Pittsburgh and Atlanta Say So Long Springfield

Guiding Light may be off the air, but some fans will have a chance to give the show and some of it's stars a proper send off. Pittsburgh will kick off a "So Long Springfield" event that will host ten actors from GL. Pittsburgh has long been a core fan base and as a result, it was chosen to be the first stop. There is an afternoon and evening session slated for Saturday, October 24 and an afternoon session set for Sunday, October 25.

If you can't make it to Pittsburgh, then head on down to the next stop, Atlanta. An afternoon and evening event is scheduled for Saturday, November 7. The website has important information, so click HERE to get the scoop before you make your plans. Don't miss out on your chance to say so long to Springfield!


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5 November 2007
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Now I'm upset. I'm going to the Atlanta event. Why doesn't Atlanta get a Sunday session?

Mike, are you going to the one in Pittsburgh?

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9 October 2007
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Mel and I will be in Pittsburgh. The second date was just added for Pittsburgh because I heard (but can't confirm) the first date was sold out. Hopefully, Atlanta will do as well.

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22 February 2009
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Why are the only venues both on the East Coast? East Coast, West Coast get all the appearances while the Midwest gets zippo. Where do they think the bulk of soap viewers still are? THE MIDWEST! The tickets are a reasonable price, but it is not a driveable trip and with airfare and of course then hotel and meals, it makes the trip unaffordable.

Please, if you are interested in a Midwest location, go to the website and barrage them with requests!

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8 February 2009
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I'm going to the Saturday event in Pittsburgh! -Beth

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22 September 2009
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i wish i was going, pitts was sold out before i knew about it & atl is too far for me. i'm hoping they add more dates/locations. i keep checking the site, because i heard a rumore there are going to be more stops!!