DC #460: ABC Kane vs. Cramer

On today’s ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke and Jamey are joined by David to discuss the latest happenings in Llanview.

Gina Tognoni joins One Life to Live. Has John Brotherton been let go? Should OLTL reunite John and Natalie? If they do would it help ratings to bring back Evangeline to reignite one of the show’s most debated triangles? Todd and Tea’s wedding. From Jack’s speech to Blair’s plan to interrupt the ceremony. Dorian goes lesbian to win the election. Is this Dorian being Dorian? Is it offensive or is it an opportunity for a soap to weigh in on a social issue? Before David leaves he shares a juicy tidbit about Kelly Ripa possibily appearing in Pine Valley before AMC moves to L.A..

Afterwards, Luke and Jamey discuss the latest in All My Children and General Hospital storylines and news, including:

Aiden Turner is out at All My Children. Is Beth Ehlers leaving AMC? Jamey talks about the latest he’s heard. Why are AMC’s vets like Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and Michael E. Knight props to Denise Vasi and Stephanie Gatschet? Jamey thinks Morgan should go to The Young and the Restless and be paired with Kristoff St. John. Might things at AMC improve if Susan Lucci spoke out? Which family of strong women, the Kanes or Cramers is the better family?

Luke loves pretty much everything leading up to the Spixie wedding including Olivia and Johnny, Lulu and Dante, Mac and Maxie’s telling Jason to keep her from leaving Spinelli at the altar. General Hospital is improving dramatically so Luke and Jamey rank each of the seven soaps from best to worst.

All this and much more on today’s ABC episode of Daytime Confidential.

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26 Responses

  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I can’t wait for the CBS podcast. Love OLTL and hope it stays on the air. Please no Jolie pairing. I can’t stand John and why isn’t he gone? Just get rid of him. He is not doing anything for the show.

  2. Profile photo of dkp

    This probably has to be the best ABC podcast you’ve did in a while. Totally agree the OLTL stuff. I love that show. It does do character interaction the best. Heck, I don’t understand why other soaps don’t it more, when your favs are popping in and out of other stores, you are more inclined watch the whole show and everyday, just to keep up at what’s going on.

    I don’t watch, never have, but Jamey your rant has to be the best I’ve ever heard. LOL I think Susan Lucci could get Pratt fired as well. She helped build that soap, and Pratt’s destroying it (from what I read on all the boards). If all the actors decided to not show up to work for a week or two, OMG ABC would shit their pants. LOL

    GH. I have such a love-hate relationship with this show. Many characters I love, but man so much I hate about this show too. I can never watch more than a month or two without getting fed up about something and quit watching for months. Right now with Spixie and JJ/Luke coming back, I’m enjoying the show.

  3. Profile photo of pecola

    You’re right, guys…I can’t imagine why people would be skeptical of this upcoming stunt with OLTL’s gay and lesbian characters. I mean, what with all the consistently great same-sex pairings we’ve seen in daytime….

    OH WAIT!

    Seriously, you’ll have to indulge a person’s skepticism after being burned SO many times.

    I loved everything about the Spixie wedding. My favorite moment may have been when Maxie was explaining to LuLu and Robin why she didn’t search for Felicia prior to her nuptials–it was poignant dialogue with great delivery from Kristen Storms.

  4. Profile photo of tennisbaw

    Which family of strong women, the Kanes or Cramers is the better family?

    Ha, that’s funny because I actually found myself tweeting that question on Thursday, didn’t get any replies though…
    Quick Question: If #AMC Kane Women & #OLTL Cramer Women lived in the same town, which would rain supreme???
    7:46 PM Sep 24th from web

    If you would’ve asked me anytime before this past year it would’ve been a no brainer for me: Kane Women hands down! But, with the return of another Cramer Women and the state of AMC it’s a tougher call now!

  5. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

    It’s funny…watching GH today it kind of hit me that GH has an opportunity to replicate the Cramer women. The Cassadine/Davis women of Alexis, Sam, Kristina and Molly have great potential. I’ve fallen completely in love with Kristina/Lexi and everyone knows how I adore Sam/Kelly Mo. Molly was so adorable as usual and the Cass/Davis women glow when they are working with each other. You can already sense a bond between them all.

  6. Profile photo of maven

    As a lifelong fan of AMC who share’s Jamey’s utter disgust with the show right now, I cannot in good conscience demand Pratt be fired. I’m too afraid to do that. We fans have demanded the last three head writers of AMC be fired and Frons keeps replacing them with somebody worse. McTavish was replaced with Brown and Essenten and they were replaced with Pratt. If Pratt gets fired, I shudder to think who’d Frons would find to replace him. We could end up with Dena “Shiny Ball” Higley folks! Or worse yet, Frons might decide to write the show himself!

  7. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Tomorrow I’m going to turn on AMC and close my eyes and pretend its Angievalley LOL love it! Great podcast guys spot on with everything I even have to admit I’m enjoying GH more than usual although Days and OLTL are still my fav’s I no longer get angry watching GH now AMC thats another story.

  8. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    This is what i have to say

    See ya Jared!! Cant stand you. you killed my Nash!

    I hate John and natalie but I did like them when they were together

    Spixie were adorable. They made me cry.

    TnT wedding had me cracking up. I love those 2. Blair needs to move on TnB are DONE!!!!! get over them Jamey!!!!

    Sorry to there what 20 fans left but SOD already confirmed who the majority wants!

    I no longer watch AMC but how long is Cady Mcclain’s contract for ATWT? I want her back to amc and to tad!

    And u really want MT back. SHE KILLED DIXIE WITH PANCAKES!! The horrid Slayer story. Never again!

  9. Profile photo of keanna

    Great podcast guys as always, you guys are spot on about AMC, I think Susan Lucci and the other actors should march down to Frons’ office or even better to Anne Sweeney’s office and demand that Pratt be fired. Can Agnes Nixon do that? Seeing Erica and Ryan almost do it, I am glad I haven’t had lunch because I would have lost it, seeing Denise and Stephanie, I almost went nuts, I don’t mind Tad and Krystal, but they should bring back Brooke, someone please take this show back. FIRE CHUCK PRATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think GH has improved greatly, not too crazy about the carnival, loved the Spixie non-wedding, and can’t until Oliva’s secret comes out. Can’t wait to see your next podcast about JJ’s return as Lucky.

  10. Profile photo of valanthony

    Loved the show. Here’s my wishful casting: My dream would be for Hogan Sheffer to be the head writer for AMC.

    I was really hoping for this when I heard that he had been let go from Days but I figured that it may have been an East Coast/West Coast thing since he had just moved West from As the World Turns. He was amazing when he wrote for World Turns and AMC is so similar in that it has a rich history of character relationships and strong families as well as a wealth of talent.

    There was an article about him posted on the We Love Soaps website that described how he approached his job at World Turns. He took the time to find out about the show’s history and core families and simply wrote good stories, respecting that. What he also did was write the most intelligent and sophisticated dialogue I’ve ever heard consistently on daytime. Here’s hoping that a Head Writer position, as well as a challenge to boost ratings, could interest him once AMC moves West. Unfortunately though, it would be up to Brian Frons to fire Chuck Pratt. I’ll “keep hope alive.”

    Thanks guys.

  11. Profile photo of josser


    I have to agree with you about Terrell Tilford not bringing his A-game. I’ve seen him do good work. He seems to be making his doctor too stereotypically “black” in his dialect, which seems odd for a well educated doctor.

    I wonder if his director decided to shape the character because Terrell is light skinned? Why didn’t they shape the character to reflect Barack Obama? A highly educated light-skinned black man who switches between between dialect given the circumstance is a reality.

  12. Profile photo of Smitty

    These ABC Podcasts are much more enjoyable now that I am watching OLTL! ;-)

    I like Terrell Tilford as an actor but since the that surgery went wrong his acting has been a bit over the top. It has been just a little too much. I don’t think he needs to be recasted though. I like him in the role but I just don’t think this storyline with him/Rachel/Sean just isn’t good. The actor that plays Sean, now HE NEEDED TO GO YESTERDAY! HE is AWFUL! Hard to watch him. That little Destiny is a little much too. Even though she’s a kid she could use an acting lesson as well, but she doesn’t really bother me as much as that Sean.

    I love the Blair/Todd/Tea triangle with a side of Ross. I like Todd/Tea. I think what Blair is doing is a bit much but I like the drama. I’m curious to see what Tea’s secret is. I think I have an idea so I am excited to see it unfold.

    I am excited to see where this Dorian/Viki mayoral race goes. Looks like lots of drama.

    I have to say the absolutely worst acting on OLTL goes to Rex Balsom. He is a hot mess. He needs to GO! I know I am one of the few but I like Stacy and Kim schemeing together. They give me a good laugh during the show.

  13. Profile photo of BigDede

    To start off, I love Rachel too! I also think the actress who plays Destiny needs an acting coach. I also think she should lose some weight and get healthier. I hate that most dark skinned Black women on daytime are over weight. Just get Destiny healthier. She doesn’t have to be skinny or anything but just look like a normal teen.I think they should recast Greg. He is easy on the eyes but his acting is just too bad. They need to recast fast.

    I like John when he was with Evangline and/or Natalie. He needs a feisty woman like……..SAM!! Imo, since TIIC and GH thinks that the character of Sam can only survive with Jason, KeMo should move that character to OLTL to show TIIC and everyone that she can hold her own and that she doesn’t need Jason (SB) to carry a storyline. I would love for Sam to find out Alexis isnt’ her mother and she goes (a la Skye) in search of her mother and it brings her to Landview. She could run her scams and con people and get with John. I think those two would be great. Yes I am a Port Charles fan.

    I like Ross. I like him with Blair. I like him lying around in is drawers flirting with Blair. I hate Blair running around like a 21 years old trying to break up Todd and Tea. Let Ross take that money Dorian gave him and invest it so he gets rich and get with Blair. He could invest it in Todd’s newspaper and end up owning part of it.

  14. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Gewr podcast guys. I absolutly agree with Jamey on everything he said about AMC. Pratt needs to go, pronto! “F*ckin’ heart doctor!” had me laughing.
    I think the actor who plays Shaun is good though, better than Terrell Tilford anyway.

  15. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    A shame that John Brotherton has to go. I thought maybe they would try and bring in the angle of his dead brother that Charlie mentioned awhile ago, but I guess they had to pay for Gina’s contract.

  16. Profile photo of doctormo77

    Christian Vega is the one exception to the Buchanan Girls getting their guys killed or written off the show rule. He’s dated/married both of them but still managed to survive. I am sad that Jared (JB) is leaving, however I do think the stalker storyline will be used as the lead-in to the return of Mitch Lawrence. Hopefully Jared will die a ‘heroic death’ at the hands of Mitch. I am slightly concerned about Charlie’s future. This could be turn into a great dramatic arc for that character or not.

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