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Some quick hits on what’s coming up on GH. Here’s the Scoop! 09.23.09

More Mac? I always love it when John J. York gets a little more screen time. Of course with the Spixie almost nuptials he’ll be on and it looks like Maxie’s dad finally accepts Spinelli. He’s even impressed with the mob employee for realizing marriage isn’t the only answer for him and Maxie. But will Mac get a little storyline all of his own? It COULD be some very wishful thinking on the fan’s part but there are RUMORS that Mac helps Alexis get her job back as the DA and that this MAY lead to a possible romance for the pair.

I’m still not a fan of Nikolas and Elizabeth. I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t seem to work for me but there is more coming. Will they get caught? Elizabeth doesn’t want to hurt Lucky again and despite feeling he can finally move on, Nikolas knows Elizabeth is the one girl he can’t have.

The Cassadines are finally getting that kick in the ass fans have been hoping for. Valentin and Mischa Cassadine hit town. Valentin is being played by former daytimer Matt Borlenghi who had a recent stint on Days but I remember him best as Brian on All My Children. Remember, Helena and Luke return soon as well. Are we convinced the Cassadine crew is really getting a good storyline? Remember the OLD RUMORS that Helena has Luke as her captive? That MAY have changed. Are the sworn enemies locked up together? That’s out there.

Claudia’s exit… Sarah Brown tweeted that her last day on the GH set will be October 9th. Just enough time to film some of sweeps. Will Claudia’s exit kick off sweeps? A secret reveal before she leaves perhaps? RUMOR has it that Claudia overhears a conversation where she learns that Dominic is Olivia’s son Dante. There is plenty of CHATTER that Claudia is leaving in a body bag.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Carly and Jax’s baby is coming. Is marital trouble following? Robin likes being a doctor by day and a detective by night. More karaoke. IS Rebecca Emily? I’m still seeing that MAY happen. Remember the promo from the carnival with Carly sitting at the fortune teller’s table? It never aired. Why? It MAY have had to do with Claudia and now that Sarah is out, it needed to be cut. With his wife exiting, where does Sonny go from here? We know they won’t leave him lady-less for long. Does this spell the end of JOlivia? RUMOR has those three all important words are spoken and Dominic isn’t happy about it. I like Johnny and Olivia; I just don’t see them with staying power. I can see Sonny and Olivia hooking up but if Carly and Jax are headed for trouble you all know what that COULD mean. Is there a Kate sighting coming? Another RUMOR about an old friend of Sam’s showing up.

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  1. Profile photo of lene91

    I want Nikolas and EMILY together. So make Rebecca, Emily! PLEASE!
    Give NEm fans the story we’ve been waiting for!! A Nik/Em baby!!!!!!!!

    Loving Lulu and Dante!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Hi Regan welcome back
    I am looking forward to the Cassadines storyline lets just see how it will be, and I hope it will involved all the family including Nick and Sam, she is Alexis daughter not only Jason’s girlfriend ….
    but when there will be a big Q’s storyline ????????????
    Mac and Alexis – please let it be they need to be a couple nowwwwwwwwwwwww
    I think we will have a new triangle Sonny, Olivia and Carly ………..
    I am with you i like Jolivia but I don’t see them as a strong couple the same goes with Niz
    I hate Niz …

  3. Profile photo of Mardou

    Thanks for the scoops, Regan! I would love to see Mac get some action, and I think he and Alexis could work nicely.

    Have you heard any possibility that they might revisit Sexis, or is Sonny pretty much headed towards a Jolivia/Solivia triangle with a Carly chaser?

    I wish my Spixie were getting married. :P There, I said it. But at least I get to see them in pretty wedding clothes.

    Like the IDEA of Nik and Liz but the execution continues to leave me cold.

    Thanks again!

  4. Profile photo of aldum14

    I have stopped watching GH since Kate was put on recurring status. When Kate Howard was introduced to GH I was thrilled. I felt that Kate brought a new life to Port Charles and that SKate was a really cute couple. I wanted to see Kate Howard transition into Connie Falconerie. I really thought that we would get a chance to see more of Kate and Jax/Kate and Rick or even Kate playing a cougar with Lucky Spencer. There is still hope for Kate on GH. There are many storylines left for the character of Kate Howard. I really hope that Kate will return. I agree that Sarah Brown made the right decision, Claudia’s run has ended and I am glad to see Sarah being realistic about the wackness of the writers with Claudia’s story lines lately. I like Olivia but I feel that without Kate I have no interest in her. Kate and Olivia are cousins. Dante has arrived and Kate is nowhere to be seen all of a sudden. Kate can try and win Sonny back and knock Olivia off her paddle still with this shocker. I want to see the Falconeries United. I feel bad because I reall would like to get to know dante but if Kate is not on GH I have no interest. And Nicholas and Elizabeth makes me want to vomit. Never should of been nor should of ever happened. They got rid of Nadine Crowell for this crap. Yes Nadine was annoying but still better then Elizabeth. Liz is meant for Jason.

  5. Profile photo of mdiaab

    I wish Spixie was getting married too! Ah, well…I do not like the idea of Sonny and Olivia. It’s just gross to me and I soooo like her with Johnny and I think that that pairing could have staying power if they would ever write them off that couch and floor. Can they have a date to the Metro Court or something?

  6. Profile photo of MichelleP

    Liz is meant for Jason. Sorry, really got to disagree. I LOVE JASON AND SAM. I was totally devasted when the writers almost ruined Sam’s image.

    I think I am going to love the Mac and Alexis pairing. Looking forward to it all.

    Finally getting used to Claudia and now they are taking her aways. Sad.

    Can’t wait to see all the faces when Jason and Sam go to the Spixie wedding as a couple.

  7. Profile photo of LLinda

    I realize that I am in the minority here, but I am really loving Nik-o-liz. I think they have potential. I can give you no good reasoning for my liking of this pair. I realize that they are both wrongwrongwrong in this situation, but I am still excited enough to rush home and watch GH. Ever since the carnival I am finally LOVING GH!

    TPTB are not going to revisit Liason anytime soon so I want Liz with someone new, and if it is Nikolas than so be it- I will take it. If they would let Lucky man up for a change and not be the town idiot then I could be up for an LnL2 redux, but since Lucky’s kidnapping have I not felt any passion for LnL2.

  8. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    If Olivia dumps a man who loves and RESPECTS her for Sonny. Shes the biggest fool I know. And I wish Spixie would get married but Im happy this story is ending. i want happy Spixie! Not this crap we got.

    And Emily is dead! Leave her dead dead dead!!!!!!!!!

  9. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan – holla!

    there were plenty of rumors rick would die, too, and he lived. i am not a huge fan of the waffling claudia, but i think in time and done properly she could be bought back.

    the only way i am going to get into this nick/liz thing is if they turn it into giant pentagon of the 3 psuedo-half brothers and the former bff’s. however they would need to make becca into em – which, again done properly, i could get behind.

    regan – i read somewhere the WTD story line would be ethan/embecca/nik not lucky/liz/nik. have you heard anything about that? i’d much rather have to see that with nik struggling than liz in yet another WTD storyline.

    where is my kate!!!!????!!!! she can get with lucky!

    also support alexis and mac. a good guy would be a change for her.

  10. Profile photo of keanna

    Great to have you back, Regaan!!! Thanks for the spoilers. I would love a Mac-Alexis pairing, I think they are going to make Rebecca Emily, great that they are getting more Cassadines, don’t like Niz, and Olivia just can’t make up her mind about Sonny. I wish Dante would have been Kate and Sonny’s son.

  11. Profile photo of Dillon

    LLinda you are not alone in the Liz-Nik thing, I am enjoying them as well, it’s a soap and brothers being in love with the same woman is soapy-ness at its best.

    I for one want EM to stay dead, the writers screwed the pooch on killing Em, and with NL’s return as Rebecca so let’s just let it remain. Nik can’t even bother with the child he has why does he need another

    I don’t know why Jolivia can’t be a long term thing, I mean they are smoking hot, they talk , they care about each other and yes it may have started because of sexual chemistry but it works. I would never choose Sonny over Johnny. Besides they are the only couple that make my screen melt, and before JaSam fans jump up and down, this is my opinion and I don’t care that you think this version of JaSam is the be all to end all. To me its all about pimping two people I don’t even recognize anymore, and does it really matter what SB said in SID – I mean isn’t he paid to promote the story he is in, its not like he was going to come out and say “I hate working with Kemo”, it’s his job he did it with Liason and he will continue to do it with his next partner. Besides he is also the one who once said Jason shouldn’t be with anyone, so I don’t put much in stories even if it comes from the horses mouth.

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Think JaSam 2.o is really good!!
    I am really enjoying them , I was upset that they broke LIAOSN up and I was also mad at the JaSam redo , But I am here to admit that I was so wrong …
    JaSam are good and they better than before m they are funny, cute and hot so hot …
    I don’t think they destroyed Jason and Sam , I saw their long path of their reconnecting and I enjoyed that, they writers did amazing job with them …

    and I have to say that as a former Liason fan I really hate Liz now , maybe I always was…
    Liz is so annoying and selfish these days she did not did a good thing lately ..
    She is playing with Nick with Lucky and with her boys ..

  13. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    I am also one of the few that is liking the Niz pairing but I just don’t like the way they are going about it. They just need to tell Lucky and let them suffer the consequences.

    I can’t wait for the Spixie wedding even if they don’t go through with it. I read somewhere Kate is going to be at the wedding and she’s going to see Dominic…is that true Regan?

    I am loving the Jasam reunion. I think the way are going about it is very natural. I hope it stays going good.

    I would also like to see a Mac and Alexis pairing. They are both in need of romance. Lets hope it happens.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Kate sees him somewhere. Not sure if its the wedding or not. One of the RUMORS has her drunk at Jake’s with a microphone in her hand.

    I think some of you hit it on the head. I’m not oppossed to Niz it’s how they’re telling the story that has me not liking them.

    Off to Vegas for my birthday! See ya next week.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    First, happy b-day regan. (and please would you pack me in your suitcase for Vegas?? LOL)

    If you are still around, I am reposting the questions I added some time back in your previous column. I was hoping you could tell us which ones are maybe true. I pretty much asked everything I was seeing as a ??


    So much baby talk abounds. Sami’s says Rebecca, GHOFS says maybe Rebecca maybe Lizard?? Who’s the daddy?? I am seeing Lucky, gosh I would love for him to have his own honest to goodness bio child to love.

    Mac and Alexis…COuld tptb be reading the boards!! What does this mean, will it be an off camera dalliance or and on screen love affair??

    JaSam sex and then waking up to Spixie, Scrubs, Kristina and Molly. Will Scrubs be on Team JaSam???

    CarJax baby goes missing and everyone and their aunt is looking for the baby including Dante, Sonny and Johnny in addition to the parents??? Please tell me that it isnt claudia?? Who has the baby?? Edited to add…I read after Claudia dies Robin helps look for the baby as part of her forensics interest.

    Wubs has the line “Helena’s plans may result in the “endgame” we’ve all been waiting for” above a wedding pic of Robin and Robert. What does that mean!!

    Whats next for Diane and Max? Is he going to have impotency issues from the accident? Will he be paralyzed?? Whats coming and how much will we see on screen, particularly give her role on Cougar Town.

    Is Rebecca going to be Emily? I am seeing that everywhere but apparently TC just recently said publically there are no plans.

    SB says a new opening may be in the works?? What are you hearing. If its true thank god for no more dead people

    Is it true we will be getting a JaSam engagement before the year is out?? Hooray if so!!

  16. Profile photo of Teach19

    Hey Regan, thanks for the spoilers. ITA about Niz. I truly don’t get them as a couple. I think tptb are trying to bring down Liz. She belongs with Jason. I saw such potential with that couple.
    Jasam has been nice, but the writers are writing the relationship that way. Besides SB would have chemistry with a stick!!!!

  17. Profile photo of ajsmom

    If Claudia is gone, any news on Anthony? Will Johnny really have that much of a story if there are no more Zacharras left?? I like the idea of Mac and Alexis. I love MAC anyway! He needs a good story! Nik and Em, I like them also. Can they please give Lucky a brain? I can’t remember him being this dumb when he was running tricks with dear ole dad! =)

  18. Profile photo of chiknpotpie

    I think Johnny could easily survive in PC without Claudia. If this had happened a year ago, I’d be more nervous because he really only had Lulu & Claudia, and didn’t really know anyone else. But he kinda sorta has friends now in Spinelli & Jason, and maybe in Dante…along with, of course Olivia. And it’s not like he’s the only one in town without family around.

    Anthony can still pop into the story from time to time too…’cause Sonny, the genius that he is hasn’t thought that the easiest way to neutralize CrAZy would be to kill him in prison.

  19. Profile photo of pisces

    Happy birthday Regan. Have fun and be safe.

    I would like to see a Mack and Alexis love story. Mexas? I would like to see it play out on screen. For me, right now, Mack is nothing but a cartoon character and I would like to see him have some humanity instead of this power abusing bully; right now, imo, he’s just a cop version of Sonny.

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