Brianne Moncrief OUT at All My Children?

Every time a hair model is fired, a blogger gets his wings. The All My Children casting bloodbath continues. Brianne Moncrief, who portrays youngest Chandler heiress Colby, has been given her walking papers, according to setside sources.

"The All My Children actors are pretty pissed off at [Brian] Frons. All that talk about everyone on contract being offered a relocation deal was total b.s.," says a source. "They are using this move as a way to clean house!"

Ain’t that a caution? Now just who are the gang from the Pine Valley Podcast gonna make fun of now? Oh wait, Denise Vasi is still employed. Here’s hoping Fronsie has the horse sense to snag Guiding Light cutie Marcy Rylan as Colby. Rylan was BORN to play Kelly Ripa‘s baby sister! 

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    As usual, Jamey, I find myself agreeing with you…while I’d love to see them SORAS Abbey Carlton/Newman with Marcy Rylan, I could definitely see her as the youngest Chandler. That was my first thought when I saw the title of this post.

    All in all, I’d much rather see her head to Y&R, since it looks like AMC is in desperation mode right now, and I’d hate to see Rylan out of a job again…..

  2. Profile photo of keanna

    I couldn’t agree with you more Jamey, she was terrible. Now if they get rid of a few other people, and perhaps get a new writer I will be estatic. I would love to see Marcy as Colby.

  3. Profile photo of Shadowusr

    As long as Pratthole and Crapputhers are around, I have no doubt there will be plenty of material for PVP to mock. Aidumb and Turdby, er Colby, are a good start. Too bad about Ehlers. Pratt and Co. failed her miserably. The move, the cast changes, none of it really matters as long as Pratt is still there churning out BS like the dance marathon and these stupid baby dramas.

  4. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Not that I was crazy about the actress, but DAMN, I had JUST gotten used to her in the role. I also happen to think Denise Vasi is doing a good job for a NON-ACTRESS.

    Marcy Rylan is ANNOYING! She reminds me of Cheri Oteri from Saturday Night Live…ugh…if she joins the cast, I will definitely not be watching. I’d rather have Denise Vasi in a dual role as Randi’s Twin Candi than Marcy Rylan on AMC. lol!

  5. Profile photo of RenewGLFF

    Marcy Rylan and Kelly Ripa look and sound so much alike it’s crazy! However she was born to play Lizzie Spaulding over Colby but now that GL is over I guess it would be great casting. Beth Chamberlin could eventually take over as Liza too, AMC already re-did a GL parent/child combo w/ Vincent Irizarry and Marj Dusay.

  6. Profile photo of Crustee

    Every time a hair model is fired, a blogger gets his wings. LOL—just love it!

    The fab duo at PVP still will have plenty of stuff to talk about on their hilarious podcast. Nearly half of the cast can’t act! And there is always Pratthole.

    THe good news is they have gotten rid of two cast members who just weren’t any good. I mean, Aiden Turner? Cute guy–but can’t act–at least not on this show. I literally would watch and LMAO at some of his scenes. Remember when Greenlee (S Singh) was in the hospital after the two year stuck in the hole story? His dramatic scenes were so bad–they were good (for THE SOUP on E)

    As far as Brianne–maybe she could get better in time. But, she needed to go.

    I do feel bad about BE. Very good actress–and they just did nothing for her. She did make a very unfortunate comment about JRM. (I think he has improved tremendously)
    However, even if she never gave that interveiw–I think they would have cut her loose. They have never written for her. SHe should have been Liza or Haley or have some tie to the PV scene.

  7. Profile photo of goyankees

    Wait – -People don’t like Brian Frons?? WHAT!! GASP!

    The dude ruins everything he touches…(SOAPNOT, anyone?)

    I would not wish AMC on Marcy Rylan… She’d be on two shows that were/will be cancelled in a 2 year span….

  8. Profile photo of DavidsMuse

    I never cared for BM’s Colby, but if it means that JL/Liza is following her out of town, it’d be a worthwhile cut! IA that MR would make a great Colby recast or a Marissa recast, if they wanted to give her more fire and be more like David! :)

  9. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Nelson said in his column today that he thinks when OLTL goes off the air, he believes Todd, Blair, John Kish and maybe Starr and Cole will be added to AMC. I wonder if some of this cleaning house is paving the way for that. HMMMM

  10. Profile photo of DynamiteKiddo

    I liked her, but I liked Ambyr Childres (sp?) more. They never used her, so I’m not too bummed. Hope Daniel Kennedy isn’t going to be the next announcement. :(

    BE leaving is fine with me–liked her as GL’s Harley, but I couldn’t stand Taylor from the get-go. BE really should’ve been cast as Liza.

  11. Profile photo of DarthChancellor

    Hallelujah!!! Could this be the beginning of a “New Beginning”….LOL. Now if only they would get rid of Denise Vasi, and Jamie Luner things would really be on the upswing… They need to be gone amd so does Natalia….the most useless character ever created. If they got Beth Chamberlain to come play Liza then things would really be rockin…..

  12. Profile photo of east.west

    The only way I can see Marcy playing Colby is if they age the character b/c Marcy is pushing 30 in real life and the “cute as a button” thing she has going on has a couple of yrs left b4 we can tell her age. And given that they have Jamie Luner as Liza too makes it all a hotmess. She should try the other soaps in LA and as for Brianne I never thought she was bad, she was just bland.

  13. Profile photo of josser

    My sincere best wishes to Ms. Moncrief if this is true. I haven’t watch many of her performances on AMC. Many of our favorite soap stars started out as shaky performers who gained assurance and nuance in their performances.

    I hope that she can find similar success elsewhere.

    I don’t get the joy of watching someone get fired like this.

  14. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I don’t really dislike Brianne Moncrief, though they did a good job recasting Ambery Childers at the last minute, there was just a hair’s difference. By my mother loved her. It really is too bad!
    Does anyone know if thwy are planning on recasting Colby? I think Marcy Rylan would be terrific, but it doesn’t matter if they’re not foing to bother recasting. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that the whole pupose of this move is to clean house.
    Mor importantly, why is Denise Vasi still employed while Brianne isn’t?

  15. Profile photo of kalmarose

    I have watched AMC since summer of 1970. I gave up on it over a year ago. AMC is now a shell of what it use to be. Until they get rid of Pratt, and all the stupid writers, nothing they do will ever get me to watch AMC again.

  16. Profile photo of DarthChancellor

    What exactly is Denise Vasi doing a great job at???Looking Pretty??? That is not a job, lord knows she is not an actress…She sucks the talent from her co-stars like a succubus, and they have to underact in all of there scenes so they won’t out shine her!!!

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