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Here’s the Scoop! 09.30.09

Hi guys! Had a blast in Vegas, won some money and most importantly got to relax. Relax? In Vegas? I know crazy right? I never said I was a party animal. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Claudia, Claudia, Claudia… exiting and still creating some drama. She figures out that Dominic is Olivia’s son and threatens to tell all unless Olivia ends things with Johnny. How convenient for a possible Sonny-Olivia pairing once Claudia does exit stage left. Olivia does end things with her younger lover much to Johnny’s dismay. Claudia tries to get into Dante’s pants and tells him she knows who is mommy is. Will Lulu catch a glimpse of the seduction?

Speaking of men with a badge… Now that Jonathan Jackson is returning can anyone buy Lucky Spencer as a cop? Well peeps, that was the old Lucky and since Jackson left, the character has changed. Who wouldn’t love to see Domte and Lucky as PCPD’s newest cop duo? Luke and Sonny’s sons on the opposite side of the law from their dear old dads… could be interesting, IF they go that route.

What about Lucky and Liz now that Frons can recapture the magic he loves so much? Will the four musketeers ride again? This Liason fan could handle the LL2 reunion a little better with JJ back in the saddle but I’m still not 100% behind the writing. What once was is not always great again. How about the brother vs. brother storyline for Elizabeth’s affections? Anyone remember when JJ’s Lucky and Nikolas did not get along? That was some great stuff. Let’s not forget that Helena fits in here somewhere and she has an old ax to grind with Elizabeth. Will the evil granny be making any threats when she tells Liz she’s fully aware of her relationship with Nikolas?

New Opening… How many times have we started a SPOILER section with that one? Take out your salt boulders just in case. The wonderful land of Twitter has given us some SCOOP on that one and it looks like some new opening sequences have been filmed. Only time will tell…

Greg Vaughan… I hate to say I told ya so, but I kinda did. We’ve been dishing for months now that Greg was in trouble and that was before I took my leave. I’m a fan of Greg’s so all that reporting was not fun for me and I wish him nothing but the best. He’s a favorite of my roomie’s and she is extremely sad that to see him go. More Tweets from Vaughan: I can’t say how humbled I am by ALL the love and support that has been pooring out! I have been truly Blessed through out my career and will to continue to follow the path that GOD has been made for me! I only wish things had come to a better ending during my time at GH. These past hours, spending it with my 2 greatest gifts, and one more to follow give me all the reason to continue to strive in all things. My final thought is one that will forever reflect what I know I brought as an actor to GH, and something that I will reflect in all my work! Maurice said,"A Golden trophy won’t define your work as Lucky, because you already made your permanent mark at GH as an ACTOR!"

CRAZY and RANDOM… The prince rides to the rescue. JaSam MAY have more love scenes and during football season no less. Does Scrubs need a little spice in their lives? Sam and Jason caught by Lucky. Does Lucky know Mischa?

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  1. Profile photo of keanna

    Great to hear you won some money and had fun in Vegas Regan, you were right you said all along that Greg’s days on GH were numbered. Do you Tony Geary had a hand in Greg’s ouster and Jonathan coming back? I think having Jonathan’s Lucky as a cop would be intersting especially he and Dante joining forces that would be good. I think I could go for Lucky/Liz/Nik triangle or even a Lucky/Liz/Sam/Jason quad. Hmmm.. As for Claudia, do you have any spoilers on how she is going to leave? As for a new opening, we will believe it when we see it. Great to have you back, Regan. When are going to do a ABC podcast?

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hey Regan! Welcome back! I’m glad you had a good time in Vegas!!

    I’m still really sad about GV. He didn’t deserve to be treated like garbage, especially considering he did his best with crappy material. During GV’s years with GH, Lucky was written as a dope and Neanderthal, yet GV still managed to bring out the best in Lucky and make me root for him. He’ll be missed :( Hopefully he’ll move on to bigger and better things.

    As for JJ, I’m sure he’ll do fine. I’ve already made my prediction: the writing for New/Old Lucky will be good for 3-6 months – and then it’ll suck again. JMO

  3. Profile photo of THEBEST

    GH really seems to be improving. I’m guessing that maybe Frons is actually letting Guza write the show without him dictating pairings & story. He’s letting Pratt do whatever the hell he wants at AMC (to the show’s detriment). He might as well give Guza free reign without interference…

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    The internet CHATTER and back stage GOSSIP has always been that Tony G was not a fan of Greg’s work. He just didn’t feel that GV was that great of an actor. Again, CHATTER and GOSSIP but that’s what has been out there in the past. I am sure TG had something to do with JJ returning. They’ve kept in touch over the years and JJ said himself that one of the motivating factors was the opportunity to work with Tony again.

    I’ve seen some conflicting info about Claudia. She MAY be killed off or just sent back to Italy. When I know more, I’ll let you know.

    The podcast… It looks like I’ll be recording this weekend.

    Daisy… totally agree that the first three months will quite possibly be the best writing JJ will get. It will be Luke heavy and will most likely taper off when TG goes on another vacation. Hopefully whatever is established in that three months has some staying power. I’ve always been vocal about my disappointment in the writing for Lucky. He’s a Spencer, not Barney Fife.

  5. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    EET,DAisy, whoever it was, I need, desperately need, for you guys to refresh my recollection regarding the time when Ric framed Sam and Jason busted her out of jail. What I need to know is what did Liz do to her exactly. I remember you guys saying she destroyed some evidence I think???? Please help

  6. Profile photo of toytoy74

    Thanks for the scoop Regan!

    Just some thoughts on GH…….

    Dante’ and Lucky working together…HOT…Sonny and Lukes reaction….PRICELESS.

    I personally have ZERO interest in the coupling of Sonny and ANYONE at this point,let alone Olivia.

    Waiting on Claudia to leave.

    Waiting on more Megan Ward scenes.

    Wondering why Alexis has no man when she has chemistry with ALL of the men on that show.(Luke,Sonny,Mac,Coleman,Jax)

    Wondering if Max is paralyzed.

    Scared to admit Ethan was hotter than hell singing my INXS song yesterday

    Hoping Frons decides to save $$ by changing AMC to ASC and moving ALL of Sonny’s kids to PV so we can have a storyline that does not involve children needing bodyguards,and acting as if their criminal father is cool,or watch another one of his pregnant ladies have another mishap.

    Jonathan Jackson returning is still sinking in for me…YIPEE!!! The thought of Tyler Christopher,Jonathan Jackson,and Liz Herbst in a scene together is almost too much 4 me ;)

    Sad Greg Vaughn had to lose his job because the Fruza killing machine didn’t have the balls to fire their weak writers.(They COULD have did a John Black/Roman Brady type of thing,and kept both.jmo.

    Wants Uncle Mac to have more screen time.

    Wonders what Helena has up her sleeves this time….and

    Every since Jamey said Eric Braeden would make a great Mikkos I can’t stop thinking about the storyline possibilities. Thanks for letting me rant. Love my DC!!

  7. Profile photo of keanna

    Toytoy74, I am with you I think Eric Braden would make a great Mikkos, I can definitely see the potential storylines, especially if they bring Stephen Nichols back as Stefan, that coupled with Alexis, Nik, and Helena, that would be wonderful.

  8. Profile photo of Ravennite613


    Just when I thought I could walk away for good from GH, they up and hire JJ. ARGHHHHH.

    I personally can’t see Sonny being weirded out when he finds out Dante is a cop, I mean he is the one who for years has been preaching that he does not want his kids to follow in the Business. Luke is another story.

    I will definitely be back for GH when JJ is back, for now I will continue to read DC for updates.

  9. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Thanks for the scoops Regan, I watch bits and pieces of GH every once in awhile, but faithly look for your info. I was just thinking today how many actors that are still in the opening are gone, definetly need a new one, probably get it with JJ coming back. We really think alike, when I saw bits of SB with his shirt off I thought WTH, again a knife in the heart for Liason fans.

    I really liked L&L with JJ, but you know how much I love Liason. Wonder if TPTB will test JJ’s chemistry with anyone else.

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday and Vegas!

  10. Profile photo of toytoy74


    I too would much rather have PC sworming with Cassadines than mobsters ANYDAY!!! We’re down to 3 Quartermaines twice a year at this point. The gunplay is getting repetitive and tideous. Let’s get my weather controlling greek dynasty back on. If they got Eric Braeden AND Stephen Nichols i’d be back for good.Real Talk. Cassadines vs. Spencers The Final Battle. That would be great. So of course Guza and Frons would more than likely have none of it unless Sonny knocked up this ‘Mischa’ chick. You know you gotta have a baby with Sonny to get a storyline…lol.

  11. Profile photo of BigDede

    I have stated before, since JJ is coming back and more likely they will write Lucky as a Spencer again, I think JJ’s Lucky and Sam would be good. I know that’s not going to happen since her fans and Frons want her on Jason’s nuts.

    I am looking forward to the Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle. I also loved when Nik and Lucky didn’t get along. But now Lucky has Luke by his side. Nik doesn’t have Stefan.

  12. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    The idea of having a full on Cassidine family reunion in PC gives me the full on giggles! Can’t wait.

    Still in wait and see mode regarding JJ coming back as Lucky. Not really sure lightning can strike twice, especially after a 10 year absence.

    Well it looks like our prayyers may be answered and the mob stuff toned down. I have only been watching GH again for the past couple of weeks, but I have noticed less Sonny facetime, and teh mob stories appear to be coming to a head, ie, Dante reveal, Claudia off the canvas. This would be so absolutely wonderful if we could backburner the mob and go into GH: The Cassadine Years.

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Regan, have you heard anything about a Jake Paternity Redo? The rumors are out there that Jake’s paternity will be undone. I kind of dismissed them at first, but they’re gaining steam. I dunno…I never believed they would do that because Jake provides the show with Jason Angst, and we all know how much TPTB love that…

    And have you heard about how long JJ has signed on for… I’ve heard conflicting reports: some say longterm and some say 6 months.

  14. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Welcome back Regan! A Vegas Winner – impressive.
    Thanks for the spoilers. Don’t really know what to say except the show has been great this week and I hope it can hold onto the momentum.

    Will miss GV alot.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Am I the only one who doesnt see how they make LL2 viable again any time soon when she just slept with his brother? She has said repeatedly now that she no longer has romantic inclinations toward/passion for Lucky. If JJs Lucky and Gregs Lucky are the same character, then they are both stuck with the same back story. Will he go renegade and that will spark her interest again?

    As for the file, didnt Ric know it was Lizard that took it, but used the opportunity to get a search warrant for Sam’s apt. and then planted the evidence?? And I believe, although this was a while back, that at any time Lizard could have come forward and cleared her, but instead kept quiet, let her go on the road, and get injured in the

  16. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Hi Regan good to have you back yeaaaaaaa
    Now About Lucky I am so used to GV and Lucky has changed since JJ was him I don’t know if it will work an how can they change him to someone new or old ??
    And I don’t think Dante will be a cop for along time he can’t his father is the godfather and that is very different from Lucky ………….
    I just don’t know if there can be the magic again and lets not forget Liz has changed also..
    And I know that they change Jake’s paternity to Lucky’s ..
    They want JaSam to be alone and to be endgame and I think they want it also for LnL2..
    And I want Jason to have his family and Sam have the baby she always wanted I think JaSam baby will be the best story ever thinking about their history ..
    Good to have you back Regan
    I love GH !!

  17. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Ok Liz took evidence from PCPD and they did look at Sam I think lucky was the one questing her but Alexis got the case off ..
    That was before october were Rick made the fake case against JaSam and sonny – that was a different story ..

    EET i agree with you Liz said that she doesn’t have the same feelings for Lucky I don’t know if they can bring the old magic back Liz is not the same girl that was when JJ was she changed a lot …
    Maybe they should put him with someone else ……..
    Maybe with someone young cous he does look young I can’t imagine him with Sam .

  18. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    GH LOVER: Oh gosh, I could not imagine JJ’s Lucky with Sam either, lol. I mean Kelly has chemistry with *everyone* imo, but I just couldn’t picture LuSam with JJ as Lucky. I could be wrong of course… I bet they’re going to put JJ in scenes with everyone just to see who he clicks with. GH has a habit of doing lots of chem testing.

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I hate chem test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I think they going to have troubles with him cous I don;t know if Liz and Lucky old or new can be ????

  20. Profile photo of jpp1975

    Three predictions if JJ is back for only 6 months:
    1. Jake’s paternity switched.
    2. LL2 permanently written off together when JJ leaves.
    3. Sam has miracle sextuplets w/Jason.
    4. Frons faints from ecstasy at getting rid of the last Webber and populating PC w/tiny Morgan-McCalls who can grow up to shoot at people & eventually marry Emma & Carly’s baby.

  21. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Cyberologist: Yes it’s mostly about the writing (but not *all* about the writing). And the acting on a show is very important, but imo it’s a mistake to be so dismissive of ‘chemistry.’ We could have two great actors doing their thing, but if the ‘chem’ isn’t there, then the pairing simply will not work, which hurts a story tremendously.

    And I’m not sure why you seem to have such a condescending attitude towards “fangurls.” We’re fans just like everyone else, and frankly, when the writing sucks, we cling to our favorite characters/actors/couples because often times, that’s the only thing we *have* to cling to. If the quality of our shows were better, then people wouldn’t be *as* obsessed with certain couples being together. My “fangurl” love has been what’s kept me watching soaps all this time.

  22. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    jpp1975: Well first of all, Frons probably doesn’t know who the heck the Webber’s are. Secondly, if it would have given Frons so much ecstasy to get rid of Liz, he would have done it a long time ago. ReH/Liz is in a front burner storyline, & they’re bringing back the only actor (imo) that she’s ever had real chemistry with… this doesn’t sound like Frons wants to get rid of Liz/ReH at all.

  23. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Elizabeth and Lucky were a supercouple that after Jonathan left got watered down to nothing for the favs

    and they did’t do it with special attention of the head of daytime they did the old fashioned way and I watched them from jump street and I think they still have it….Becky can act and so can Jonathan that’s the key for me…they don’t need to do a test they’ve been tested.

    I just think whoever is paired with Jonathan’s Lucky would have to be at the top of their game acting wise

    because chemistry isn’t all that is needed for me he has the “IT” factor and then there is this small thing called acting.

    I don’t watch shows to see who a 3x emmy who has been in 13 movies and having another movie out next year has “chemistry” with in some couple that he has to be ‘tested’ for with another lousy written story.

    I want to see some good “acting” going down… these little couples are killing soaps imo

    yeah its nice to be in these little groups of but when the deal goes down I want some good drama ‘well-written’ but for GH just decent fair and balanced not pimping propping and all that …its all about the writing.

    Nothing was wrong with Greg after he learned how to act better but a lot was wrong with the way he was written…and if JJ’s Lucky isn’t “written well” more of a Detective Doofus which I heard he won’t be a policeman
    against the mobbies it’ll be the same thing.
    Just probably better acting.


  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I for one do not see any change in the paternity of Jake, I mean Frons is the one who wanted JaSam back I can’t see how he couldn’t have dictated them changing the paternity already, I mean GV’s Lucky was always the daddy type.

    JJ’s Lucky in my opinion will be written angry, angry at dad for ethan, angry at Liz for a lot but Nik now.

    I truly don’t know if Guza is planning on rekindling anything so soon, but I have a problem with anyone who says that can’t work their way back together. I mean if Sam can forgive a man who threatened her and Jason can do the ultimate and forgive the woman who watched his child kidnapped why can’t L&L find that special sonething again. Besides didn’t Lucky sleep with Liz’s sister when they were together so its not like they haven’t visited this before.

    I get more amazed at how much people need to change Jake’s paternity as a way to further that sexfest that is JaSam and thats not love to me just hormones.

  25. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Ravennite613: Just to clarify, I brought up the Jake paternity thing because it’s a rumor that’s out there and people are talking about it. I have stated MANY times on here that I don’t want Jake to be Lucky’s. Whether Jake is Jason’s or not doesn’t change my love of JaSam or “further the sexfest” or whatever…

    That said, while GV was Lucky I didn’t want Jake to be his, but now that JJ is coming back, I’m not sure how I’ll feel… I’m interested to see if my opinions about characters/stories are going to be effected by him coming back to the role.

  26. Profile photo of engradypind

    Stephan Cassadine is DEAD. Remember the great funeral scene with Luke bouncing up and down on the casket! Great fun.

    Do we really want another resurrection on GH. Isn’t it enough that Rebecca is Emily’s long,lost, unknown twin? She can’t be Emily. Emily is DEAD! For goodness sakes, the body died from garroting on the ballroom floor. The body laid there for hours waiting for morning and the end of the storm so the rescue team could arrive, and then laid their even longer while Nicholas mourned and wept and generally refused to give up the body. Emily’s mother is a doctor and would have know if there was even a spark of life left in the brain dead body.

    Remember what happened when Alcazar’s crazy son came back to life? GH does not need any more resurrections, especially of Cassadines. Popcicle Cassadine was more than enough. There have to be other Cassadines to threaten the larcenous Helena and Prince Nik.

    I am really looking forward to the return of Jonathon Jackson as Lucky. I think we will see better acting and a better story with Jackson than we could ever have seen with Greg Vaughn’s boy next door Lucky. GV will always be the too nice guy who lived next door to the Halliwell witches.

    Sounds like you had fun in Vegas. Let’s leave it at that. You’ll always have your memories.

  27. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    I’m reading a lot of “Jonathan’s Lucky will be ….” and most of it is based on Lucky’s character and how JJ acted about 10 years ago. Some are saying Greg’s Lucky was daddy material as if to say they don’t really see JJ the same way. Well, I don’t know. 10 years and the actor has grown up and we’re not going to be seeing teenaged JJ here. We’re not seeing a redux of 1999. JJ’s Lucky will obviously be different than Greg’s but until we see him back on our screens this month, I don’t think we can really preduct what kind of man his Lucky will be. I just hope they’ll start writing him smarter, make him a better cop and don’t make him the sad sack victim of love that poor Greg as had to endure. If they can do all that…then the rest of it will fall in place.

    Personally, I don’t want to see angry Lucky or Lucky as he was in 1999. Don’t get me wrong, I loved JJ as Lucky…he is the original and most times, the first person you see as that character is indelibly inked in your brain. But, it’s been 10 years and I want to see a man, not an angry, teenaged kid. We’re not the same people 10 years ago so I hope, as much as I liked 90’s Lucky, they don’t stick JJ’s Lucky do-over in a time bubble and lock him into the character that was.

    I hope that if they do write him the way I hope he writes him that fans will let Lucky have a chance to grow up. We tend to want things the way they were. I know…I do. I wish for 80’s and 90’s GH all the time. But with the kid actors, I want to see them grow up. If Frons were doing my wish list right now, and no disrepect to Natalia, he’d woo Amber Tamblyn back as resurrected Emily. (and bring Alan back to life!! — had to put that in.)

  28. Profile photo of Teach19

    Welcome back Regan!!
    Have you heard how long JJ has signed on the play Lucky??
    I HOPE AND PRAY tptb do NOT change Jake’s paternity!! I watched GH when JJ was playing Lucky and LnL was good, but nothing compared to Liason. Until RH or SB leaves the show I will not stop hoping for my couple to reunite!! Call me crazy or in denial, but I have stopped and started watching before. I can do it again.
    A shirtless Jason–you are right just put a knife in this Liason fan’s heart!!!
    Finally, I wish what they had to pay JJ to return had been used on NEW writers!!!

  29. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Anythign’s possible on soaps…including GH. Resurrections happen ALL the time. LOL I mean, if we can believe an alien from Lumina came to visit Robin or Mikkos Cassidine can invent a weather machine or somebody can swallow a toxic ball the size of baseballs or that Sonny’s a smart mobster, we can believe that Emily’s still alive.

    Let’s see….that lifeless body that Nikolas left to rot on Windemere’s floor for such a long time was somebody else’s dead, lifeless body…surgically altered to look like Emily…gee, maybe it was… Rebecca, who Helena found on some secret Greek island and thought…ooooh, her bone structure looks so much like Emily’s. So while Nikolas was unconcious, Helena’s hench people swooped in and kidnapped Emily and placed said dead body on the floor so that it looked like Emily had been murdered. Knowing that the PCPD would never suspect Emily was notEmily, and that they’d never do a DNA test on a dead body (who knew), Helena got away with it. Meanwhile, Emily has been brainwashed by Helena to think she’s Rebecca, Emily’s long lost twin who had been sold by Paige at birth…all of which was never true but an invention of Helena’s warped evil mind. Why? Who knows… Helena’s a Cassidine, they do wacky and evil things before lunch, just for the heck of it.

    See? Was that so hard to believe? hehe

  30. Profile photo of pisces

    Welcome back Regan.

    I’m sorry for GV. I’m not a Lucky fan, but I feel bad that the guy lost his job, and the fact that I am not a Lucky fan is not GV’s fault; it’s just the way he’s written. I’ve never seen JJ as Lucky; I’ll be interested to see the differences between him and GV.

  31. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I believe Jamey was told it was for a longer term contract. He is moving his family to LA when in the past he’s commuted to work on projects. I realize even six months on a soap, with a heavy storyline, is much different in terms of commuting back and forth to Washington State. When it comes to lengths of contracts and online reports, some people will see or hear when the actor’s first out is. It’s usually done in a 13 week cycle, however, when firing one actor to facilitate another’s return, I would ASSUME TPTB secured Jackson for at least one year if not longer. Sarah Brown was working on a one year contract as are some other actors but Sarah was playing a new character. They didn’t fire Laura Wright to bring her back as Carly. They dumped Greg in favor of the "real" Lucky, I certainly hope they got a decent commitment. 

    Paternity switch… is it out there, yes but it’s been out there since they first named Jason as Jake’s father. Do I see them doing that? I would hope not but who the hell knows anymore. 

  32. Profile photo of soapstoned

    I have disliked the characters Sonny and Jason for so long that I am gonna pee my pantalonies when JJ comes back and Jason has to play second fiddle. The Sonny/jason/carly Reign of terror is finally OVER! Helena and Luke are coming back to kick off the new Casadine VS Spencer war which has always been better than the one note MOB. People talk about the great acting of Sonny and Jason but they are both one note with little to no depth. They SUCK and JJ being back is gonna prove that FACT! mauahah! I am finally gonna be able to watch again!

  33. Profile photo of indeegirl

    What happened to Max!?! Are we really to believe that Sonny would drool all over DOMte, because he saved Morgan, yet ignore Max, because he saved Emma’s nanny-or whoever she was? I know Derk Cheetwood has recently tweeted that he just started back to work, tell me we aren’t going to have to wait that long to find out what happened to him?

  34. Profile photo of BigDede

    And BigDede, you obviously want Liz on Lucky and Nik’s “nuts” so what’s the problem?

    Believe it or not, I am a Sam fan. If she is going to be a long term character, she needs a life outside of Jason. Everyone on that show got a chance to have other love stories, why can’t she? There are always debates like who is Sonny best love Brenda or Carly and stuff like that with other character but Sam can’t get that kind of debate. I think JJ’s Lucky would be really good with Sam. Just my opinion. Watch and see that their first scenes together will be filled with chemistry, just watch. I knew it the first time I saw GV’s Lucky in a scene with Sam and it will happen again. But in the mean time I will enjoy my Nik/Liz/Lucky storyline.

  35. Profile photo of svexsal

    Sorry but all of those tweets in response to GV leaving made it sound like he died or something. He’s leaving a role, he’s not dead. ‘Our thoughts and prayers’ sounds a bit dramatic.

  36. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I just hope the show doesnt get swallowed whole by the return of JJ and TG. I want to watch that like I want to watch paint dry. I loved the last 3 days of GH. I love Scrubs, Spixie, JaSam, lulu/Dante, and CarJax and I hope we dont lose focus on that side of the canvas just for Guza’s newest little toy. Lets also hope that JJ is treated better than they treated SJB.

  37. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    I’ve always thought they would eventually change Jake’s paternity because Guza said when JaSam broke up in ’07 that they are a destiny couple and that we hadn’t seen the last of them. I actually think they would have done it already if they weren’t trying to woo JJ into coming back, which I think they have been doing for a long while, based on what I’ve been reading. It just goes along with how they’ve always treated GV… kicking the can down the road when it comes to the meaty stories. Based on other stuff I’ve been reading, TPTB didn’t mean for Liason and LuSam to last as long as they did, but GV and KeMo had unexpectedly good chemistry, so they wanted to stretch their story. Also, switching the paternity will finally end this whole discussion about how Jason could be with Sam again after what she did to Jake, (even though she ended up saving his life, but whatever.) I think there will be a pause in LL2 because of Liz’s most recent sexcapade, but eventually they will put them back together after a good amount of angst and begging by Liz. I think the paternity switch will help facilitate that. Liason is dead dead dead. Acceptance is the first step toward healing, Liasonites.

  38. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    1 more thing… someone mentioned something about JaSam having a lot of sex and that’s all they’ve got right now. I agree to a point, but I think there is a reason for that. They are both avoiding talking about the past or even where they stand right now, and since they aren’t talking about stuff, sex is the only way they can express how they are both feeling. That’s my guess. But, this kind of relationship either fizzles out or something needs to change, and I think eventually they will need to confront their issues if they are going to move forward. It’s like Carly said to Jason… they are going to be all over each other, making excuses to see each other, and if they aren’t careful and honest, they will end up further apart than ever.

  39. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    EET-can you please finish what you were saying and explain it the way you did in a post from a long time ago where it makes Elieslot look, well, very Eliesalotty? or Eliezalotesque? (so I can use it as my argument against who know who)Pleeease

    Thanks Regan for your answer. Do you know if DZ really signed a short term contract? is he looking to leave the show?

  40. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    Welcome back Regan…glad you had a great birthday.

    I’m glad to read that Olivia is going to end her relationship with Johnny. I liked them at first but now they are getting old to me. I guess its because I can’t stand Olivia. One thing I hate about her ending her relationship with Johnny is that she’s going to end up in Sonny’s bed once Claudia leaves. I would like to see a Johnny/Lulu/Dante triangle though if things don’t work out with Johnny and Olivia.

    I loved JJ as Lucky. He’s been my favorite Lucky but I honestly can’t see him playing the way Lucky is now. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when he starts.

    I have a question….Why can Sam not have kids? Did she have a hysterectomy (don’t know if I spelled it right) when she got shot or did the doctor tell her that she can’t have any? I’m hoping on a miracle baby.

  41. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    jasamfan… because she was shot in the back, she has a lot of scarring on her uterus and wouldn’t be able to carry a child to term. So, even if she got pregnant, by some miracle, she would lose it. I have a feeling they will come up with some type of crazy surgery to remove the scarring so she could carry a baby to term, but that’s just my guess.

  42. Profile photo of season1217

    Personally, I don’t want to see angry Lucky or Lucky as he was in 1999. Don’t get me wrong, I loved JJ as Lucky…he is the original and most times, the first person you see as that character is indelibly inked in your brain. But, it’s been 10 years and I want to see a man, not an angry, teenaged kid. We’re not the same people 10 years ago so I hope, as much as I liked 90’s Lucky, they don’t stick JJ’s Lucky do-over in a time bubble and lock him into the character that was.

    Lucky didn’t stay an angry teenage boy. As a matter of fact he had more maturity and intelligence then than he does now.

  43. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    God Seasons – thanks for bringing me back wiht those links

    Maybe me saying angry was the wrong word, I just want to see Lucky with a backbone again. I won’t knock JJ looking young because if he stayed in the role he would have looked the same, and the man can’t be held accountable because he was blessed with a baby face.

    Daisy – I read your post and all I could utter was WHAAAAAAAAT. James Franco hmmmm

    Also Daisy the post i made was not directed at you it was something I have been reading so much of lately about the paternity switch that your post just reminded me

  44. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I wonder — there was a rumor about a guy from Sam’s past that might stir things up. I wonder if that could be the character Franco would play?? And the good news if Franco and VM come back – the show will have to spread the wealth – cant just be the Lucky show, and probably a delay with Solivia. I am sure they would want to play vm with MB unless CarJax is on a break.

  45. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    Funny EET, I just posted the same Sam rumor in the James Franco thread. I hope that is the role he will be cast for, if Sam can go toe to toe with a A-lister it will forever put to bed the grumblings from some that she cannot act and is in bed with Fruza.

  46. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    And it will be good story for one of the best actresses in daytime. Sami’s is saying thats the part he is going to play (just saw that) so lets hope thats one rumor thats spot on.

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