BethAnn Bonner to All My Children?

One Life to Live‘s loss is reportedly All My Children‘s gain in the form of talented actress BethAnn Bonner. A little birdie tells me AMC actors received an email in their in boxes asking them to welcome the actress, who played the popular role of Talia on One Life, to the canvas. Reportedly, the I Wanna Be a Soap Star contestant, who was last seen terrorizing Murray Bartlett on Guiding Light, has booked a recurring role that could turn into a contract gig on the West Coast-bound sudser.

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    First Reaction: YAY! I’ll be glad to see her in a storyline that makes more sense than that crap she was dealt on OLTL (Mendorra, anyone?).

    Second Reaction: Wait a minute…she’s going to AMC? Nevermind the excitement.

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    I liked her a lot, I’ll be glad to see her on TV again. However, I always cringe when actors go to AMC…you know how those classy folks treat people. I can see them hiring her, giving her a lengthy contract, then firing her 5 months in.

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    I thought she did a good job in her brief period on GL, although she had little to do but give Cyrus threatening phone calls, until that awful hostage situation in a Peapack warehouse. Just having to work with the people playing Christina and Remy is suffering, not to mention working condition in Peapack. With more to do storywise, I think she could do well.

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    Davidsmuse I love BAB but I totally get where you are coming from. That was my reaction with the wishful casting segment the other day. If she comes on as a character that facilitates story for underused characters great, but if it means we get less David, Zendall, Jessie, Angie etc. then not so excited

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    Bonners in. Ehlers out. What difference does it make as long as Pratt is still head writer? If Debbie Morgan and company can’t pull his shiz off, how can she? Besides, the people Pratt attracts suck. McKenzie Westmore’s Dr. Sinclair was hideous. He couldn’t figure out how to make Ehler’s Taylor fit in. Jamie Luner is totally miscast. It’s time for Pratt to go. I wish you guys could shine a spotlight on how Pratt is destroying this show before it’s too late.

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    Poor thing. AMC is horrendous…. I adored her on OLTL…

    Lemme guess. She’ll get thrown into the Kendall orbit or Ryan stratosphere….. its always about Kendall or Ryan….


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    Hmmmm Kendall recast? :-(
    Bonner was fantastic on OLTL, I loved her acting style and she made Antonio tolerable when no other acting partner could. It WAS a huge loss for the Llanview canvas esp on the heels of the reveal of her connection to classic villain Carlo Hesser. Killing the character was a mistake. I would have preferred Talia and Antonio offscreen fighting to take down Hesser internationally or better yet Talia still in Llanview.
    If the choice came down to Beth Ann Bonner or Susan Haskell on the cast (not that it neccessarily did – I actually liked the few scenes the characters/actresses shared), I would have a hard time choosing. Bonner is THAT good, a rarity for a newbie.

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    Mencha, yes she did but that Frankie was an older Frankie, I think he was 33 at the time, but they de-aged him so I’d be surprised if they brought that up even if BethAnn does end up being a Mia recast.

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