Score One For OLTL, Gina Tognoni Returns to Llanview

After months of fans waiting to find out where Gina Tognoni would end up, TV Guide Magazine is reporting that One Life to Live has landed the in-demand actress.

So what’s in store for Kelly when she hits Llanview? When she was last seen, and the role was played by Heather Tom, Kelly and Kevin went off to London. [Dan Gauthier, who plays Kevin, will return to OLTL this fall].

I believe she is still connected to Kevin. We’ll see where that relationship is at when we see Kelly. I think they have some ideas about that, but it’s too soon to know. It’s all still in the works, but I trust them. I don’t need to know much more. I know the standard elements of the character—her family connections, her relationships in the town—so I get the basic deal. [Longtime staff writer turned head writer] Ron Carlivati has always been a champion of Kelly. He always understood her.

For more details visit TV Guide Magazine.

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    TV Gord

    This is great news, but my second thought is…I wonder who’s leaving. The show is already top-heavy with talent. There’s no way they can maintain storylines for everyone on the show now. Hmmm…

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    Well at least I will get to see her on a show that I am watching…


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    Can’t say I’m thrilled. I don’t see the point. I would rather see Heather Tom back. If this meant that Lavoisier, Fath, and Hunt were fired to pay for her salary, I would be immensely grateful, but knowing ABC, they will fire HBS or Slezak.

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    This is great news! Now if they would only get rid of the actors who play Shaun, Destiny, Rex, Gigi, Shane, Stacy, Cole, Markko, Charlie, Jared, Kim and John McBain, they could trim their budget quite a bit.

  5. Profile photo of josser

    As much as I like Gina T., I don’t want any of the current cast to lose airtime for Gina.

    Slezak renewed her contract and won’t be going any where. I doubt HBS is leaving either.

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    Definitely excited to hear this news…though I must admit, my first reaction wasn’t Yay! Kelly Cramer’s back!, it was Dammit, that’s one person that we can’t replace Amelia Heinle with….

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    I’m happy she is returning to OLTL. I didn’t want her on Y&R. The show might be Nr. 1 but I find it unwatchable and she would be lost in the shuffle.

    They need to hire Daniel Cosgrove as Joey.

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    Unfortunately for Gina, I will not be following her to OLTL since the show goes up against ATWT, which I’m extremely loyal to.

  9. Profile photo of TmontyB

    I’m glad she coming back. That’s good news. I don’t understand some posters. Why would they necessarily have to fire anyone to bring back? None of you know what’s goes on behind the scenes or what OLTL’s budget truly is.

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    Kelly’s my all-time fav. OLTL female character. I’m most familiar with Heather Tom in the role, but Gina T. is awesome and I’m SO stoked. This news would only be sweeter if Joey was coming back, too. The Joey/Kelly/Kevin triangle is classic!

    I’m only sorta concerned that the budget will need to be trimmed elsewhere to allow for Gina. Hope no one’s a causality for this casting coupe!

  11. Profile photo of Melodie

    I’m excited she’s going to OLTL. Never seen her on anything except GL where she was AMAZING! She was on WAY before I even thought about watching OLTL. It will be interesting to see how she will fit into the fold over there.

    Now, did y’all see who she wants to work with?!?!?! Micheal Easton! John McPain! As Jillian would say "Why Jesus Why?!?!"

  12. Profile photo of TmontyB

    Hey Thom, I won’t lie to you. I found your list of who they should fire very offensive, but since you’ve explained it, I’m cool with it. No harm done :-)

    Let’s just hope no one is affected by Gina’s return. Hey, maybe Frons threw some money in, LOL. Let’s hope.

  13. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! Casting coup of the year hands down!! I love me some Kelly Cramer..and some Blair vs. Kelly!!
    I call this..the rich getting richer! Strasser, Slezak, Haskell, Lozano, DePaiva, B. Smith, Williamson, etc…now Tognoni…is there a stronger female cast in daytime?!?

  14. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Bah….I wanted Tamara Braun in the role. ANd I worry that instead of getting less morasco fiasco, Cris and Layla will get shoved to the back burner. Plus I really thought it was classless that Gina specifically mentioned a desire to play Victoria when interviewed by Nelson. Campaigning for someone elses job.. I wouldnt have done it.

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    TV Gord

    Dueler312, when you brought up Shaun, I got an image in my mind of a scene I’d like to see: Shaun and Evangeline in some Llimbo-llike llocale, playing cards and commenting on all the goings-on in Llanview! ;-)

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    You’re right Monty B, I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes at OLTL or what their budget is. But I have a pretty good and well-informed idea, as I am a veteran of the film & TV industry myself having worked both in front of and behind the cameras for many years. Also, it was widely reported previously that Gina T. had been asking for a lot of money o return to OLTL and at first ABC and Gina were unable to come to terms; usually, when any soap hires a bigger name, they have to cut costs somewhere and that often means lesser roles are sacrificed to find the money for the bigger names. I don’t mean to offend anyone with my list of who I think they should fire. That’s just my personal opinion, and I know that several of the actors/characters on my personal list are very popular with lots of viewers. I’m just expressing my opinion, and I respect anyone else to express theirs.

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