Ewoks Gone Wild on “Today”

This is what you miss when you don't watch The Today Show: Ewoks humping Al Roker's leg, doing the moon walk and Ann Curry trying to stop them from downing vodka. They may have even been drunk, according to Warming Glow.  Watch the whole clip after the jump. It's a bit long, but it's worth it. Now, why can't we have Halloween more often? 

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General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Well, as a follow up from yesterday, there were certainly some very good soapy moments, but there were also a couple of bad moments and some wacky plot points.

I loved the look of shock and almost betrayal on Carly’s face when Sonny was making the announcement that the shooting was Claudia’s (and Jerry’s) fault. Laura Wright can be very expressive with her just her face.
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Spooktacular Talk Show Hosts

Give a reason for daytime talk shows to dress up, like Halloween, and they will. Of all the talk shows who had major personalities dress up, my favorite is The View's Bill Getty as Nosferatu. Sherri Shepherd made up for coming as the penny, looking great as The Queen of the Damned. Barbara Walters, who obsessively stays "in character" each Halloween episode was the most disturbing. Elisabeth Hasselbeck's costume was just lame.

Over at Live with Regis and Kelly, where costumes are changed faster than coffee filters during Halloween episodes, Kelly Ripa appeared as Kate Gosselin, Rachel Zoe, and Lady Gaga while Regis appeared as Jon GosselinSusan Boyle and Rachel Zoe's style associate Brad. Both appeared as a real housewife of New Jersey.

Wendy Williams dressed up as Dolly Parton for The Wendy Williams Show. Ellen appeared as her upcoming cover on O Magazine while guest Kellie Pickler also appeared as Dolly Parton and was repeatedly scared by Ellen staff members in costume. The Today Show cast appeared as Star Wars characters.

Watch clips from all these shows after the jump.

Jillian’s B&B Spoilers

Bill/Steffy: She kisses him (WTF?)! Still affected by the kiss, Steffy has Bill meet her at the Big Bear cabin to rehash her actions. He's able to convince her not to feel guilty about the entire thing. Meanwhile, when he's about to marry Katie, Bill starts to have thoughts about things that they share.

Nick/Bridget: He promises his wife they will have a child, prompting Bridget to check into surrogacy. She meets with Sandy, who is cavalier about the entire process.

Is Sean Kanan IN or OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Message board chatter has been growing for weeks that one of my fav-or-ite soap studs, Sean Kanan may be on his way out as Deacon on The Young and the Restless. This weeks' issue of Soap Opera Weekly claims the actor has been fired, which Kanan has denied to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco in this week's Suds Report, stating that Y&R's co-show runner Paul Rauch has his back.
Kanan also blasts online rumor mongers on the Sony and CBS boards who have reportedly been claiming the brilliant actor has fallen off the wagon.
“I’m livid,” he announces. “My family, friends and eight-year-old daughter reads these message boards. These accusations are libelous — and not true. I’ve worked my Goliath ass off to be sober, so I resent these anonymous posters trying to ruin my career. I’m proud that I’m sober, so for them to state otherwise is just astounding and cruel. I’m just a father trying to make a living here, people.”

Shake them haters off Sean. We know how hard you worked to rebuild your life and career. We stand behind you three-thousand percent!

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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I’m finally getting back into my normal routine and it feels pretty darn good to say that I’ve watched GH all week! I know it’s not like I split the atom or anything but with GH being pretty good and me back into the swing of things (mostly) it’s HUGE in my world.

Can you believe it… I’m enjoying General Hospital. Prior to my “leave of absence” I had been pretty down on the Port Chuckles crew but lately it’s been great. Yesterday’s episode must have broken the bank with the everyone who got a little face time. What has me back on the GH bandwagon? Dante! I’m a little scared that they’re using him a tad bit too much but the scenes with Lulu have been awesome and Zamprogna himself is quite impressive. GH has one thing down pat, fantastic casting.

Has any character’s demise had as much anticipation as Claudia’s? We all love Sarah Brown and she has really been knocking it out of the park in her final episodes. While I’m sad to see Brown exit, Claudia has never been a favorite of mine and I blame that all on her horrible introduction. Yep, for the last almost two years, I’ve hated the character all due to her introduction.