Oprah Scraps Friday Roundtable, Mark Consuelos

The New York Post is reporting that Mark Consuelos will no longer be appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Fridays.
"Oprah" is moving away from the Friday-panel format it introduced last season, when Consuelos, et al. discussed a variety of topical issues each week.

Consuelos' rep declined comment yesterday, but sources say the actor, who's married to "Live's" Kelly Ripa, was inked to only a one-year deal.

The article indicates the decision to scrap the round table may have been ratings related. Alexandra Wentworth and Gayle King will continue to appear as "regulars" on the show.

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JEEZ, NOT a good time for guys(who's name is not Cameron) at ABCD! They keep that vapid airheaded Alexandra Wentworth, they keep Bobbl head Gayle(I am famous because of Oprah)King, but ditch the one intelligent voice on that panel? Lemme guess, they are going to add Sherri Sheppard! Perfect, now we can have Oprah and 3 idiots...it can be JUST like the View.

Brava Frons and Anne Sweeny!

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Frons and Sweeney have nothing to do with Oprah. Oprah's not an ABC show. She's syndicated to individual stations, which can be affiliated with any network. Can't blame Fronsie for this one.

I'm going to miss the Friday panel and I think Mark did a great job representing the boys. However, Oprah doesn't stay still for long, so I figured the panel idea would either get spunoff into a show of its own or would disappear eventually.

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No big loss. Mark needs to stick to speaking words someone else writes for him. He's not exactly the brightest bulb.