As the World Turns Promo

 Looks like Barbrara's life is heating up on As the World Turns next week. Watch the promo after the jump.


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Henry and Babs??? I will go along with that! Can't wait to see CZP and Trent D work together. Two of the top actors in daytime. I just hope the idiot writers don't do this s/l as a complete cartoon/joke thing. The s/l certainly can have humor--but I want to see a real story. Let these two develop some genuine feelings for each other.

After awhile--Babs and Henry can relaunch BRO. Babs is the best-dressed and most fabulous woman on daytime and Henry is a fashion risk-taker--so it seems like destiny. (Vienna can be one of the models for BRO) This show really needs some well written corporate intrigue stories anyway.

What--no preview of the Who Killed Meg Murder Mystery? Damn