Hasselbeck Retuns To “The View” Oct. 19

Let the bitchfest begin! Republican firecracker Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes her return to The View on Oct. 19 after being on maternity leave from the birth of her third child, Isaiah Timothy with former NFL quaterback Tim Hasselbeck.

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    I’ve seen the show from time to time. Watching people argue isn’t riveting television for me. I don’t even like it (arguing) in real life, let alone sitting down and watching other people do it. Congrats to her for making a living ($$$$) at it..Obviously, there is an audience for such a thing.

  2. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    The show has been MUCH BETTER without her…Hey Barbara fire the BITCH and hire Alexandra Wentworth who has been the best guest host yet …Very funny and Bright unlike Elisabeth Bareback !!!

  3. Profile photo of pecola

    She needs to come back.

    The last couple of days Whoopi has made a play for Hasselbeck “batsh*t crazy” crown and she needs to come back and reclaim her spot!

  4. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    Congrats with the birth of her baby Isaiah. Two sides to any story or show always makes it more interesting to watch and get rid of the boredom. Look forward to her return to the show to spice things up.

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