ABC Daytime Issues Statement Regarding One Life to Live

Jori Peterson, vice-president of media relations for ABC Daytime and SOAPnet, has issued the following statement regarding the state of One Life to Live.

 “The only upcoming move ‘One Life To Live’ is making is to the ‘All My Children’ stage after that series relocates to Los Angeles. This will give ‘One Life To Live’ more room and increase their production value.”

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    Dear lord no more surprises for one week when I clicked on this I thought oh crap! I’m with you Jamey watch OLTL please everyone the show is good, uses vets and is written well plus its an underdog and everyone loves the underdog.

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    That statement was not, what I want to hear at all. How about there is no plans, of the show being canceled next yr.
    Everyone just keep watching the show, and send snail mail to Frons and tptb stating how much u love the show etc… etc… I will be sure to let him know that I won’t be watching any ABC network shows if Oltl ever comes off air, and I do mean that.

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    …but they didn’t confirm it either. So as Jamey has said time and time and time, watch the show. No one truly knows what’s going to happen. It’s up to us viewers to watch to it to make it harder to cancel.

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    They didnt deny it did they? They did fancy footwork I hope its not so they can turn this around in a few months and say that “well we tried to save it” bull. I agree soapnet my A$$ just re brand that network and get it over with you know they want to.

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    Agreed, Soapjunkie. What is really behind ABC’s motivation to make such an “announcement?” If ABC REALLY wanted to issue a reassuring statement to the fans, they would have said something like “OLTL is not going ANYWHERE for the foreseeable future. It has been renewed through 2012 and ABC stands firmly behind and committed to OLTL. We recognize that OLTL is the highest quality daytime soap we have and as such we will continue to give it our full support and blah blah blah”

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    I don’t get ABC. OLTL regularly beats AMC in the ratings. The only thing decent about AMC is the collective genius of Susan Lucci, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and the other vets.

    But storywise, I just don’t care about it.

    OLTL pulls me into the stories.

    AND it’s DIVERSE!!!! (Unlike GH, where minorities and gays don’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of receiving a major storyline!)

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    J Bernard Jones, I know but it seems like certain folks have given up already. Not encouraging at all.

    Thanks about the icon. The Edge of Night will forever be my all time favorite soap.

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    Right, so this extremely vague statement is supposed to negate Jamey and DC’s spot-on reporting? Jamey and DC have been right over and over and over again, and I believe them. If we fans can’t get the OLTL ratings and viewership up, it will be canceled in 2010.

    Now, maybe if ABC had said “OLTL is on contract through 2012″ we could breathe a little easier, but ABC didn’t do that.

    Watch OLTL!! I’m trying to catch up right now while I’m home sick, but the overacting of Dr. Evans is making me crazy. Other than that the show is awesome!

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    I watch OLTL because it has reinvented itself in a way that doesn’t involve funky camera manouevers. It has become so diversified, living up to it’s original concept, created 40 plus years ago. It’s about the young and the old, the poor and the wealthy, anglos, African-Americans, Latino-Americans, gays, straights…it’s the best!

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    LOL. between this and the JJ coming back, ABC daytime PR must be whipping themselves with a wet noodle.
    Who’s going to believe a word they say?
    Just watch OLTL!!!!!

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    The ratings for OLTL are higher than AMC, so I think it really comes down to buzz and having clout/cache. Honestly, I think someone on OLTL needs to get onto Dancing with the Stars and cause a stir…

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    This man is nothing more than a big fat LIAR and OLTL is on it’s way out with under a 2.0 rating share none of these shows will survive,but I’m very hopeful that talks are starting about a NEW version of “Guiding Light” being created for a cable network with 13 – 15 Shows per season I guess HBO or Showtime is where this pitch will be sent out ….keeping my fingers crossed that something good can come from GL being cancelled !!!!!

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    Well and that was something I was thinking about too…what if these shows went primetime? Maybe they would not be on every night, but a handful of episodes a year would be ideal. I would love to see Llanview with nighttime production values.

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    Let’s not forget how the cast & crew of GL were flown down to Universal Studios for a remote and a fan event, and were even told by Babs herself that GL would indeed get another renewal. And we all now how that ended. (and yes, I know that GL was on CBS, not ABC)

    I’m a newbie to OLTL, but I will continue to watch and support this great show.

    And for the record, these execs could talk in circles and swear on a stack of Bibles that shows are/are not being cancelled….I don’t believe them after the whole GL thing.

    Watch OLTL!! Thx DC!

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    This news really brought me down yesterday. At one time or another I have watched all the soaps that are currently on daytime, OLTL was my first (and the only one I am still watching).

    OLTL has been in a class all by itslef the last two plus years. The diversity currently on my screen is wanted I have always wanted in a soap (straight/gay/actors and actresses of all colors, shapes, and ages). Ron C. has elevated One Life to the show I loved in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and then added a gay love story I never thought we would see on daytime.

    The actors and actresses on this show have nothing but my respect, and ABC would be complete idiots to cancel One Life.

    That being said we all need to watch, and keep the faith.

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    The pros outweigh the cons with OLTL (in my opinion) and I doubt that the show will get canceled next me an optimist but there are so many things in One Life’s favor.
    First of all. OLTL has the lowest payroll of all the ABC soaps and it isn’t even close (i.e. Half the cast of GH get paid more than Robin Strasser, OLTL’s co-lead). OLTL is the most affordable to produce of all the ABC soaps and it isn’t even close. Relocating to W. 66th street is going to cost major money over the next 4-6 months, but long term OLTL will be even more efficient.
    Now will ABC try something creative next year (moving AMC up to 12:30, slicing One Life to 30 mins, etc.) possibly. At the end of the day, it’s going to be about efficiency. Look, even a great talk show like Ellen is only pulling 1.2-1.5 for the 18-49 demo. A talk show is not an easy answer and Aisha Tyler is being looked at for primetime now to leverage her sharp comedic tongue since she tanked with the daytime focus groups…and Frons is a believer of those (I can give you Star Jones number and she can tell you all about it…lol).

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    This statement says nothing about the long-term future of the show. If they meant to reassure fans, they did just the opposite by not committing to keeping the show on the air. If they cancel OLTL, I will never watch an ABC program again.

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    I’m also trying to help overseas and launched a campaign in Rating Magazine to bring OLTL to Israel. You can join the group here:

    (Even though you are not from Israel but perhaps if TPTB will see that even overseas there’s a demand for the show, it might help)


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    I was out of the country for a week, and this is what I come back to? OLTL has always been the red-headed stepchild of ABC so why should it be any different, and AMC is their self-described “jewel in its crown,” so how can we be surprised? Still it’s shocking that this ABC’s non-reply reply.

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