true that Spin calls off the wedding, and for that reason, I’m glad. It shows that he’s matured. Maxie, on the other hand, has not matured enough if she’s still deceiving Spinelli. I’m not talking so much about the marriage, but the plan to use birth control and lie to him instead of telling him the truth. They both still have a lot of growing up to do before they marry anyone, never mind each other, and I do agree about Spinelli’s rose colored glasses. About being a doormat for everyone, I would love to see him stand up to Sonny, and have Jason back him up with Spin in the room instead of sending Spin out and then confronting Sonny.

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    If these spoilers are right–then GH hasn’t gotten any better. Jasam exchanging ILY’s–it was only a year ago that Liason was saying the same thing!!!! I don’t even recognize Jason!! To be honest with you I believe Liason’s ILY more!!!

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    Jasam exchanging ILY’s–it was only a year ago that Liason was saying the same thing!!!! I don’t even recognize Jason!!

    I’m sorry but Jason has been doing that for years.

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    Besides, the ILY’s to Liz came weeks after the ILY’s, lets be a family to Sam. It kinda counter balances each other, and before anyone jumps down my throat, I didn’t say Jason didn’t mean it to Liz, but he was in a three year live-in relationship with Sam, it makes it a little easier to understand that those feelings might resurface despite how he may have felt about Lizzard.

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