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Here’s the Scoop! 10.02.09

I dropped a few comments on things this AM. One being that Rachel Ames aka Audrey Webber is set to come out of retirement to help her granddaughter Elizabeth out of jam. Is the jam Helena created? Was that the big return? No, Audrey has been living off camera ever since Ames retired. It’s been RUMORED a few times that Audrey would be popping back into PC with some fans even campaigning for the character’s death. A little morbid IMO to campaign for a longtime character’s death but hey to each their own. An Audrey appearance, Jonathan Jackson’s return and an affair with her ex’s brother… looks like Elizabeth Webber is off the backburner. Thankfully she wasn’t there too long. I know, I know, my fan affiliation is showing but then again, I’ve never tried to hide it.

Everyone wants to know more about James Franco. Most questions/comments are followed with a WTF? Not surprised with that question at all. But as mentioned yesterday and in countless reports on the casting, Franco contacted GH. Soap stars plow through ridiculous amounts of dialogue a day and many a past soap star have gone on record that it is some of the hardest work they’ve ever done. An avid student of acting and film making (he’s currently working on his graduate degree at NYU); the land of soaps is a genre Franco may just want to experience. Kudos to James for being willing to tackle something that gets ridiculed.

I asked which BIG return you’d like to see… in the comments we got the usual suspects of course. Is it possible that one of those usual suspects is actually in talks to reprise their role? RUMOR has it Genie Francis is once again discussing a return with the alphabet network. COULD the Spencer clan get a much needed reunion? I know we had one not too long ago but IMO that reunion was lackluster.

Another gala? There is some CHATTER about a Halloween party on the Haunted Star. Gala/Party + General Hospital writers = some sort of drama or death.

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets… avid readers of my blogs know I’m not a fan of the never ending, never revealed secrets on GH. We have Domte (whoever came up with that nickname, thank you) and his paternity not to mention his profession to be revealed. There is still something hanging over Kate’s head. Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting (thankfully I won’t have to type those five words for much longer). The secret that Jax and Olivia know the truth. What am I missing? I know there are more. Anyways, the Claudia secret SHOULD come out and most likely will be the catalyst for her exit.

Kate fans… I’m wondering if her recent increased screen time should cause some worry. It’s not untypical of GH to use an actor more than usual right before they exit. That is my HUNCH based on past practices. I like Megan Ward; she’s been great with Kate’s over the top and completely out of character antics. Where does Kate’s story go from here? Does she blow the top off of Olivia’s secret and then head back to NYC? Sonny’s going to feel betrayed pretty soon and it’s coming at him from all sides. Olivia hiding his son, not to mention knowing the truth about his current wife, said current wife sitting on a major bombshell and once he learns about his latest and eldest child, the fact that Domte is an undercover cop is surely going to sting.

Is this too cliché? RUMOR has it that just as Domte gets the goods on Sonny; they learn they are father and son.

Speaking of betrayal… Sonny Corinthos’ favorite word. Nothing says betrayal like your brother bedding the love of your life. Is it betrayal or karma? Lucky nailed Sarah back in the day a character I’ve long said needs to return the canvas. Since JJ last stood in Lucky’s shoes the character has undergone a major change. We all know that regardless of the current Nikolas-Elizabeth story, the plan will be to reunite Herbst and Jackson. When JJ first hits town, I would ASSUME there will be some time for JJ to settle into who Lucky is now. I would expect to see NIZ getting outed. Lucky’s feeling of betrayal with Elizabeth and Nikolas’s guilt mixed in. RUMORS have Elizabeth realizing that Lucky is the guy for her but is it too late? Will Lucky do a little “soul searching” before heading back to Elizabeth? Will there be turmoil ahead for the new/original Lucky Spencer?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Domte is pulled of the case. Will he be a cop no longer and turn into a renegade? Do the Cassadine’s and Spencer’s have a common enemy? Helena bends Luke’s ear. Can Alexis shed some light on the latest Cassadine drama? Luke hopes so. Carly isn’t happy that Alexis wants Michael to stay away from her daughters. Kristina is ready to go all the way and Sam is taking her little sis to get on the pill. I mentioned Sam and Jason getting busted. They’re looking into any evidence the PCPD had on Devlin that could link him to Claudia. Robin has some advice for Nikolas, forget about Elizabeth.

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    Thanks Regan! :)

    WRT “those five words,” another site refers to it as “the Michaeling” or “the Danger,” in case you want a shortcut in the future.

    I could get into a Halloween gala if the guests are allowed to have some fun first – like they did at the wedding. Maybe it can be like a typical horror movie where everyone gets silly drunk before the drama starts…

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    when was Liz on the back burner?????

    I’m really looking forward to GH over the next few months….I really hope that they get GF back along with JJ…I hope these new Cassadines aren’t a dud….hopefully they found some good actors to play them….

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    Thanks Regan good to have you more ………..
    Now I do think it will be great idea to have all the Spencers with Laura , that will be good
    BUT my Q’s love also wants them to have a big story , did someone forget that the Q’s also have a big part in GH??
    And I am happy for the Liz fans that she and the Spencers will be in a big S/I
    BUT I don’t want it to hurt my Mob especially Jason , I am big mob fan and I don’t want it get reduce ….
    Maybe they should ease on the mobster of the month and have them dealing with family and love stories ..
    like now having Sonny dealing with his family , having Jason with Sam and with Michael ..
    Please don’t make the mob less I want to see Jason and Sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    About JF I am happy for the show I think it s great and maybe more people will tune in and watch ….
    I can’t wait to see what nightmare he will be to my Jason ……

    Love to have back more Regan , it is like back to normal for me

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    I do hope that Laura comes back soon, but as Laura BALDWIN and with husban Scott in tow.
    Is it my idea or have the fans dropped LiAson now that JJ is back? Does this make JaSam OK now?

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    Regan Cellura

    When my job gives me projects… I leave out important SCOOPS. Well important to me as I brought up the subject. Was it yesterday or the day before??? We we’re talking JJ and how Lucky became a cop… well one of the possible, maybe FANFIC, RUMORS blah, blah, blah… floating out there is that Lucky MAY be quitting the force. We will see what happens but that would dash my dreams of Dante and Lucky being partners.

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    But Regan Dante can’t be a cop when he will find out the truth ….
    No one will let Sonny’s son – the godfather a major criminal be a police officer ……

    I have an ida that I don’t like but maybe they will join Sam and Spinelli PI … I don’t like it but who knows ?
    I don’t want Lucky mobster for me Only Jason Sonny and Johnny can …

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    Question for people who watched GH a long time I only started in 04
    The place that is now SoAson new office is old restaurant that Jason called NO NAME
    I saw on tweeter that this place was on GH before, can someone tell me the history of that place someone said that Sonny was there with Brenda ???
    Please ??

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    I understand people being thrown off by Jonathan’s youthful appearance but if he can play a resistance fighter against the machines I think he can play a cop.

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    I am hoping Lu-cha will be be a big fat breakout totally out of the blue hit. or that we see get Lumily. Or how about a Jason/Sam/Lucky triangle (I wanted that when GV was in the role, maybe it could work now.) Or bring back serena and give us Lurena or brookelynne and give us Looke. In other words, lets see them chem test JJ now that he is back. After all that Lizard has done to Lucky I dont want to see him just up and forgive her without a second thought. I also wouldnt mind some Lucky-Nik battles.

    As for Lucky Sarah…Lucky was still suffering from post helena mind games. I think Kevin had repaired a lot of the damage but he was still unable to feel anything for Lizard if I am not mistaken. Being altered and hooking up with Sarah once is NOT the same and what LikNiz did.
    Oh and I am with GHADDICT…she hasnt been on the backburner in more than 3 years.

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    Yes Sonny use to take his comfortable with the mob lady friends to the No Name back in the day, and he def. took Brenda there. I think the last time he was there Claudia was at another table. I love it!!

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    Regan Cellura

    I don’t think it’s JJ’s "youthful" face that has anyone questioning him as a cop. It’s that he’s Luke Spencer’s son. That’s always been an issue. I think it will be hard for fans to separate the Lucky JJ played in the past to who the character has become now.

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    No one will let Sonny’s son – the godfather a major criminal be a police officer

    Dante had no choice in the matter of his parents, so if Alexis and Ric can be DAs, and Sam can work in the PCPD, then he should be allowed to remain a cop. Alexis, Ric, and Sam (and probably others, too) all made a conscious decision to be involved in some aspect of the mob lifestyle, but the same cannot be said for Dante.

    Season, I left a little something for you in Perkie’s thread. Since it’s the off-season for Lost, I figure we can be friends. ;)

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    I think it will be hard for fans to separate the Lucky JJ played in the past to who the character has become now.

    And that’s what I’m genuinely confused about. Who has the character of Lucky become?

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    so the inevitable liz/lucky reunion makes me throw up in my mouth. in fact the whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

    regan – so any chance sonny will turn to kate if he feels no one else has his back? remember he divorced carly for not coming clean about kristina for 2 years.

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    The idea of Dante going soft on Sonny when he finds out he’s his son makes me want to vomit. I love Dante and am really enjoying him with LuLu but we all know his integrity will be sacrificed at the altar of the almighty Sonny just like the 20 previous characters we’ve seen fall at his feet. It makes me sick. I’d so love to see Dante really turn him in, force him to trial, something.

    And I personally think the new storyline potential for Liz is great. Some might not think she’s been a backburner character (though I think she gets put in the corner a lot) but there’s no way people can say she’s a show eater like Sonny, Jason and recently Olivia. Even when she’s been frontburner she’s not driving story. I for one welcome more of her, especially with Helena, nu-old Lucky and Audrey coming back.

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    curacaoman – NO! Liason fans have not given up just because JJ is coming back. Lucky is still the same guy that has treated Liz like crap for years. JJ coming back doesn’t change that history. Liason belong together and their fans aren’t backing down!

    EET – Lucky has treated Liz far worse than she has treated him. She lied about Jake’s paternity (I don’t say that she cheated because the minute she found him in her bed with Maxie she had that marriage was over in my book) and now has slept with Nik. Lucky abandoned her to take Sarah to the dance, which resulted in Liz being raped. He then slept with Sarah when he came back. He then became hooked on pills, verbally/emotionally/physically abused Liz, and then slept with Maxie many times. He also accused her of having PPD and harming Jake when he was kidnapped (you know – the time Spam saw the little boy taken off by the nutjob and did nothing?). They are both to blame for their relationship for hurting eachother, but Lucky has been far more at fault.

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    Blackjack darling – ya know I luvs ya, but if Liz/Jason no good, and Lucky and Liz not good. Who would you like to see her with.

    I would so love Sonny and Kate to rekindle what they had, but I am sure he won’t forgive her for not telling him the truth about DOmte either

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    Season, I left a little something for you in Perkie’s thread. Since it’s the off-season for Lost, I figure we can be friends.

    I’ll enjoy any camaraderie while it lasts until January. Although, our issues over the Jack/Sawyer thing tickles me.

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    JS – ITA

    This Liason fan has made a point of mentioning how much I loved original LnL, but my heart will always be about Liason. It’s why I get so adament about them not changing Jake’s paternity

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    Lucky abandoned her to take Sarah to the dance, which resulted in Liz being raped.

    Hold up and wait a minute! WHA?! Lucky abandoning her is what led to her rape? I thought it was a sick perverted bastard’s desire to jump out of bushes and rape children that resulted in Liz’s rape.

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    I don’t know about a GF return as much as I want to see her and I really do

    I wasn’t over the moon with the last two the Angel was well written until she descended back into herself showing reels her head of days gone by…that was sad.

    but its good to know (even though dialog rarely mentions her) she’s not sitting in a chair drooling with her hair uncombed she’s now living in France with Scotty even though I didn’t get much of her once she got out the hospital she was LuLu/Luke/Scotty which I liked but not on the entire canvas long enough.

    I wonder would Scotty come back with her…I really liked tjeor
    and dred a triangle in my opinion the execution is always off for me…so I don’t like GH triangles…although the Olivia/Johnny relationship with Sonny and their son is intresting…..

    I am a huge Webber Family fan because of Leslie Webber from back in the day..So Elizabeth and Jonathan’s Lucky I’d like to see but I’m getting vested for 6 just months…. Eh….especially since their story won’t have a positive focus with all this NIZ crap it cut down on the excitement for me.

    I’m a huge huge Franco fan but not happy about what the rumor is his storyline may be even he can’t get me to watch Jason right now..
    I’ll catch clips whenever…

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    JS3557…I am SO mad at you for making me defend Lucky, but, here goes:

    As far as “abandoning her…which resulted in Liz being raped,” I’m gonna have to just agree with Season on that, because otherwise I may get unnecessarily angry. ;)

    When Lucky came back, he was Helena’s version of Lucky, so to argue that him sleeping with Sarah had *anything* to do with Liz, other than the fact that he, like Jason, seemed to reject everything from his past because he had been reprogrammed and couldn’t remember, is unfair. (I can’t believe I just used “reprogrammed” 1) in an argument, and 2) in reference to a person, LOL.)

    All of his addiction-related actions were wrong, I’ll give you that, but keep in mind the circumstances leading up to it. Jesse (the hottie) was dead, and he was injured. I won’t minimize the severity of his actions – especially when he knocked her down, but this wasn’t some after-school special where a kid tries pot and then decides he wants the hard stuff; Lucky’s initial use was legitimate. (Please don’t kill me, anyone – I’m not condoning drug use.)

    If my husband was the last person with my child before she disappeared, then I might go a little ape-s**t and ask him WTF happened, too!

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    :love: I am really excited about Jonathan Jackson taking up his role of Lucky Spencer. Lucky has never been the same since his departure. I believe the writers knew they wouldn’t be able to recapture that same magic that Jonathan and Becky created. They both won awards that year for their stories. They were the reason I started watching General Hospital in the first place. I hope with the return of Audrey, and hopefully Genie that we get a REAL STORY. I know fans that did not watch during their infamous time together don’t think it will make a difference, but I can only imagine what they will be like now.I hope Bobby gets some scenes. Bobby and elizabeth used to be so close, and unless you’ve watched for a good while, you wouldn’t know that. I miss the kind of love that LnL2 shared being on GH. Everything’s disaster, lies, affairs, angst, angst, and more angst. LnL2 used to make me swoon. I want to swoon again. We have a bonnie and clyde in JaSam, I want the writers to fix what they’ve broken with the rich history that the ORIGINAL core families brought to this soap. LnL2 were called a supercouple in 1998, they had interviews, public appearances and were loved by many various age groups. They were the last pure love of General Hospital. I’m also scared for the writers to mess this up. GH is but a shell of what it used to be. I may be getting excited over nothing, but I’d whether have six months of magic, then nothing. Becky deserves to shine, she’s beautiful,and very adored by cast. She’s given many years to this soap, and I would love to see LnL2 take off the way it did when they were kids. I hope the magic is still there…can’t wait!!

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    I don’t see the plan is to reunite Liz and Lucky, especially with those 2 kids. I expect Lucky to move in a different direction with lots of adventure and danger.

    I want some Robin and Patrick spoilers. They need a story.

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    Yeah for more Liz!!!

    I guess TIIC realized who the couple is that will bring in the ratings…..LnL2!!

    I can’t wait to see more of NIZ and the fallout and LnL2 coming together. I am so happy I tuned back in.

    Can’t wait until next year..crossing my fingers for a Lucky/Liz/Jason triangle with all the original players.

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    I don’t see the plan is to reunite Liz and Lucky, especially with those 2 kids

    I don’t understand this comment. So what Liz has two kids, why wouldn’t Lucky want her. Lots of women on soaps, including GH, take care of the woman’s kids even if they aren’t his. Jax does it, Steve Hardy did it, Bobbie did it and Monica did it. TIIC isn’t going to go though all this if not to reunite LnL2 even for a little while. LnL2 were a supercouple.

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    I do want to see liz and lucky get back together and make it work especially with JJ coming back because I have always loved them together. I just hope he doesn’t take Liz back right away after he finds out she slept with Nik. Let her suffer a little and pay for her consequences. I don’t want to see JJ with anyone else.

    I don’t want to see Domte quit the force. I would like to see him take Sonny down and also be mad at Olivia for not telling him that is his dad. I don’t think its going to happen but we’ll see.

    I would like to see them have a Halloween party. It would be fun to see everyone dressed up in costumes.

    I’m looking forward to GH in the upcoming months. Actually I’ve been loving it for the last month or so and can’t wait to see whats to come.

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    Greg mesmorized me many many times, he and Kirsten was awesome in the drug storyline. They not only aced it they were robbed of an emmy nom in my opinion. Greg’s Lucky for me hallmarked a brooding Lucky Spencer there are many times he stepped up the drug storyline without question…

    but the “Angel” storyline I loved how he and Nikolas sat there during the Xmas tree decoration deal…it was all on their faces. I still watch that storyline and a pouting Lucky Spencer during the Baby Jake reveal he rocked it and then he disappeared from the WdUDie4 love storyline…and Hangman’s Bridge I loved the quad in that (it was one of the times Guza stepped up ) were the scabbies writing then?

    when he was the hero I can go on about this forever, and the MC when Lucky/Luke had some dynamite scenes Luke was all about LuLu and Alan fell to a heart attack….and Lucky jumped through the window. If they would have continued these “beats” as Jaimey says…Lucky would have been lead Elizabeth and Lucky would have retained their supercouple status….I do not envision Elizabeth / Lucky as GH portrays them..It should have been Elizabeth and Lucky who fought the Russians…it should have been Elizabeth / Lucky at the Carnivale looking for Jake….the powercouple scenes they can play out is “always hijacked by Jason” this is what bugs me the favoritism in the writing to assure that their “pets” shine.

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    Thanks Seasons and Samrocks, I thought my head was going to explode when I read that supposedly Lucky caused Lizard’s rape.

    As for the redo…I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, the only time I have ever loved her character was back in the day with JJ’s Lucky. I loved the romance and the tenderness and truly thought of them as a supercouple in development. Some of that magic was recaptured for me when GV’s Lucky and Lizard were finally married in that beautiful wedding at Windemere – pure magic, and I thought that we would be treated to a mature, almost reinvention of these two. I really was open at that point to forgeting the myriad of truly disgusting things the Lizard had done in the years between JJ and the new marriage and erase from my mind the JY anger boy years for Lucky. But then I watched them have her belittle him and undermind him during the first recovery and then again during the second, her idolization of Jason, her lies about the paternity, etc. etc. and now, after he forgives her all that and after he pretty much crawls over broken glass to apologize for his actions while he was addicted, she sleeps with her brother. I am sure JJ and RiH as ACTORS still have chemistry, but I am not sure what to think about the history shared by the CHARACTERS. And honestly I have gotten to the point now that I dislike this character so passionately I dont know that I can ever look at her without disgust, JJ’s Lucky or no JJ’s Lucky. I wish I didnt feel that way given how much she is on, but I cant seem to help it. Could the new writing and the old chemistry get me to the point where I was during that wedding…willing to block the old stuff out of my head? I dont know, but I suspect that if they whitewash all of her actions then the answer will be a HELL NO. I want to see him ANGRY because its justified. I want to see her really have to work for his forgiveness, not just because she feels that being with Nik tarnishes her halo but because she truly understands what she had and what she lost. MAYBE then the old magic will have a chance to work on me.

    As for Jake, I really do think if they are going to go full tilt with LL2 that they should undo the paternity. Jake being Jason’s paints him as a bit of a deadbeat, even though realistically he is only abiding by her wishes. I sort of laugh at that one, that when she was lying about the paternity all the St. Liz fans justified that, but now that he is doing EXACTLY what she wanted all along, he is a deadbeat, but nevertheless Jake being Lucky’s eliminates that issue, and removes one more reminder of her emotional unfaithfulness from the LL2 reunion path. It would not surprise me to see Jake getting sick, having that lead to the paternity change and in turn having that lead to some sort of discussion about where they would be if they had always known the truth.

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    I’m nervous at the idea of lucky and elizabeth but not b/c I don’t see Jon and becky not able to pull it off, I’m sure it’ll feel very natural for them. It’s the writers I’m worried about. GH is so angst ridden and depressing all the time. Al GH fans have got to atleast agree on that, ENOUGH DEPRESSING STORIES!! I want my soap back, I know we can get back all the magic, but many of the orig portrayers are there, especially now with all the returns…CALL AND WRITE. They need to know what we want out of this. They said they were finally listening to the fans, and here we have JJ, Audrey, and possibly Genie coming back…more cassadine’s, newbie’s but still. Nicholas is all alone with Alexis and Sam who they barely show having any real connection. That’s what GH is missing TRUE FAMILIAL STORIES that everyone can tune into.

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    Sloppy writing on my part about Lucky and the rape. He did not force the perv to jump out of a bush and rape Liz. However, she would have been safe at the dance with him if he had not broken his date with her to take her sister to the dance instead. His actions were the reason she was in the park by herself that night. He did, however, help her to get through what happened to her and that was part of their bond that still exists today. I just think that Lucky is not the saint at the mercy of the evil Liz in this relationship. Neither one is a saint for that matter. Just pointing out that Lucky has hurt Liz more often than she has hurt him (ditching for her sister, not the actual rape itself). And while he was dealing with what Helena did to him when he slept with Sarah, he still knew it would hurt Liz and did it anyway.

  32. Profile photo of season1217

    js3557, I understand what you meant but the same logic could apply to Liz. Lucky was the reason she left. But he didn’t make her go to the park. Why even go to the park at night by yourself like that? Why not go home? If Lucky’s to blame then so is Sarah. And then so are Liz’s parents for sending her to Port Charles in the first place. Etcetera, etcetera. Once you start blaming one person for the actions of another then that opens the door for others to be blamed as well.

  33. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JS Lucky isnt perfect, but the difference that he tries to atone for and learn from his mistakes. And many of the wrongs he did stemmed from wrongs done to him – being kidnapped by Helena, blown up on a train, and tossed off a building. He didnt set out to bed Sarah or get addicted to drugs. But Lizard got in the boat and had what?? 30 minutes to think about what she was doing before doing nik. Worse, she is agreeing to marry him knowing she doesnt love him – hasnt she made that mistake before. and the list goes on. If tptb want me to buy these two going forward they are going to have to show that she has as willing to learn from and atone for her mistakes as lucky has been from his.

  34. Profile photo of sb_fan

    But Lizard got in the boat and had what?? 30 minutes to think about what she was doing before doing nik.

    lol..EET, U keep me young.

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    Cyberologist I must disagree with you ..
    Liz was never the action girl I don’t see her has the woman who fights with Sash like Sam is and right now I don’t really see Lucky has the guy who fires with two guns …….
    I don’t see LnL 2 as the action couple like JaSam
    And I don’t want it I think only JaSama re the action couple
    The Bonnie&Clyde of GH
    And that is they why it should be
    Steve and Kelly are amazing when they do this and I don’t see JJ and RH like that

  36. Profile photo of BigDede

    GH Lover, Liz is an action girl. That’s all she did when she was with Lucky and onward. Even with Ric she was an action girl.

    I HATED when they had Jason show her how to shoot a gun during that Haunted Cassadine Castle storyline. Liz has been shooting guns, getting shot, etc for years. She’s been all action. She had to go up against mobsters and other baddies plenty of times. Just because she has kids and she has cooled down doesn’t mean she still can fight.

  37. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    BigDede would you mind giving me some examples of what you mean? I will be the first to admit that I tune Lizard out, so maybe you are thinking about something specific. I tried youtube Elizabeth and gun, and all I got was the time she pulled a gun on her rapist. From there I thought most of her story was about love and romance with Lucky until the fire. Then when Lucky returned they had the endgame story which I thought while she was brave, her part was really helping with strategy and then faking her death and being whisked away to safety. Then it was the Ric years where she was poisoned, thrown down stairs and blinded. Unless you are counting hitting Zander with a lead pipe, thats not exactly action adventure. There was the story where Lucky took a bullet for Emily with the Connor Bishop post rape round up – she went with them, but she wasnt busting down doors until the coast was clear. Then we come to the Jason years and we have her getting snatched by Anthony and not even putting up a fight, getting snatched by Diego and not putting up much of a fight, getting gun lessons from Jason and then staying in the barn while letting em go off to get murdered (that one made me mad, there are killers on the island and she has one of the only guns sitting alone in safety. Pish!) and then the Russians where she didnt even want to hold the gun.

    Contrast that with Sam finding Alexis on the dock with Diego just about to kill her – Sam instinctually jumped on him and proceeded to kick the crap out of him, saving Alexis’s life. Or during the b&w ball taking out the badguys to save Carly.

    I am not making the argument that this makes Sam a better person (although I do give her big points for bravery) but I think it makes her a better fit for Jason. I just dont see Lizard jumping into a den of mobsters, scooping Jake up and jumping out the window just in time. Lets remember Sam learned these skills because of an abusive father who turned her into bait and a tool in his cons. Where would Eliesalot have learned how to repair motors, kickbox, and fire a gun on the run.

  38. Profile photo of samrocks

    BigDede or EET…Becky was pregnant when she was involved in the fake death storyline with Helena and Nikolas, right? If so, can one of you remind me if ELIZABETH was pregnant, too?

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    She couldnt have been I dont think. The fake death thing was her taking a poison that simulated death. She wouldnt willingly ingest a drug if she was preggers. And I think the endgame story was before Zander/ric. But I cant say 100%

  40. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Liz was never the action girl , yes she was the teenager with the bad attitude But not like Sam …..
    Sam from young age knew how to protect herself …..
    And mother can protect her kids take a look at Carly and even Laura at the lullaby montage she took the gun and shoot that guy ……
    And yes also Liz , but I can’t imagine her going to the van and hitting Sash …….
    I never saw her fighting with someone like Sam does …

    If Liz was this action girl she would have stayed with Jason long time ago …..

    Oh am I becoming to be Sam’s big fan ????????

  41. Profile photo of samrocks

    GH Lover…welcome to the club, hehe.

    But seriously, I think there is a difference between being willing and able to spring into action and defend yourself and your loved ones (Liz, Laura, Alexis), and being an adrenaline/danger junkie (Sam, Courtney, Felicia). Aside from the fact that Sam is my favorite character, the comparisons are not about one group being better than another; they just illustrate my point. So no, GH Lover, I don’t think you have to be a die-hard Sam fan to see that she *is* an action girl while Liz may be *capable* of it when circumstances dictate, but doesn’t appear to have the desire or ability to engage in it on a regular basis.

  42. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thanks Samrocks ……
    And I agree with you and that point ..
    And it is not just because of this point I think I always loved her and now I am getting to love her more , not just because she is with my love Jason , but all the package……

    But was Courtney the danger girl ????????

    I think she is in the Liz group with Emily, Kate and Olivia ……..
    And it is not a bad group I am also not the danger girl I am more Liz type than Sam …

  43. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    For me, it sort of comes down to your instincts under pressure. I dont even put it down to desire so much as an inherited trait. I had a burglar break in to my dorm room once – he didnt know I was there – and after I screamed I took off running after him. I didnt catch him, but it didnt dawn on me how stupid what I did was until a buddy asked me, “what would you have done if you caught him” I am more of a carly type – I have those instincts, but not the experience or the desire for the experience (thank god LOL) I think Lizard’s first instinct or the other characters Samrock picked in that group would be to call someone else to deal with a problem or to go through channels. I dont think her first reaction is to step up personally in that way. For Sam, I dont think she necessarily thinks, hey lets be brave and run into the russians lair, so much as she thinks lets save jake and instinctually seems to know how and when to take action. The difference between Sam and Courtney and Carly and Brenda and some of the others is that she also has the skill level to back up the instincts. I think Felicia at times has been portrayed with some of the skills Sam has, sometimes more goofy. Sam is a lot like Anna. Robin is more strategic but has some of those same instincts. I put C, C and B and I guess Robin with an asterick in that group with Carly being on the top of that heep (who else could have saved Robin’s life during the MC crisis with no experience WOW)

  44. Profile photo of samrocks

    ANNA! For the life of me, I couldn’t recall the name of Finola Hughes’ character…and I was too lazy to look it up.

    Thanks EET…and I’m gad you’re okay (AND I hope the remainder of your college experience was relatively less *eventful*).

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Yeah – really dumb move on my part, but I guess thats the thing, I dont think for people in a crazy situation it is a matter of thinking, so much as it is reacting. Sam and Anna jump in and think in the air LOL. I am just glad my burgler was some dumb petty thief with fast legs and not the TMK because I sure couldnt have kicked his fanny all the way from one side of town to the other the way Sam did with Diego LOL. (and thats one of the many reasons she’s my gal!) But I will say this, if I was at a ball and some deranged killer put his hand over my mouth and started dragging me away, I might not be SuperSam, but I sure as heck wouldnt have been don’tmussmyhairWebber. I still crack up thinking about him hauling her off and she isnt kicking, biting, heck she didnt even squirm – a corpse would have put up a stronger showing.

  46. Profile photo of BigDede

    Okay, yes BH was pregnant during that Helena storyline. That’s when she was having her daughter. That’s why in the storyline she had to go into hiding from Helena who was trying to kill her.

    That whole mess with Jason showing her how to handle a gun was horrible. But I agree with her hiding. She is a mother now and she can’t just run into danger. In the past she was the one who didn’t care and was attracted to danger but she can’t do that anymore. But when her kids are in danger she protects them.

    Also Liz was kidnapped by mobsters and put in a crypt. Her studio had a bomb in it. She was threaten. She pulled out a gun on mobsters who was following her because of Jason. She got shot when Zander/Jason was fighting. I believe she was the one who shot the Russian mobster while she and Sam were hiding from them. Check out Liz during the years 2000-2003

    Just because she doesn’t wear stripper clothes and shoot to kill doesn’t mean she’s not an action chick. I even consider Carly an action chick. Soaps are about being whisked away, being kidnapped, fighting off the bad guy, etc.

    But NO ONE was more an action chick then Courtney “Bruce Leroy” Matthews. With her 12 inch biceps and jumping off boats in the middle of the sea and stuff.

  47. Profile photo of samrocks

    BigDede, aside from Liz pulling a gun on mobsters and shooting the Russians, all those things you mentioned *happened to* Liz – she didn’t seek them out. By your definition, KATE could be an action chick, LOL.

    Kate was shot *twice,* threatened repeatedly, and I’m sure that if she and Olivia were trapped by gun-toting villains, and she was the only one with a LOADED gun, then she would probably be able to pull the trigger, too. But getting caught up in the middle of mob violence isn’t what makes a woman an action chick to me (and that is probably why we include different women in the two categories). To me, an action chick is someone who springs into action, and is willing to go on the OFFENSIVE just as much – if not more, than on the defensive.

    OT: I wonder who would win in a fist fight – ALW or SJB? (I can’t say “Courtney” or “Claudia,” because Guza wouldn’t be able to write anything tougher than a slap-fest or tickle fight for two women. >) )

  48. Profile photo of BigDede

    See to me Laura was an action chick. She didn’t go on the Offensive but she was always caught up in the middle of stuff and had to get herself out of it. That’s how Liz is to me. She is always caught in the middle of something but she does get herself out.

    Also ALW would win without a doubt! That chick chin was even muscular. Whenever she would karate chop someone you could see her neck muscules flexing.

  49. Profile photo of samrocks

    BigDede…you disappoint me! I totally think SJB would win. ALW may have more brute strength, but SJB would put up a good fight, and she’s probably lighter on her feet. :)

  50. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    But Laura jumped out of a plane, hid luke from the mob and later was on the run with him for years. I dont think its just being on the offensive, but its being able to handle onself well and being willing to jump in when necessary. I dont know that Laura was Sam/anna/courtney/carly kinds of action oriented, but I guess she and Brenda would sort of be in the middle group. maybe Robin flitting sort of at the bottom of the one group or the top of the middle group. Lizard is more in the kate group for me. Again, could you see Laura letting AZ carry her off like a sack of potatos without a fuss? Thats the diff. between Lizard and Laura.

    And I thought the other question wasnt whether becky was preggers but that the OP knew becky was, but wondered whether Lizard was. My point was that the character wouldnt have ingested poison if the character was preggers – I am sure the actress wouldnt be worried about ingesting fake poison, nor would I think the fake character would be worried about the real life actresses pregnancy LOL>

  51. Profile photo of BigDede

    Okay yeah when Liz was on that ledge and stuff, it was horrible. Now you have to tell me the truth, you have seen Liz fight off guys before. Liz use to always fight back when someone grabbed her.

    But when TIIC decided to put Liason together, all of a sudden a 102 year old crazy man was able to grab her.

    That’s just the bad writing. Just the year before she fought off Manny to save Skye.

    Samrocks…Now if SJB put ALW in a choke hold, it’s over. If SJB were to grab a rock to bust it over ALW’s head, the rock would break. Courtney Bruce Leroy Matthews was the female Terminator. Who jumps off a boat in the middle of the sea and swims back by herself!

  52. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont know if I would use Manny as an example, yeah Lizard fought back by hitting him in the back of the head with a fire extinguisher when he wasnt looking, so she gets points for bravery, but then she turns around and loses more points than she earned by standing around and waiting for him to grab her. Then its right back to sack of potatos mode. Sam would have hit him with the canister and then kicked him in the stomach with her stilletos. She then would have climbed to the top of the nurses station, dropped on him like a wwf wrestler and then left him pinned til she had finished repainting her nails. LOL.

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If the situation called for it, yes she would LOL. But I suppose better that than a burplap sack with the word SPUD written on the side :0)

    on a side note, when I was in LA for GHFCW I saw the Sam shoes from the waitress at a stripclub costume – the pink and black ones. I was sadly way too excited over a pair of shoes. And how the hell Kelly walked in those I will never know — they were some seriously HIGH heels.

    For the sjb/alw cage match, my money would be on Sarah “guns” Brown.

  54. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Secrets not revealed yet? How about poor Alan’s will? That’s been out there for 2.5 years now… Do the writers even remember?

    And how disheartening to see that the beloved Q’s are still not being written for. Can somebody explain to me what the Q’s ever did to the writers to deserve this non-treatment? Is it that Q dialogue actually requires work to be witty? Is it because the Q actors can make even their hack writing look and sound better than it actually is?

    Most of us have our camps. There are probably more than a few Q campers who are pulling up stakes right now, ready to abandon this camp site because nobody seems to care that we’re still waiting for the Q’s to get a storyline.

    For all the people thinking JJ’s return is the best thing to ever happen to GH, think back to the return of Robert and Anna. We had such high hopes when they returned but the writers screwed it up. It took a “new” writer and a different show (NS2) for their characters to be restored to their former selves.

    The ratings fall and the hacks keep writing and the producers keep producing. Everybody says this is a business… then run it like one.

  55. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I had high hopes given how much they were on leading up to the carnival story. Not sure what happened there. Maybe when Rebecca becomes Emily again it will pick up. I agree pxlbarrel its very disappointing. I am hoping at least we will see more Tracy when Luke returns.

  56. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    So Liz is an action chick?? Now I’ve heard everything, LOL!!

    As for her being a nurse and making a difference — well let’s not forget that during the B&W ball, there were plenty of people that needed medical attention, and where was brave nurse Liz? Hiding in a barn, not helping ANYONE. While her best friend was being murdered, Liz was safely tucked away, only worried about herself. Meanwhile Sam was with Jax fixing the boat, helping Jason in a shootout (saving Carly, of all people), and refusing to leave the island until she found Lucky and knew that he was okay. Go Sam!!!!

    Yes, Liz has had her moments of being brave, so? That doesn’t make her an action chick, sorry!

  57. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Liz is not a action girl she never were and I doubt that if she ever will ……….

    I love JaSam yes they are the danger couple but not all they are also very romantic I see their love between than and it is not just action ……
    I can’t wait for JaSam to have a family …… and than they will be more than action ..
    JaSam are my super couple

  58. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    LuvLnl – to me you are making two separate arguments – first that mom types dont have to be dull and two that Lizard is a different type of action character. On the former, I agree with you. In fact I will take it one further and say I dont want to see ANY character in a dull storyline. But no, motherhood doesnt have to be lame. Carly is a mother of 3 and I certainly dont consider her boring or lame. Robin is now a mother and while her Mistress Murder storyline was stupid, I think the idea of her as a forensics person opens a bunch of doors to still be Dr. Robin and happy Scrubs lovin Robin but also to take part in some of the umbrella storylines that come about. Part of the problem with Eliesalot may in fact be the very thing some of her fans love the most – her so-called “goodness” What made the character interesting back in the day was that she didnt have to always be perceived by others as a Saint, so we had her having the very ugly desire of revenge on her rapist only to turn around and realize at the end that she couldnt go there, couldnt be a criminal like he was. We saw her uncontrolled jealousy with her sister and her passions for lucky, for art and for life. But now all of her actions seemed to get glossed over and there is never any pay off to her bad deeds, and isnt what makes some of these characters more interesting is when they hit rock bottom and then we watch them climb back up again. I am looking forward to the scene when Lucky rips her apart not just for her infidelity, but for leaving Jake in the hospital alone, and then once again setting him up for the heartache of a loveless marriage. If there isnt the destruction and the regret, then I am sorry it will be just another oops my bad, lame Lizard reunion storyline.

    As for the action chick thing we will have to agree to disagree. An action chick doesnt hit someone once and then stand there to see if he moves or not, an action chick either commits to the battery or hits him, grabs skye to ensure her safety, and then runs. She doesnt sit in the barn while her best friend goes wandering around alone. She doesnt let a killer drag her off without a fight. And she doesnt sit around saying maybe Jason and Lucky will come save us while a bunch of mobsters are attacking. I still am lost why its so important to the Lizard fans that she be considered an “action chick” – not every character on the canvas can be the same – how boring would that be. Maxie isnt an action chick and I adore her – just one example

  59. Profile photo of samrocks

    …all of a sudden a 102 year old crazy man was able to grab her.

    ROTFLMAO! BW is one of only a *few* who could rock that kind of role, though.

    I really find love scenes boring after the first kiss.

    BigDede…we have *very* different tastes, LOL! I love heat, passion, and chemistry, so I could watch an entire episode of love scenes (provided I give a damn about the characters, that is). I may RME every time Olivia is on my screen these days, but I promise you this – if there is a Jolivia love scene, and that “Would Ya Like It” song is playing in the background, then I…am…there! :)

  60. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    daytime dish is saying something about Claudia finding out something about Sam and attempting to blackmail her with it – Regan do you know anything about this??

    And Claudia’s exit – one person is saying she dies and Robin has to clear a suspect, but another post was totally different and to me far more interesting. Sonny puts a hit out on Dante, then finds michael and Kiefer fighting over Kristina. He breaks it up and rips into Kiefer but finds out that apparently Claudia has discovered the kid is a ticking timebomb and set it up/instigated the fight as part of her revenge. Thats when Michael tells SOnny about his memories about Claudia, prompting Sonny to go after Claudia. He confronts her and she says I am preggers – sonny agains says the baby isnt his, but Claudia says if its not its your grandchild, because I blackmailed Dante into sleeping with me. She tells sonny all about Dante, and he realizes he has to stop the hit. She takes the opportunity to take one last look at the house and then exit. I cant tell you how much I am hoping thats right!! What are you hearing. I like her leaving alive much much better.

    Also, talk on looselips that there is still another big casting coupe on the verge of happening for GH. Who could that be? Is this more of the VM or GF rumors or someone in addition

    Robin and Patrick heading to Pine Valley????

  61. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    No I love Scrubs and they need to stay GH will lose a bog thing if the leave So I hope this false …
    I am sorry but I don’t find JaSam boring I found them better than before and I am happy that we get more love scenes from them, this are the best love scenes I saw in a really long time.
    ANd they don’t kiss all the time they do talk , like Friday scenes what amazing scenes she talked about their past and how she lost herself and he knew that and told her to just be honest with each other and in the end they both said that they will be OK and Jason even said better than OK ……………………………
    And that;s not all they even said that they don’t want to hurt each other ….
    JaSam are more than just kiss they are truly in love even though they can’t say it but they show it…
    JaSam are really good right now and I am very happy …….

    About the Claudia out , I hope some rumors are true , Sara said that Claudia will be involve with the rain ……

  62. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    We’ve all got the right to our opinion, but IMO, making the claim that Liz is an “action chick” because she’s been in dangerous situations is like me claiming that Sam is a nurse because she took care of Jason when he was injured.

  63. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh, forgot about this, we all know that there have been lots of baby rumors – Rebecca, Sam, Liz. I haven’t really put much stock into them, but…

    Remember when Kate and Olivia were talking about their friend catching the bouquet and how she ended up with 4 children. One of them said something about the magical powers of the bouquet (something like that) and then…cut to Sam catching the bouquet. Hmmm…. I wonder…

  64. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Daisy I swear we seriously must channel one another….I was thinking of that exact SAME analogy…too funny.

    Yeah I think Claudia is going to go out in the body bag…shame because the other idea is much cooler…I could just imagine Sonny racing around against time, counting all the “betrayals” thus causing his head to spin around like Linda Blair in the exorcist. CLAUDIA YOU BETRAYED ME….barware crashing
    DONT ELIMINATE DANTE…barware crashing
    OLIVIA YOU BETRAYED ME…more barware crashing.

    If it wasnt exciting at least it would be comical.

  65. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    EET-LMAO about your last post. I too love the rumor about Claudia setting up Kiefer, telling Sonny about Dante, and just disappearing from the house. But why would she want to save Dante’s life?
    Also, I haven’t had a chance to look for your response yet, but if you didn’t respond because you didn’t see my question, could you please tell me the story about how Liz caused or helped Sam to be framed by Ric that time?

  66. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan tells me I am wrong, so maybe I am, I thought she took a file and let Sam get blamed for and thats what opened the door to Ric setting up Sam, Sam getting arrested and all that followed.

  67. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    See and I always thought she (Liz) took the file as a way to protect Jason, and when Rick found the file missing he sort of blamed it on Sam, thus his wanting to railroad Sam

  68. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    So do DomiDante and Claudia actually sleep with each other? Is there a chance she gets pregnant by him?? I don’t know if they would bother doing that if she’s just gonna get killed off anyway, but if they keep her alive, she could just leave town w/o telling anyone about the baby. How ironic would it be for father and son to both have a similar experience (woman gets pregnant w/ kid, doesn’t tell, and skips town)? And Claudia having Sonny and Olivia’s grandchild! How funny is that?! LOL

  69. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Yeah I love the idea and the down the road potential that could have.

    Yes, I thought Lizard took the file to help Jason – I guess I thought that was aspect we were all in agreement on. I thought it was Regan that said she took the file and Sam got blamed but the Sam gets framed stuff was much later. I thought the file getting jacked was the start of the Ric frames Sam stuff and as I remembered it, watching ric go after Sam (knowing he would never go after Baby’sBreathLiz like that) and having her in the hospital and on the run etc. etc. that any moral character would have come forward to try and fix things. I may be wrong, but I dont think Lizard even confessed to Sam, let alone the authorities, but honestly all of Eliesalots misdeeds (there are so many to keep track up)tend to run into one big blur for me, so if someone tells me I’m wrong I have to say I could be.

    I tried to find it on youtube with no luck. I tried Elizabeth steals file and I tried Sam gets framed with no luck on either front. Anyone know for sure??

    with respect to the “to help Jason part” are you implying that its okay that she boosted the file because it was to help Jason? Because I get wanting to help him (although it did stab lucky in the back, not that it mattered to Lizard) but my big problem if I am remembering correctly is that she watched Sam pay for it big time and did nothing to try and clear her. Oh and wasnt that when she helped her escape from the hospital and performed some surgery I guess that she did as part of a team risking her career, both times getting lots of credit for her bravery in doing so from Jason and Pif and some of the others, all the while knowing that if she just told the truth Sam’s life wouldnt have been in danger in the first place and that her “help” was more out of guilt than courage?? Oooh I sense my lizard loathing surfacing again…see I get mellowed out about my loathing her and then I get reminded of all the ways she screwed over Carly or Zander or Sam or everyone at the B&W ball or, or, or…. and I get all filled with Lizard loathing all over again LOL

  70. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I have tried to find the clip a billion times. Carly tells Lizard that Ric raped her. She basically gives her this flat reaction, goes to see Ric, comes back to Carly and rips into her in front of a diner full of people how she is a big fat liar, how could she lie about something like rape, that Carly is heinous etc. etc. Then about a week later she found out that yeah, Ric had actually led Carly to believe that after she had been roofied at Jake’s he had had sex with her. There was never any apology or even acknowledgement on her behalf about how terrible her behavior had been. As a rape victim herself, I thought that was absolutely terrible. I also consider her leaving Carly’s best friend in mortal danger to be screwing her over too. I know most people didnt care for Courtney, but if I begged someone to help me save my best friend’s life and they told me to pound sand the way Lizabitch did Carly, I would consider it as personal as anything that person could do to me. I also never liked how back in the day, she was always insinuating that she and Jason were more than just friends when in fact thats all they were. Had she not built it up (something Jason never got to witnesses) maybe Carly wouldnt have jumped to the wrong conclusion when she saw them dancing) OH JASON, just ONEEEEE dance with MEEEEEEE – same crap she pulled on sam.

  71. Profile photo of

    All of this is to try and sell Jason with the kidnapping slut. Jasam TANKED and now they’re scrambling to try and find something to salvage this train wreck.

    LL2 with og Lucky will give them a bump, but it’ll be short-lived as the direction hasn’t changed.

    Jason with the woman that threatened his kid is disgusting. They lose ALL polls, their sex scene pulled in the lowest rated day in months, and they bleed viewers weekly. They had a bump as Liason was promo’d during the carnival, and as expected they’ve gone right back down steadily ever since.

    Jason can be with a mob whore, as that is what a person like him should expect, it just cannot be THAT mob whore. It has ruined his character and the ratings reflect it. No, changing actors doesn’t change what Lucky did, BUT imagine how bad Burton/Kemo are going to look compared to JJ/BH. It’ll be like the home coming king and queen vs. the goth crowd. Frons is DETERMINED to make Jasam work, it’s already been proven, nothing will do that. I’ll catch clips on YT, nothing more.

  72. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Plagarize a way. Queen of Eliesalot misdeed LOL. I love it. I just fear at the rate she is racking them up I wont be able to do my new title justice. My memory aint what it use to be LOL.

    Oh and since we dont have a new obs thread up and we are talking misdeeds, yesterday was yet another thing that drives me nuts about poor put upon st. Liz. Nik wants to apologize for what HE did to her…oh and what he did to Lucky (he tacked that one on like an afterthought). But what did he DO to Eliesalot?? Did he take the launch over to her house in the hopes of making the beast with two backs….oh wait no, that was her. Did he hypnotize her or somehow overpower her free will. Nope. So here he is, sitting in his castle bemoaning how badly he abused her and I am thinking, great here we go again, more whitewashing of her misdeeds. Nik slept with her, but she ALSO slept with him. The BOTH have wronged Lucky and they BOTH deserve to get booted from his life when he discovers their disgusting behavior and total betrayal. I hope they really both have to grovel before he forgives.

    And since I am no the topic of Pukalaus – can I just say that if I had to be adopted by either Sonny or Nik, I am pretty sure I would chose Sonny. I mean at least he notices the kids when they are under his nose and he would at least make good pasta dinners and flash those dimples once in a while. I think spencer could walk into the parlor ON FIRE and nik would be oblivious. I dont know how any woman with children could be attracted to someone that is this negligent with his own son. Way to have standards Lizard!

  73. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Wow EET really about Carly, please the last thing she was or ever will be is a victim. I remember the dance between Liz and Jason at Kelly’s and the entire scene was all about Liz trying to move on from Lucky, and her even mentioning to Jason that it was something she did with him before he was “killed”. Why is it Liz’ fault that once again Carly got all possesive. It was Carly’s MO even when she was with Sonny she wanted to run Jason’s life. How about Carly trying to rub it in that Jason was back and didn’t see Liz, but liz pointed out to her that she had run into him at the docks the night before.

    Please Carly was no angel. She accused Liz of wanting Sonny when all Liz was doing was going to see Sonny and letting him know that he was in no way responsible for Lucky’s death, but our Caroline jumped to conclusions.

    As for the Ric thing, after years of taking crap from Carly why would Liz ever believe anything that came out of her mouth. Just because someone was raped doesn’t mean they should overlook all of that and suddenly believe their most hated enemy especially when they are accusing someone you love.

    I have always loved Carly but even I am not that delusional to think she ever warranted any sympathy back in the day.

  74. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    First, I dont consider myself delusional thank you. Secondly, I dont think of Carly as having a victim mentality, but she certainly was victimized by Ric (go back and watch the scenes where she gets her revenge and she not only how powerful she was, but how truly distraught she was over what he had done to her).

    My biggest problem with those events with respect to Lizard is first how vehemently she went off on TB’s Carly and perhaps more importantly the lack of acknowledgement on her part after the truth came out. Carly was not physically raped, but she went through all of the emotional trauma of a rape because of Ric. Lizabitch, as a rape victim herself, knew how awful that can be and did absolutely nothing to at least address the fact that she made Carly’s trauma worse. I dont know about you, but if I had said something like that to someone and then found out I was wrong, I would be mortified even if I otherwise couldnt stand the person and honestly I dont think I could sleep that night until I sought that person out and apologized. In the end its about taking responsibility for her actions, a trait that the character of Eliesalot has been lacking for years.

    As for the dance, yes Carly was possessive but every time she told Lizard to stay away, little girl basically lipped off about how she was going to do whatever she wanted with Jason (hint hint) and Carly couldnt stop it. If some chippy said that about the person I was involved with, I think it would make me possessive too.

    But really my big issue was the rape and then the follow up issue with Courtney, when Carly and Jason were practically begging for her help to save Courtney’s life and she was at best indifferent to their concerns.

  75. Profile photo of samrocks

    Dillon…since you made the comment, can you tell me why there is so much hatred towards Courtney?

    It’s a serious question. She never bothered me – probably because I was so captivated by TB’s Carly that I would like anyone that she told me to like, but many GH fans seem to have a problem with here, so I was curious.

  76. Profile photo of Dillon

    For me my hatred of Courtney (think of EET’s hate for Liz) comes from her being thrust upon us first. I hate that they made her Sonny’s sister, I hated that Carly never really had a female friend and this is who they chose for her, she was Kung-Fu Barbie, she was with Jason (that was a long and painful memory, and why I love Sam because she made Jason forget that person)

    She was written as I can do everything.

    I know there are some who think of Sam as Brenda-lite (or bot) I never think of Sam as a Brenda-bot to me Sam is the vision of who Courtney should have been if the writers didn’t make her so campy/cartoonish. Oh yeah and Courtney had no personality

  77. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    LOL Samrocks I am so with you on that…Court annoyed me a lot of the time, but then she would have a BFF scene with Carly and I couldnt hate her. You hit the proverbial nail on the head when you said “I was so captivated by TB’s Carly that I would like anyone that she told me to like” because I felt the same way.

    Dillon, count your blessings because you hated Courtney from the jump. I use to LOVE lizard. Seriously, I say that all the time and I dont think people believe me. I really loved her and rooted for her until they pitted her against SJB’s Carly and then it was more of a UGGGH what happened to cool and spunky Liz and who is the heck is this snarky Lizard they put in her place. The LiRic years (with the Carly stuff and the Zander stuff) really were when it turned to hate. I really sort of felt beyond frustrated with the writing. Maybe with JJ coming back, they will revisit some of her roots and bring her back to that original better version.

  78. Profile photo of samrocks

    Dillon…that’s what I suspected, but I thought that maybe there was a specific event that GH fans were never able to get past.

    (I hope Season doesn’t read this next part, LOL.) To me it speaks volumes that there is so much hate for a character who was INTRODUCED as a victim of AJ’s manipulations. If that isn’t enough to garner permanent sympathy, then I don’t know what is!

  79. Profile photo of Dillon

    I can’t think of a character I have grown to hate, well Sonny is delving into that region. I must admit Courtney was truly the only character that I despised the minute they put her on my screen, and some have suggested that its because of my original Liason love, but if that was the case then I think I would have hated Sam as well.

  80. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    See, I *LOVE* AJ so part of my Courtney dislike came from that. And yeah, the fact that she was tied in with the Holy Trinity (I guess it was supposed to be the Holy Quad?) didn’t help. I hated that they tried to make everyone love her, as if she were some sort of angel or whatever *gag*.

    But I didn’t Hate her. She was like NL’s Emily. Someone who I didn’t like and who I enjoyed making fun of. I did actually like the Carly/Courtney friendship, but yeah, it was because I liked TB so much, lol. I did feel bad for ALW, because some people were brutal with her.

  81. Profile photo of samrocks

    EET…ironically, it was my unconditional love for all things Carly 2.0 that made me HATE Sam initially, LOL.

    I don’t really care for CarSon either way, but at the time Carly wanted Sonny and since I supported whatever TB’s Carly wanted, then damnit(!) I hated anything or anyONE that got in her way. Of course, I obviously grew to LOVE Sam – which was very easy to do once my girl left the show. The baby Lila storyline helped, too.

  82. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    Liason who? That’s what I got to say after jason has been bedding down with Sam constantly. DONE with Jason right now. Bored with all the mob focus in general honestly. BRING ON LL2! Some may say no, but I miss the Classic duo, and can not wait to see them IGNITE THE SCREEN!!

  83. Profile photo of samrocks

    I can certainly *appreciate* LW’s Carly – especially her portrayal of Carly’s growth and development as an adult, but I was definitely over the moon for TB’s. So much so, that if TPTB pulled a GV/JJ with those two, then I would help LW pack up her dressing room, LOL.

  84. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    now this is fun for me instead of all the bashing and hateration and name calling JJ’s Lucky pre and post Guza.. it depends on if Frons and Guza like Jonathan if they do he’ll get a good story with a positive focus.

    If not they’ll sign him up just to trash history so it really doesn’t matter because IMO Lucky was watered down under the last two.

    How (and if) can Jonathan repair the serious damage to the character of Lucky is is more my question…..I mean he has the acting chops to do it if “the writing” is there for him. But I have a feeling it won’t be I’m hoping it will but I’ve been Fronsifried too many times by his hack Guza so I’m skeptical.

  85. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    I thought greg rocked the addiction and jake storyline. I’m just ready for “cowboy” Lucky Spencer that JJ made so famous. I don’t know how the writers would make it work, but I miss the spencers, hell, I miss all the original core families being used. The history of GH has been forgotten and drowned out by MOB. Don’t misunderstand me I love the mob aspect of GH, but go back a few years and what made GH so great was that the mob was a PART of GH, not all of it. I miss the familial aspects, the romance, and when I say romance, go and look at classic LnL2 clips, and that’s what I miss on GH. Granted elizabeth and lucky are adults now, but it’s the ORIGINAL LnL2 who were labeled supercouple even as teenagers! I may be silly, but I bet they could recapture it. I would love for JJ and Genie to sign longterm contracts. Those at prospect need to recognize why Y&R do so well, they USE THEIR VETS young and older, they respect history. I choose to look at this as a sign of hopefully heartfelt stories making their way back to GH.

  86. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    Agreed Cyberologist. I’m a huge Elizabeth fan, and have watched since she came on. I am being overly sentimental, but I’ve missed JJ and becky’s version of LnL2. I am a big Liason fan, but my faith has faltered greatly with jason’s current storyline. I don’t ever see them making that right with me. I’m not going to rain on JaSam fans parade, they got a shotty deal with how they ended. When I heard JJ was coming back, I about tinkled in my pants. lol I never thought this day would come ever. Even if JJ doesn’t stay, I would take them as short as I could just to have themb as LnL2 as adults. I was such a fan of JJ’s Lucky that sometimes I forgot about that beautiful love story that they created then, it was so pure, and untainted. I miss that kind of love on GH. So, at this point, I will take what I can get b/c I can not stand Nicholas ane elizabeth. I hope the writers don’t mess this up.

  87. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    See I adore liz, and while I don’t necessarily see her being a sam alike kind of character with guns blazin’, I’m sick of the moms on GH getting dull stories b/c they have children. LAME. I want romance for LnL2, and adventure, don’t care about guns with these two, JaSam can be the Bonnie and Clyde. GH has always had it’s actions couples in Frisco and Felicia and with Luke and Laura. etc, etc. Thats fine by me, but a majority part of the fans of GH are in fact, MOTHERS AND WIVES who want to see some adventure and romance for the characters they can relate to. With Guza couples never last and are always doomed. It’s sad and not true to life. GH can fit BOTH DYNAMICS, it used to. =(

  88. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    EricaEvilTwin~Elizabeth didn’t just stand there, she ran, and any sane person would do the same. Elizabeth saved Sam’s life in the cabin, didn’t hesitate, shot the dude. She has more courage then her haters want to admit I think. Just b/c she isn’t an action junkie with a gun collection does not make her a wimp. IMO Back in the day she faced her rapist as a very young woman, that took a lot of bravery on her part, being brave and kickass doesn’t always equal guns and tight leather to me. She is a nurse b/c she wanted to make a difference, that says something about her character to me.

  89. Profile photo of engradypind

    No, that doesn’t make Jasam OK now. They are still boring together no matter how many “love scenes” they have.

    I really find love scenes boring after the first kiss. Really, who cares if they kiss and kiss and kiss. Repeated love scenes make all those repeat conversations Carly and Sonny shared seem relevant.

    When you come down to it, happiness is the kiss of death for characters. Where do you go once you have achieved happiness? How about the backburner?

    If there is no conflict there is no plot and no story.

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