Hey Fronsie, Maybe Thorsten and Alicia Just Aren’t That Into You?

You must love meTV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is hearing ABC just doesn’t want to accept the fact that both Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew aren’t staying with Pine Valley, 90210.

Never trust a major network. In its press release trumpeting which stars will be making the historic move to L.A. at the end of this year, Alicia Minshew’s name was on the statement as being on “maternity leave.” However, Suds has learned that ABC didn’t want to announce that she and Thorsten Kaye, who, as we previously reported, would not make the move, have quit the show together. A source close to Minshew states, “ABC isn’t taking no for answer! They suggested to Lish to have the baby first, then decide, like she can’t think straight. But Alicia wants out even though she plans on briefly returning to wrap up her storyline. Her husband just bought his third restaurant in New York City, and she doesn’t want to spend her baby’s first year on a plane.” And star on one of the worst shows in the history of television.

Hmm, maybe Lish should download Destiny’s Child‘s hit 90’s song "Bugaboo" as ring tone for Fronsie?

You make me wanna throw my pager out the window,
Tell MCI to cut the phone poles,
Break my lease so I can move,
‘Cause you a bugaboo, a bugaboo,

I wanna put yo number on the call block,
Have AOL make my email stop,
Cause you a bugaboo,
Ya’ bugging what, ya bugging who,  ya bugging me and don’t you see it aint’ cool.

I feel you girl, nobody likes a bugaboo!

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    Great using of lyrics for one of Destiny’s Child first hits, Jamey. I don’t think Fronsie anticipated that both would say no. Safe to say that he is in denial. Alicia and Thorsten want to get out of this terrible soap, so they are being smart, good for them. Sorry Fronsie!!!!!

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    Talk about a major backfire for ABCD..

    Outside of TK and AM, Frons probably couldn’t care less if the rest of the cast stayed in NY. Too bad for him his 2 favorites are the 2 that are walkin’

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    Yowza! I had no idea that TK and AM really hated working on that show as of late. For them to call AMC the worst show on TV is very ballsy and brave of them to say that. Yeesh, I would have kept my mouth shut UNTIL after they’ve taped their final scenes and then let Fronzie and Pratt know how they really feel (and I don’t even watch AMC)!

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    I was really hoping that Susan Lucci would decide not to stay with AMC so as to quicken its death but, oh well. As much as I love Susan, I do wholeheartedly agree with Jamey regarding her decision to play company girl and not stand up for, and I love the way Jamey put this, “the house that Susan Lucci built”.

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    They suggested to Lish to have the baby first, then decide, like she can’t think straight.

    She’s pregnant so she must not be thinking straight. That sounds like our Fronsie.:P

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    Which soap superstar says that she’s humiliated and ashamed of the garbage dialogue she’s been given and actually apologizes to her castmates and crew before and after her scenes are filmed? And yes, it’s who you think it is.

    Denise Vasi.

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    TV Gord

    Nelson, your column is a riot! I loved the sporadic hypnotic suggestions. I giggled about 1/4 of the way in and then the rest of the way through! :-D

    I gave up on AMC just before Stuart was murdered (I watched the day he was murdered–which was just AWFUL–and I watched the first day of the dance marathon to see if it was as bad as I expected it would be) and I haven’t missed it. OLTL is too good to give up and even though I’ve only been watching it for a few years (as opposed to my 30 years of watching AMC), I think your campaign to shift the focus from AMC to OLTL is brilliant and might just work!

    If everyone climbs on board, fans could actually make Frons and Pratt leave in disgrace! Keep hope alive! :-)

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    Great article Nelson, can’t help but laugh because Fronsie probably thought that his two favorite AMC actors would move, while others wouldn’t. Guess they pulled a fast one on you, hey Fronsie!!! I agree, since Thorsten and Alicia are standing up and saying they hate the direction of the show, maybe MEK, DC, DM, DW, and most importantly, LaLucci should stand up and say the same thing. I know you want to work, but you guys have to hate the direction this show has taken. AGNES!!! PLEASE SAVE YOUR SOAPS!!!

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    I am relieved that Zendall will be no more. They have gotten really REALLY boring and I know they can do better somewhere else. Maybe Thorsten on OLTL………I loved him as Patrick Thornheart! Godspeed to you Thorsten and Alicia, I hope to see you both again someday!

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    I forgot to write this today, but no offense to Alicia and her fans, but I’d recast that role in a heartbeat. There are so many actresses who could play Kendall. And better. Sorry, I said it.

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    I don’t joke about my superstars. I’m sorry but when she bent over and said ouch because she was feeling pain and having a miscarriage I was riveted. I was reminded of a miscarriage I never even had.

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    I’ve never been a big fan of Zendull. She’s a whiny, pathetic, needy woman, and he’s a controlling, abusive jerk!!! So I am kind of glad both TK and AM are taking a walk away from AMC. That being said, I will not watch this trainwreck of a show until Frons, Pratt, or better yet, both are fired. When Pratt lied to both Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun about Breese, it was time for me to stop watching after years of doing so.

    I wish TK and AM the best. Hey Fronsie, life’s a B**** ain’t it!!!!

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    Fronsie and Pratt need to get their heads out of um, the sand and see what they’re doing to this show before it’s too late. I agree with angrierblackerman who said TK and AM should use CHuc Pratt being fired as their barganing chip. Too bad it will probably never happen.

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