The Young and the Restless Promo

Nikki has guts to ask that family for Colleen’s heart… Thanks to tvobsessed2008 for the clip and beautreal for the tip!

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    The not so GVN can suck it. Go ahead, Traci, tell him and Nikki to go take a swim in the lake where Brad and Colleen’s spirits are waiting to drown them.

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    I will put up with some strange stuff watching my soaps but I think this is too much!!!I don’t even think I can watch this. Tracy is a better woman then I am because if I had a daughter and she was killed as a result of a man there is no way in hell that I would give that man her heart. I have never been a huge Victor fan in my 20 years of on and off watching Y&R but really isn’t time that he pays for something.. Not just mope around for a couple of weeks and then he’s back to crushing people. I know I know it’s a soap we need a character like him but come on enough is enough he needs to pay for something, at least admit he was the reason behind her death (which i’m sure will never happen he will talk around that sticky little point) details right!

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    They need to bring Tracy back full time. The Abbotts need a sensible member of that clan. As for not giving Victor a heart or not, I personally don’t care but Beth Maitland deserves an Emmy for her acting. I havn’t cried so much since I last saw the movie The Color Purple.

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