Lucci Going With AMC To L.A.; MacDonnell Out; Kaye Not Moving

Everyone can breath a sigh of relief! Daytime’s first lady Susan Lucci revealed to the Associated Press her plans on sticking with All My Children. According to Lucci,
I made my final decision just a couple of days ago.

Don’t expect her to hitch her truck and move to Beverly though. Lucci let it be known she will stay a New Yorker,

My life is here, said Lucci. 

The AP also reports Lucci’s co-star, Thorsten Kaye will not be moving to L.A.

Expect to see one less member of the fictional Martin clan. According to the news service, Ray MacDonnell who potrays the family patriarch Dr. Joe Martin, will retire.

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    It sucks that Ray won’t be going West, but the man is 81 years old. If the show had half a brain, they would celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary by writing in Joe’s retirement after 4 decades of service in Pine Valley.

    Bring back old faves who the good Doc has helped over the years, chocked full of flashbacks. Topped it all off with Greg Vaughan coming in as Jamie Martin to carry on the tradition of caring for the citizens of PV. That would start the new year & relocation off on a good foot.

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    TV Gord

    I think the story is unclear about whether Thorsten is leaving the show or commuting. I don’t think there’s anything terribly new from what has been reported here before. It sounds as though Susan Lucci and Thorsten Kaye are likely going to commute.

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    Didn’t SID say something about TK’s “final airdate” though? It sounds like he might be leaving the show altogether.

    ETA from SID on Twitter: “Clarifying: No, Thorsten will NOT be commuting. He will be leaving AMC. He has said in the past doesn’t want to return to OLTL… who knows?”

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    I heard that on his official board, Thorsten Kaye said he will not be moving OR commuting.

    Alicia Minshew is going on maternity leave in November, and it’s uncertain if she will return on a permanent basis or at all. (If she doesn’t is it too early to talk recast? Doesn’t Sarah J. Brown already live in LA?)

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    I think I read that too. That would be interesting Sarah as Kendall. As far as Cameron, I read that if he goes it will only be to wrap up storylines, that’s what I read.

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    It still cracks me up that these moronic exec’s think that moving across the country will save this Crap-Tastic show.

    Big Deal. Now Lucci can shake and fluff her hair in California instead of New York?

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    Well if Kaye is out I wonder if Alicia will leave with him or just go on maternity leave and decide during that time what she’s going to do hmmm. I heard that about Cameron to if they lose all three thats a big chunk out of there cast that they always use. It might free up time for other characters to be pushed to the front or to return.

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    TV Gord

    No offence to you, Jillian. My comment was regarding the original AP story, which I read first before coming here. (I’m sorry that I was unclear…I scrolled past the story here, because I thought it was basically reprinting the AP story.) The AP story was unclear about whether Thorsten was actually leaving the show. It just said he would not be moving. Based on that story, it didn’t say he wouldn’t be commuting, so it was still a possibility. That’s what I was saying.

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    Wow, if Alicia doesn’t go either then you know Eden Riegel’s phone number is on speed dial. I can’t imagine Erica Kane in PV without any of her daughters. Who’s life whould she interfere with now? LOL! And if Chrishell is leaving too, then it ruins the only thing AMC has going for them.

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    Chrishell just tweeted this:
    So the official statement has been released. Yes I am moving to LA, but I am not singing a new contract with AMC.

    I love the show dearly but am going to try and do some other things. Hopefully I will still film with AMC but not as a contract player…

    You guys are amazing and I really appreciate all your support-this show has changed my life and I will always be very grateful! -xo

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    Good for Looch. Don’t let them beat you Susan. That show would DIE instantly without you! And Dr. Joe, talk about comfort TV. Ray McD is the best. It’s hard not to be happy for someone who achieves retirement, but I’m sad for me. I just like knowing Dr. Joe is there, and I’ll miss him. Ordinarily I would hope for a proper sendoff for someone who’s been such an integral part of the show since the beginning, but I’m hesitant with Pratt’s at the helm. Knowing Pratt he’ll kill Dr. Joe in some ludicrous, pointless way in a lame attempt to reunite Greenlee and Ryan.


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    TV Gord

    My prediction (and my hope) is that Joe and Ruth will retire to wherever Tara lives and there will be a big sendoff to coincide with the 40th anniversary. If these idiots in charge want to lure former viewers back to sample the show again, that would be a great way to do it. If, however (as many of us suspect), ABC is trying to drive soap viewers away so they can cancel these costly shows, they’ll just let him fade away the way Brooke and Jackson have.

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    I think I read that CamMat put his house for sale in NYC, so, yeah, I’m guessing he’s sticking with the show.

    As far as TK, I suspected with SH at OLTL, he wouldn’t move (especially since I doubt AM will move either, or even commute with a newborn).

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