Bryton James Clarifies Tweet & Contract Status

The Young and the Restless’ Bryton James took to his Twitter page to set the record straight on any questions of him being angry at his show’s current regime with his previous tweet. James said,

I just want to make it clear that i’m not bashing our writers with what i said earlier. I’m truly grateful for them to have me apart of Y&R. I was simply stating a frustration that’s really just about wanting Neil & I to be mixed in with more of our already established characters.

Earlier on, the actor put to rest the rumors of his contract status being bumped to recurring tweeting to DC reader Smitty

 No I’m still on contract, just not the show that much lol.

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    Wow – nothing personal against this actor….But,….. I cannot imagine ‘tweeting’ something about my boss or my company that would put them in a bad light…and then think nothing of it… Actors today are something else. They have high paying jobs and then go public to air grievances…And I repeat, my post isn’t against this one actor…

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    While Bryton has so much free time on his hands I suggest he read ONE LIFE written by original OLTL cast member Ellen Holly. This book documents what an incredible racist one of his Executive Producers,Paul Raunch is, and was to all of his African American cast members. Did you notice how three of your African American cast members were fired as soon as he was hired? Notice how Kristoff and your airtime had dwindled significantly? I suggest you do your homework and learn who are you now working for. I doubt things will be getting better for you any time soon!

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    Bryton better watch what he “tweets” about.Look at the number of cast members that have had their characters die on screen. A few of them were longtime actors with the Y&R and very popular. Lets hope your character does not end up near a “lake” in the near future.

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