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Here’s the Scoop! 10.01.09

What a way to kick off October! James Franco as the newest PC resident, Sarah Brown leaves GH for B&B and Jonathan Jackson is returning as Lucky Spencer. My head hurts from spinning and my jaw hurts from hitting my desk too much this week. One thing every soap fan knows, anything can happen.

We’ve had plenty of reporting on James Franco but just in case will do a little recap. He’s set to tape for three days, spanned out over a couple weeks but his scenes will air over the course of two months. Reports have him being in a storyline with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) so one would ASSUME its mob related. Why is he doing this? Franco has been a student of acting, recently reported to be taking some classes at NYU and supposedly wanted to see what the world of soaps are like. It’s a totally different animal than that of the big screen and even primetime TV. Other reports have said he’s researching a role, however, that appears to be incorrect. Why GH? Again, reports have him sharing a manager with Burton so when looking into taking a short stint on a sudser, GH may have been the easy way to go. We can’t discredit the history that GH holds in the soap world. Since Franco reportedly contacted GH, I’m not sure who to give the kudos to but holy hell, GH is on top of the world, for now.

Sarah Brown… B&B? Really? I know it’s a longer deal and she gets to work with Rick Hearst but I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. Could the RUMBLES be true? Did Sarah see the problems with her character Claudia that the fans see? Problems that IMO are unfixable. The character of Claudia was sadly misdirected from day one. Blame it on the strike, blame it on Guza, regardless of the incredible acting done by Brown, Claudia was in a hole that just got deeper as the days went on.

We dished on Jonathan Jackson’s return as Lucky a little yesterday. The comments had some questions about the length Jackson agreed to stay in PC for. He is relocating his family from Washington State to L.A. when in the past he’s commuted for projects. Now, I know daytime is different but I would hope Greg Vaughan wasn’t let go for only a short return of Jackson. I would imagine he has at least a one year deal with your standard “outs” and cycles that most actors have.

Tons of questions about Max! Derk Cheetwood was back on set yesterday and tweeted that he was very happy with his upcoming story.

SCOOP… for you to chew on. RUMORS of a return have been circulating but is it really linked to Franco? There MAY be another return coming soon. You COULD be hearing Ian Devlin’s name again. It looks like Sam and Jason will be digging into the evil doctor some more. Michael’s memories are starting to haunt him but what is real and what is fiction? Michael better figure it out because someone COULD get hurt if he starts spilling the fiction. Claudia is leaving but will it be in a body bag? Some say yes, while others say she’s being shipped back to Italy. There is a RUMOR that Claudia MIGHT be in that body bag but she MAY not be dead. Helena is causing trouble and Elizabeth is a target. Does Granny have another threat for Nikolas? COULD we be losing more actors? Patrick at karaoke with another woman? His woman is playing detective. Sonny wants Dominic to pull out a hit on a disloyal employee. Olivia wants to spill the beans about Claudia to Jason. Will Jax agree? Michael goes after Kiefer, again.

Weigh In… What story would you like to see for Lucky? How should Claudia exit? Do you want to see Franco as a mobster? A Cassadine? A Quartermaine? Minus Brenda… Who do you want to return?

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  1. Profile photo of AWfanforever

    This has been quite the week for GH. Along with the horrible Claudia leaving the canvas to get Jonathan Jackson back is a dream I’ve had for the past 10 years and didn’t see ever happening. And now James Franco. Somebody wake me up please!!!

    This is all good for GH and I just hope the writers can do these actors justice.

  2. Profile photo of cooper103189

    Wow James Franco! Can’t wait :) But I am hoping for Alcazar to return somehow! I miss him a lott :) And that’s cool that SJB and RH will be working together again !! Loving Jasam as always .. they are hott !! Still sad GV is leaving but I’ll give JJ a chance, never watched the show with him so I don’t know his vibe yet! But everyone says he was great so who am I to say otherwise.

    GH is getting better and better! =)

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thanks Regan
    GH is on fire this week And I am happy , I really think that it is a good show …..
    I can’t wait for seeing James Franco along side with Steve ..
    I hope he will be kind of Jerry and Manny type , I love how they played with Jason about Sam
    It doesn’t have to be mob it could be something else like someone from Sam’s past , she did make troubles for lots of people when she was a con woman??
    And I can’t wait for november – a Cassadine Spencer war with JJ as Lucky and than a good action S/I with Jason and the new guy

  4. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan – with all these breaking stories, you couldn’t stay away! hope vegas was awesome.

    here are some guesses on james: another alcazar brother; one of sam’s ex-husbands looking to settle score; a recast aj; a doctor who can reverse jason’s brain damage – forcing him to decide which life he really wants; or (with the rumors of a twin/brother) have him be sam’s brother raised completely cassadine; of course it could always be a cop/fed who goes after the organization.

    as stated before i hope claudia’s final shot is of her holding a positive pregnancy test and -depending on if she actually bags dante – have it be his or sonny’s. i know another child of sonny would suck, but having one intentionally raised to hate his father and siblings would be interesting.

    sorry, i see no place for brenda on the canvas, so how about we have kate “back?” i love her.

  5. Profile photo of Dillon

    Dang Blackjack you listed three of the things I just mentioned on the other thread (AJ, EX, Twin)

    But I am one of those people who think there is always room for Brenda

    I would love Stavros back, RKK was always my dream since his days on Another World

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think Claudia is going to die thats how is sounded by SJB tweets …
    Maybe the new guy is someone who is related to her and is going to revenge her death ..
    I hope not though I had it enough from Diego …

  7. Profile photo of disillusioned GH fan
    disillusioned GH fan

    I’m pleased that JJ is returning, but I will be interested to see how they take the Lucky we knew and blew and wrap this new version of Lucky around the guy who brought this character to life in a completely different way.

    The Franco surprise has me curious, but if it’s tied to the mob and Steve Burton, then I’m already turning away from the excitement of it. An A list star alone cannot fix a bad accident that is the writing of GH and their hold on anything mob related.

    If TPTB want to bring GH quality actors, hows about a cross promotion with Greys Anatomy?!? GH could learn a lot from Shondra Rhimes and what the term “Hospital” actually means!

    A list of people I’d like to see back on the canvas… Genie Francis, Steven Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Vanessa Marcil, Stewart Damon, Jackie Zeman, Brad Maul, Jack Wagner, Christina Wagner, Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms, Scott Clifton, Wally Kurth. None of these names have to be consistent contract players, but I’d like to see some big storylines that utilize legacy characters with the regulars and I want the MOB CRAP TO END!!!!!

  8. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    Is it wrong to hope that when they bring JJ back, Lucky suddenly has amnesia and remembers nothing since the fire?

    The truth is it is the only way I could see the Lucky and Elizabeth I loved together — all that has happened between those two since he “returned” is there no matter who is in the role and I have trouble seeing Lucky-now and Elizabeth-now in a real loving relationship — too much damage has been done on both sides.

    As for James Franco — I am trying to think of what would draw an acclaimed movie actor to daytime and I think it would have to be a really juicy role unlike the kind he is offered elsewhere. WIth that in mind I have a different take than it being mob related — Jason’s real fears are for those he truly loves. So, the pornographer/rapist who blackmailed his sister and raped his true love, newly released from prison bent on revenge would be his nightmare. With Rebecca becoming Emily, and JJ as Lucky, revisiting that storyline would make so much sense…

  9. Profile photo of arielade

    As for James Franco — I am trying to think of what would draw an acclaimed movie actor to daytime and I think it would have to be a really juicy role unlike the kind he is offered elsewhere. WIth that in mind I have a different take than it being mob related — Jason’s real fears are for those he truly loves. So, the pornographer/rapist who blackmailed his sister and raped his true love, newly released from prison bent on revenge would be his nightmare. With Rebecca becoming Emily, and JJ as Lucky, revisiting that storyline would make so much sense…

    Wow, KMRD what a thought! That gave me chills, and is a much better idea than the mob!!

  10. Profile photo of BigDede

    So Franco is coming to just play a mob flunky and we all know the might Jason will win.

    Also Franco graduated from college so if he wanted to do this while studying acting or whatever, why didn’t he do it while still in college.

    The last 4 years has been his best. He is now an A lister after being in the biz for years. He went back to college, got a degree and has numerous great roles ready for him but he decides to go to a soap. Well I’m happy for GH.

    I wonder what he will feel when he watches the show to see his scenes then have to witness the other storylines. I just hope his debut doesn’t end up like SJB’s return and what those people did to her.

  11. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    I would like to Claudia going out faking her a death and with her going away to Italy or to some tropical island. Not sure I want to see her pregnant because Sonny doesn’t need another child that he doesn’t know about. Well he does not need any more children period!!

    I’m so excited with these new additions coming to GH. Can’t wait to see what role James Franco is going to be playing. I hope its not mob related and I hope it doesn’t bring any problems to Jasam. Also can’t wait for JJ to come back and see how they write for him. Just upset they couldn’t write any good s/l for GV.

    I also agree I would love to see Alcazar come back. I would also love for Genie Francis to come back.

    I’ve been loving GH lately. It is on fiya!!!

  12. Profile photo of blackjack21

    dillon – i didn’t mean to pilfer your ideas! :) there have been so many posts and messages i haven’t read them all. but great minds…

    also, i honestly don’t think anything related to the mob is jason’s biggest fear, so i think it will be something different.

    maybe james will play a stylist hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  13. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I hope they don’t have Greg Vaughan/Jonathan Jackson do a Tamara Braun/Jennifer Bransford thing. I just can’t reconcile my love of JJ’s Lucky to the complete tool Lucky has been since the turn of the century. I hope they do some kind of mistaken identity thing…I think I could get over the stupidity of that easier than trying to reconcile the Lucky I love with all of the idiotic things he’s done for all these years.

    I’m super-tired of death on this show…there is only one character I want to see die and if it ever happens I will fly all my GH buds from around the country to party all weekend at my place…and no…Claudia’s not the one. Do I think she’ll die? Probably. I kinda like the body bag but not dead scenario. Either way…I’m fine. I’m a huge Sarah Brown fan and I agree with Regan that she got the short end of the stick this go around.

    Franco…super hot but if he’s in the Jason storyline I don’t have much of an interest in it. I’ve temporarily lost my love for the Golden Boy…if he’s not placating Sonny he’s trying to plug the black hole…I find both scenarios completely unappealing. Hopefully Franco will interact with someone other than Jason and his Penthouse Pets.

    The return question…hmmm…it wouldn’t surprise me if they somehow brought back AJ. With Greg Vaughan leaving the role of Guza’s Whipping Boy they’re gonna need someone who can play the blithering idiot.

  14. Profile photo of samrocks

    I’m super-tired of death on this show…there is only one character I want to see die and if it ever happens I will fly all my GH buds from around the country to party all weekend at my place…and no…Claudia’s not the one.

    Doodleynoodle, I’m sorry, but I FLOVE guessing games, so I’m gonna have to give it a shot. Be on the lookout for a PM from me. ;)

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Given that ABC allowed SJB to go to BB early, I wish they had worked out a deal with CBS to allow Ric Hearst to come back to escort Claudia out. How I would love the idea of Ric and Claudia on an island somewhere raising SOnny’s baby LOL.

  16. Profile photo of samrocks

    How I would love the idea of Ric and Claudia on an island somewhere raising SOnny’s baby LOL.

    I would support *any* scenario that lets Ric win against him…ANY scenario.

  17. Profile photo of nightstorm23

    Okay They let Sarah brown go ??!!! I can’t blame her! They wrote her horribly. WHAT A WASTE!!! The potentials!!!!!! Bad move GH!! I could have done a better job, like yes have her as johnny’s sister. But the fatal flaw came whe she shot michael – but even then she could have been redeemd! If the writers would have focused on her more and shown how much was grieveing for her mistake and written to where we felt her pain, we could have been able to forgive her for that. It’s all in the writing, the laziness in the writers to tell a story. So when she told Sonny, her husband , we could see the agonize in his eyes – giving maurice a terrific s/l so that he can remind everyone Why He is Maurcie Bernard!!! Write him back to his Glory!, So the fall out would have made it that much sweeter. and we would beg him to forgive her because we want themn back together again while being able to see his suffering of the truth! the fall out would have made it that much sweeter!!!!

    Like I said What a WASTE OF AN OPPORTUNITY!!!!

    The James franco News — OMG OMG!! YAY!!!!! WHAT a stroke of Luck!!!! YOu Know what would be nice to see, That he was a past Love of Sam’s!!! Before there WAS a Jason!! Hello when is the last time we had a tru love triangle!!! – —-I don’t count lucky, liz and nick as one – I will get to that in a minute!~~~ Or just bring someone just as Hot as jason. Like I said 2 men 1 girl love triangle.!!! We’ve seen everyone chase jason, why not he chASE HER! I mean gh has written the women secondary to their man of the moment.
    Anyway I think it’s been awhile we see two men fight for one girl! And make that guy loveable so we can be torn who we want Sam to end up with. Anyway I got off track – Jasmes Franco to gh -AWESOME NEWS!!! and I hear he is woring with Jasam -Even better!!!! I’ll take what i can get for him!!~!!

    The Jonathan Jackson News!! Poor greg Vaughn!!!! But they wrote him terrible too. he was like the dumb hot guy you would meet in school or in life, They made him secondary to jaaon and Liz always looked down on him and agin with Nick– They emasculated him!
    I hope Greg Finds something Much better, because again lazy writing!
    Now with JJ back i am interessted to see what life can be brought back into Lucky. I can now see the love poetential in Lucky and Liz !, Maybe he and Emily can try out a love story As he helps her remember what is Is being brainwashed by Helena!!And get rid of this rebecca persona!
    We could have an awesome QurateT here!!! Em loves nick as Nick loves Em, but they each made a new connection with Lucky and Liz, while seeing Lucky and LIz reconect. THE POSSIBLITIES!!

    And That is my Take on it!!!

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Samrocks I think I can give you a clue…the character I would like to see take a long fall off a Windemere parrapet but still survive just long enough to donate all of her vital organs is most likely the nemesis of the character Doodley wants to off. LOL

  19. Profile photo of keanna

    Thanks, as always Regan!!! Hmmm… It would be interesting for Claudia to just fake her death and go back to Italy, or maybe an island we’ve never heard of. I don’t want her to have Sonny’s baby though. I also wonder how are going to write for JJ’s Lucky when he comes back. I also can’t wait to find out what character JF will be playing. It could be AJ, could be a long lost Q, a Cassadine, or a Webber. But since he’s on Jason’s storyline he could be a doctor that can reverse Jason’s brain injury and make him a Q again, (I’m not holding my breath on that one.) But this is Guza we are talking about, so he could be an Alcazar, a fellow mobster, Sam’s ex, Sam’s ex who happens to be a fellow mobster. Can’t wait. Can’t wait for Derk (Max) to come back, maybe he and Diane get married. Now as for who would I like to return there are too many people to name, let’s just say that disillusioned GH fan cover most of them for me. But I wouldn’t mind seeing RKK back as Stavros or for a Hardy or Webber to come back. Could it be that GH is finally listening to its fans, except as far as the mob and diversity is concerned?

  20. Profile photo of samrocks

    Thanks, EET – she told me…AND taught me a new term, LOL.

    Nightstorm…TIIC absolutely do NOT know how to write a triangle with a woman as the center. The last attempt I can even vaguely recall is the farce that was the competition for Loo’s affections among Dillon, Milo, Spin, and Logan(?).

  21. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    I think the greatest triangle of all time IMO is the Jax/Brenda/Sonny triangle. I don’t think they’ll ever compete with that.

    I would like to learn the new term!!!

  22. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    A list of people I’d like to see back on the canvas… Genie Francis, Steven Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Vanessa Marcil, Stewart Damon, Jackie Zeman, Brad Maul, Jack Wagner, Christina Wagner, Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms, Scott Clifton, Wally Kurth.

    DisillusionedGHfan, ICAM! I think that it is VERY likely that we will see a limited VM return, and SN and MBE are ripe for the picking, especially with the return of the Cassadines storyline, I could see Tristan and Emma returning as Ethan and Lucky’s story picks up steam, but Wally, Stewart and Scott seem to be playing out choice stories where they are at now. I have heard rumours that Scotty Baldwin MAY be returning with a SORASed Sabrina and since he left with Laura it would make sense for her to return with him. She could whoop Lukes ass for his infidelity with Holly and so could Robert. Since GH is doing all this stunt casting now is as good a time as any to win back as many fans as possible.

    As for the JF character, I LOVE to see that mans smile so I hope that he plays a good guy for a Jasam triangle (you all know my biases) or a really slimy bad guy (who grins evilly all the time) for something different from what he usually plays, really likeable guys.

    AND, for those of you who are still with my REALLY long post, I would like to see the total destruction of LL2 in order to build them back up as stronger, better characters and eventually to facilitate the true reunion (much like the destruction and rebuild of Jasam) it is the only way I can see the two of them together based on the current story direction.

  23. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    ALSO, I would like for Claudia to go back to Italy so that SJB can return one day if she chooses, once the Claudia hate dies down. I am tired of the ever more unbelievable resurections from the dead!

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    SoapFan – I am so happy I read the last part of your long post :) – because if LnL are to be together again that is the only way to have it done.

    Also Doodley – I can guess who but now I am curious about this new term.

  25. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I wasn’t saying that Franco was still in college, just that it has been reported that he was recently taking some acting/film classes at NYU.

    Rachel Ames is REPORTEDLY returning for a brief stint as Audrey. Is she the return? Remember Ames retired from acting and Audrey is only mentioned in scenes here and there. The RUMOR is that she will help Elizabeth and it COULD have something to do with Helena. There was also a RUMOR…. possible FANFIC that someone from Liz’s past returns. Now that COULD have been a reference to Audrey but since the character wasn’t technically written out and still cares for Elizabeth’s children (offscreen) I’m not sure Audrey would be classified as someone from Liz’s past. I love the idea of it being Tom Baker, Elizabeth’s rapist.

    Franco… Since he’ll be a problem for Jason, the mob is the easy ASSUMPTION. It is possible that he’ll have another connection to the canvas.

  26. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    No offense Regan, or to any other Liz fan, but the idea of her rapist coming back makes me sick to my stomach. I posted on another thread that I’m so sick of rapists on daytime. Rape is a serious issue and hits too close to home for a lot of women, and frankly GH will not do it justice. Liz being terrorized by her rapist after all these years would be too awful to watch, and I’d like for GH to get away from constantly victimizing their women. Now that’s JMO – I’m not saying anyone else should feel that way, so hopefully no one gets pissed at me…

  27. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Me too I am against for to be Liz’s rapist ..
    That story is done , and it is finished I don’t want it again ..
    I can’t wait what he will be , I am so happy that he will be in Jason’s S/I ..
    I am for one don’t want Jason to be back burn , Why can’t we have two big S/I ..
    one the Big Cassadine – Spencer war – I am mob fan But I saw old clips of the war and I would like to see new story with that..
    and than big Mob S/I with my man Jason ..
    And has someone said he maybe not be a mobster he can be someone from Sam’s past or someone else ….
    there are so many options ….
    I love Jason morgan and I love seeing him on my screen .. and I am happy that there will big thing coming ..
    and Jason story with someone bad is always good one , like Manny that was amazing how he played with him on the Sam subject , and also Jerry ….

  28. Profile photo of Danielle

    :D LMAO!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!

  29. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No offense taken Daisy… everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t want to see more victimization either and the story doesn’t always have to go that way. Do I have faith in GH not writing that way? Not really but wonders never cease. I never thought we’d see someone like James Franco on GH either.

  30. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    As I said I don’t think they will bring that story again ….
    especially when there is the all Spencer Casssadine war going and Lucky and Liz will be involve ………….

  31. Profile photo of mcmaire

    Wondering if this flurry of news has anything thing to do with ratings following GL’s demise. Y&R soared to 3.9, GH lost 40000 viewers and stayed at a 2.0.

  32. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    mcmaire: This is absolutely about getting ratings to go up. Seems like soaps are in a death match and GH is pulling out all the stops… Hopefully the Nielsen Households are big Jonathan Jackson and James Franco fans…

    Regan: yeah, if GH can get James Franco, anything is possible, lol

  33. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    I’m going with the return of Jonathan as Lucky. I too hope Greg wasn’t let go for a short return for Jonathan. That would be messed up. I can’t deny my excitement over the possibilities of a reunion with Jonathan and Becky. LnL2’s magic was never recaptured, and that is why it suffered so. I’m not worried about the writers coming up with a way to fix it, with these two portrayers, they won’t have to work very hard. IMO Few couples in daytime really have that spark that ignites the screen. I belive if given the right material LnL2 can be great again b/c in all honesty the Nicholas and Elizabeth thing DOES NOT WORK. It spits on history. Elizabeth and Nicholas doing that to emily and lucky? I get emily is dead and all, but you get my point…I’m thinking emily might just have to come back from the dead, or Rebecca has been emily all along. Don’t care. Give me my NEM and my classic LnL2! GH can have their mob, the hospital drama couple in Scrubs. CarJax are so geniunely nice to watch. I like Carly when she’s with Jax. GH has a Bonnie and Clyde action couple in JaSam, a funny odd couple in Spixie. I want some real romance! I want my spencers/Webber’s/Cassadine’s back!

  34. Profile photo of mjt5989

    I am going to guess that it will be something mob related, but it may also bring Jake into the mix, perhaps he finds out jake is Jasons son, and this will ovbiously cause MAJORR isues… just a guess.. but i think it has a chance

  35. Profile photo of beautifulrican1

    I’d love GH to shake things up by pairing Nikolas with Liz! And Lucky with someone new…perhaps a new character or have someone return…And can I say for the record that the writing for Natalia Livingston’s return was not done tastefully. A twin…really? They couldn’t concoct something a little more stable. Possibly having Helena behind the ball that supposedly “killed” Emily & have Helena holding her captive or this new Cassadine “Valetin” behind it as revenge on Nikolas for taking his place in the family…that would have been better than this con artist twin bad storyline.
    Claudia should be taken out by Donte for tormenting his mother & realizing Michael is his brother. This will leave Olivia in a new awkward situation because Claudia is Johnny (her love’s) sister & of course Donte being her son! Olivia & Johnny are good together! And the story of Donte being Sonny’s son needs to come out already…none of this crap about dragging things out for a year….a storyline loses its lackluster when writers do that! Sonny will, of course, hover over Olivia even more when he learns she’s one of his new babymama’s…like her does with Carly & Alexis. I’m not sure if carly will forgive Jax for knowing all this & keeping it quiet for her benefit or will she get past it. You know how she is!!!! Will this be a way for her to go running to Sonny for comfort sex again? Oh…let’s not forget Donte being a cop! Too many ppl know that secret too!
    Lulu & Donte make an interesting couple! I hope they persue that avenue!
    Jason & Sam are right where they need to be & where they belong…with each other! They are good together! I wish they had some type of miracle surgery (like they pull out for everyone else) for Sam & Jason to have a baby! That will bring Liz back into jealousy mode….interesting!
    Since Natalia is leaving what is going to happen to Ethan’s character? Both he & Lucky need 2 new ladies on the canvas as love interests!
    Keifer needs to get caught beating up Kristina…either by Jason or Sonny! Micheal needs a girlfriend to occupy his time. Morgan & Molly are into mischief way too often…where are these bodyguards Sonny pays for?
    Someone other than Carly needs to be pregnant…Sam, Maxie, Kristina, what about Olivia by Johnny? Then donte would have to spare him during the bust…another interesting avenue the writers could take! C’mon! Shake this show up…creativity! Where has all of GH’s creativity gone? Clearly we can do other things for this wonderful show than focus on mob wars?!!

  36. Profile photo of jnnfr4slack

    i know everyone hated claudia but of course like always sonny and jason never get in trouble for the shit they do right i hope sonny finally goes to jail this time……bring in a new bad ass that will run the shit and to top it off he will find out that its because of his own son hahaha as for the other things i think its bullshit that Ian and claudia died for michaels accident lets not forget that jerry jax was in on it too…..when is this muthafucka gonna die he did something to everyone port charles and jason should have killed him a long time ago hes the very reason why his dad is now dead remember…… bullshit bullshit bullshit lets get it together writers for real

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