Kiss Zach Slater goodbye, or at least the man currently playing him! According to Thorsten Kayes official message board, the actor will not be joining his All My Children cast members when they move to Los Angeles, nor will he be commuting.

According to the moderator,

Thorsten is not relocating to LA with AMC, and he is not commuting to AMC after its move. It looks as if his last AMC tape date may be in November.

If that changes, we will let you know, but that is where things stand for now.

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    I hate Zach Slater with every fiber of my being. This will be a huge loss for AMC, considering that Zendall is there most popular couple. This could be a saving grace for OLTL, though. Frons may not cancel a show with two of his pets on it (Kaye & Easton).

    I wonder since This coincides with Alicia’s maternity leave, will Zendall get a happily ever after and leave town, or will Kendall be recast and Zach written out? Or will AM commute? Hmm…

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    That’s not a big surprise, I don’t know what Alicia is going to do. I hear Cameron will go only to wrap up storylines. I also heard Chrishell isn’t going either. They may bring other soap actors in. But I know I sound like a broken record, but unless they fire Pratt and Frons, this show will not survive.

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    This is so wonderful. Charles Pratt has DESTROYED the character. I am glad Thorsten is going to be freed from this mess of a show. I hope Alicia Minshew decides to opt out too…then at least this will force the show to concentrate on other actors.

    The downside could be that the new ‘star’ of AMC could be Denise Vasi(Randi).

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    I want Patrick,or Ian to come back so bad!!!! Just to watch Todd Manning,and John McBain have simultaneous strokes when some real testoserone comes to town to get ‘their’ women(Blair,Marty). I want to see Blair and Marty go into a full tilt tizzy fighting over him. Trevor St.John is fine as hell,but he needs some competition for the tail in Pennsylvania…lol.jmo.I am actually praying that they land him,he could quite defintiely save OLTL….No one can save AMC!!!

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    This totally makes me sad… the whole move and production model thing makes me sad… Honestly, after watching for 34 years at the time Thorsten joined AMC, I was excited to have him there, as I feel he revitalized the soap, especially when MM was writing the scripts. I agree that CP has virtually ruined the soap, but this whole debacle is forcing the fans to make other choices in their viewing habits. We watch the soap, not only for the storylines, but for the actors we love. I really, really hope that they come up with great storyline (I’m not too hopeful or optimistic) for his exit. At least, it would give the people staying with the show something meaty to do.

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    I wonder when we will know everyone that is going and everyone that isn’t did they have a date that they all had to decide by? I just don’t think it will be the same, I wasn’t even a huge Zach fan but with so many leaving it will be very different.

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    Who ever said on this board that the AMC/LA drama wasn’t going to end was right on the money. Regardless less of wether people liked the character or not, this is a big hit AMC. I bet my money that the AMC Dance off/Sock Hop was the last straw for Thorsten, lol.

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    Awesome! Maybe I’ll be able to stomach my AMC again after the show-eating faux-mobster is gone (not likely given who’s running the show over there, but the probability is now greater than zero). I’ve disliked him from the minute he showed up in town going on and on about Michael in front of all his victims, but it seems that as his screentime increased, so did his resemblance to Sonny Corinthos, a.k.a. the reason I haven’t watched GH in years.

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    All i have to say is….. it’s about damn time. NEVER liked Zach at all. It’s bittersweet though because its another hit AMC is gonna take. I hope AM decides to stay with the show otherwise its gonna be a very though road for AMC without it’s Zendall fans. No Zendall and no Jake/Amanda is gonna leave them with…. Erica/Ryan (puke), Annie/Adam (ick), and Jessie/Angie (yay!). Oh can’t forget about Tad/Krystal 2.0 (ZZzzZzzZz).

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    Love the Slaters but I think Kaye is tired of the same old, same old on again/off again Kendall thing … I suspect that he wont be recast w/o huge fan uproar. I hated McTrash and her sloppy plotting and ruination of Tad but Pratt is worse … gah … Frons is an asshat dictating what he thinks fans want to see. Maybe he needs to have someone read him the comments here on DT ..

    Randi needs to go or be recast. The actress is a pretty girl but she cant act.

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    I’ve never understood this character (he’s as evil as it gets but his crimes go unacknowledged and he’s arguably the romantic male lead [even more than Ryan!, and that’s saying a lot]) and, quite frankly, can’t stand the actor. This isn’t even good news, though, because AMC has been completely and totally destroyed . . . this won’t help matters for me.

    This move (to LA) is nuts. I understand him not uprooting his family, really tough stuff for these AMC cast members. But regardless of my feelings, he was a big star on the show, this will surely hit AMC hard. It’s hard to center the show around a handful of characters (Erica, Ryan, Kendall, Zack, and Greenlee) and then lose one.

    PRAYING TK doesn’t wind up on OLTL, though I’m nearly certain he will. Don’t know how they’ll ever afford him after snagging GT, though.

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    Chrishell just tweeted this:
    So the official statement has been released. Yes I am moving to LA, but I am not singing a new contract with AMC.

    I love the show dearly but am going to try and do some other things. Hopefully I will still film with AMC but not as a contract player…

    You guys are amazing and I really appreciate all your support-this show has changed my life and I will always be very grateful! -xo

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    I think the smart money is on Mr. Kaye returning to OLTL as Patrick…or Ian…or however they choose to integrate the histories of his signature character on OLTL and Port Charles respectively. It will be great watching him opposite old PC alumn Michael Easton; act opposite real life wife Susan Haskell; reunite with one time co-star Kassie DePaiva; and his chemistry with the characters of Todd and Cole. This, in addition to Gina Tongioni returning as Kelly Cramer would definately help OLTL ratingswise. Patrick and Kelly are so much a part of OLTL’s history, and the show is doing a better job then the other six at preserving that…except when they embelish the past to suit the present in a way that has no regard for details – sorry, personal pet peeve, but anyways…MR.KAYE COME BACK TO ONE LIFE!

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    Thank Christ. The show has never been the same since Zach came to town and took over the show, and Kendall has been stuck in a repetitive rut ever since she became part of Zendall. AMC still is in the pooper, but this is a promising start.

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    The move and the show is just a mess! I just don’t understand why AMC was the soap Frons choose to want to save supposedly. I betting Thorsten will get on OLTL. With him and Gina T there, there should be no stopping it now!!

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    Beth – “No need to keep moving the deck chairs on the Titanic”…I laughed OUT LOUD at that one!!

    Hurray for Chrishell keeping her options open. AMC is going to take a hit losing Zendall. I don’t watch AMC because I found myself ff too much but for all the actors’ sakes I hope the move works out in their favour. It would be horrible for them all to relocate and find the show cancelled only a short time later.

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    I’d love to see Thorsten reprise his role as Patrick on OLTL! To have him back from the “dead”, as an interloper in Marty & John’s story would be terrific! Also to let Cole have his father back and see those two actors work together would be a treat. I expected he wouldn’t move to L.A. since Susan Haskell is under contract at OLTL but having it be confirmed is great news. It only makes sense to bring him back…potential storylines abound! Blair, Marty, Todd, Cole….etc!! Very exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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    Zach Slater irritated me about 80% of the time. In fact the only time I could stand him is when he and Bianca talked, and that was mainly due to her rather than him. I sincerely hope that when he leaves Kendall leaves as well. Zendull to me were the most overhyped, mismatched couple in soaps history.

    As for Thorsten Kaye, whether he goes to OLTL or not, I wish him nothing but the best. TK got out while he could, and probably made the right decision, because I really don’t see much of a future for AMC.

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    I liked Zach in the beginning until he started confessing to murders he didn’t commit and I always thought he had better chemistry with Maria than he does with Kendall.

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    Loved the Zach & Myrtle scenes back in the day. Too bad they modeled Zach after Sonny Corinthos….but then with Pratt *writing* can we expect anything different….I’m glad for TK that he’ll be free of The Mess aka AMC.

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    You had me until you said Jesse. Hell you can’t leave Kristoff St. John all alone out there in daytime land. Terrell Tilfords scenes look so painful all ABCD has is Jesse to represent AA men……Name another, go ahead i’ll wait…lol.

    I forgot about Gina Tognoni coming back with Dan Gaultier. If Thosten comes back there are MANY storylines that could come from that. Remember Kelly driving that car that killed little Brendan Thornhart(Blair and Patricks son). Not to mention the Dorian running for Mayor and the Kramer family scandals over the years being brought to light. Thorsten could be paired with Blair,Marty,or Kelly and i’d tune in ;) I just want to see Todd’s head explode the first time he sees his face…lol’s.

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    I can finally quit AMC and Prass. Thorsten is the only reason I endured as long as I did. Thank you Thorsten for saving me from Pine Valley. Youll be missed.

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    Would love for him to return to OLTL, so Marty can get a story (besides John). John can go begging back to Blair, I loved the two of them together.

    If Patrick did return Todd would have a fit. The return of Patrick and Kelly would give this show some additional attention (especially with Ron C. writing).

    ABC can give AMC the boot, and have Angie, Jessie, and Erica move to Llanview. Can you imagine Ron writing for those three? There is a reason Gina decided to return to One Live instead of a Bell soap. She knows good writing when she sees it.

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    No chrishelle, no alicia, no thorsten..I think that means no EET. Seriously, I love David and Angie and Jessie, I love Erica but cant stomach her with Ryan, but I dont think with Pratt at the helm thats enough to keep me watching. Very sad and very frustrating.

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    Never been a fan of Zach or Zendall, but love that TK is a principled man who puts his family first. Good for him. Take that Fronsy. You pissed in your warm star and lost your biggest star. And you still have Lucci. She’ll outlast you all. (I hope.)


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    If this was happening to my favorite soap (Days) i’d be pissed. I feel for all the AMC viewers losing their favorite characters just because of a move. I’ll keep watching just to see how this all turns out. But i feel for you guys.

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    I love Zach and Zendall. I’d much prefer it if Pratt left AMC. He’s the problem with this show, not Zach Slater, Kendall Slater or Zendall. A new writer is needed more than massive cast firings and a move out West.

    I wish Thorsten well in whatever he wants to do. What I hope he wants to do is go to One Life To Live.

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    I have a really good feeling he’ll be back as Patrick on OLTL! I love Patrick and Marty as a couple, plus think of all the story angst when he mixes it up with Blair, Kelly, Todd, and John. Marty needs a good story that revolves around her rather than John or Todd.

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    i am so upset that we are losing thornsten, i look forward to watching amc after work just because of him. he is cool, calm, handsome just a great character portrayed by a wonderful actor. i hope that maybe he will go to one life to live. i just don’t want to lose him totally off the daytime circuit. he is a wonderful actor and just a joy to watch

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