Alamainia Hath No Fury Like Carly Manning Scorned on DAYS!

I half expect my DVR to stop working any second. I keep rewinding the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ending to Friday’s Days of Our Lives over and over again. CARLY’S (Crystal Chappell) BACK BITCHES!!! And not only that, but she’s a MURDERESS, and this time for real. Auntie Viv (Louise Sorel) ain’t framing her by offing elderly patients at University!

Okay, okay, sure I had read the spoilers and knew Carly would kill Lawrence (Chappell’s real life hubby Michael Sabatino), but nothing could have prepared me for actually seeing the once noble Katerina Von Leuschner carving the baddie like a Thanksgiving Turkey! I remember Larry being  a mofo—he raped Carly’s BFF Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves) and "killed" Patch Johnson (Stephen Nichols)— but hell, I thought Carly’s love changed him?

 I cannot wait to find out what Lawrence has done between 1993 and now to cause the striking beauty to turn him into a human shish kabob! I also have to admit I am about to make a mess in my undergarments over the very THOUGHT of Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) seeing his "princess" again for the first time in 16 years, and I am a HUGE Bo and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) fan! Dilemma, dilemma, which smoldering brunette, chronic eyebrow raiser do I root for????? 

DAYS has got to cast Sailor Man (aka Shawn Douglas), Belle and Nicky Alamain! Put them in a triangle. Since they did the rewrite making John and Larry not brothers, it’s okay for Nicky to become obsessed with his boyhood rival’s wife, the same way his father was obsessed with Bo’s fiance.

Martha Madison is available to reprise Belle, Greg Vaughan would make a good Nicky (but an even better Shawn, although I wish DAYS would rescue Jason Cook from storyline Siberia on General Hospital!), and it would be a wet dream to see DAYS snag Tom Pelphrey as Nicky after he wraps his silly stint on As The World Turns. While they’re at it, bring back Jack and Jenn’s daughter Abby as a reporter investigating the Alamain murder and throw her into the quad! Two words: Marcy Rylan! DAYS would then have a hot twentysomething quartet tied to the Bo/Carly/Lawrence/Jennifer/Jack legacy. Okay, enough Saturday morning quarterbacking, this is gonna be good. Welcome back Crystal and Michael!


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    I don’t watch DOOL but I after reading this, I went to YouTube for the goods. Oh snap!! That ending was off the hook!! DOOL just got added to my DVR. Thanks Jamey :-)

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    The scene came out of nowhere. It didn’t tie into anything else that happened yesterday. For a second I wondered if I got the date wrong. I knew she wouldn’t be seen until the very end but I thought there would be some hint during the episode that would indicate we’d see Carly.

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    I didn’t watch it b/c I knew she wasn’t going 2 really b seen until Monay or Tuesday @ the latest. But hey Days always knew how to end on a Friday w/a good cliff-hanger. J)

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    I love the look on her face. She’s got fire in them eyes!
    It’s funny how that scene jumped out of nowhere. I didn’t even expect it, and I, of course, knew that she would be on starting October 2. Michael Sabatino has aged so much. I like the disheveled hair. This storyline will actually be worth watching, right along with Nicole’s life unraveling. Days is actually worth watching again!

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    Whoot! it’s finally here! Well, I guess Carly isn’t a goody-goody anymore, which is fine by me. Hmm…Lawrence dead? Is anyone really dead on DOOL?
    Carly looks all bad-ass! Aunt Vivian will NOT be pleased!

    Greg Vaughn as Nicky? Greg is 36! Now that would be some inappropriate chemistry between mom and son!

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    Greg Vaughn would be my pic for a nice sweet i’m a doctor like my momma Nikki or I’m a protector like my daddy Shawn D. Oh the fanfic is already being written in my head thanks a lot Jamey! ;)

    Poofer48 I was thinking more a long the lines of Arianna and Carly ha ha

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    Carly, Hope, and Bo would be good to watch without their off screen children. If the kids are recast, those three would end up on the back burner.

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    I think Nikki would be retconned back to his original age, thus making him in his early 20s. No way could CC have a mid-30s son unless he was born when she was in tween years.

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    this actress is so over exposed, that i am not interested in her storyline on Days. I would rather watch EJ, Nicole, Sami, Stefano, etc than watch this bull crap that’s coming. I will fast forward through the bull crap that’s coming.

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    If they want to bring back Nikki, Erik von Detten is available.

    Carly may be the only reason for me to watch Days. For a time, she was my favourite character on Days.

    If Days wants her to connect with viewers who started watching after October 1993, they are going to need to whip out the flashbacks.

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    Went and watched on You Tube and will go with Jamey that it was a great way to start the return of Carly. But she wasn’t one of those characters that would make me watch every day. Although if they brought back Martha Madison as Belle and either Jason Cook or Greg Vaughn as Shawn, I would probably turn back to days.

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    It may just be my opinion, but I think DAYS has the best storytelling. I watch 5 of the 7 soaps and no one does (or has done it) better than DAYS. Y&R is good, OLTL is ok, AMC is trying way too hard, B&B is fun. But DAYS has that intertwined, in-depth, take-you-down-a-new-path type of storytelling that just kills it for me. They did it with Arianna. They did it with Kate. They did it with Sami. I just know Carly is going to be great. I can actually say that I’m proud to watch my DAYS. It’s just my favorite.

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    Gotta go with Met on this one! This is almost tiring watching all the P.R. going on with her return! Crystal’s is not the all to end all for some of us! You want me to get excited about Days again! Bring back Deidre, Drake, Stephen and Marybeth! Then I will be jumping up and down for joy and doing the happy dance! :) Plus for gosh sake, stop sticking other people into Bo & Hope’s marriage! |( There are soooo many other stories that Bo & Hope could have been given! I still think the return of JT would be a fantastic story for this couple since it’s obvious that adventure storylines are out! JMO

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    CC is all that. She’s a great actress. Never cared about Marlena & John to continue watching Days. After Carly left so did I. Now am back. Wouldn’t mind if Jennifer & Jack came back.

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    the ratings will tell if CC’s return is all but bull crap.
    Will Days reach 3.0 or will it still be where it is? As far as I am concern, I dont think DOOL should be wasting money on the PR for CC’s return when she is only just another regular soap actress. Let her try to get something in Prime-time, then maybe she will be classified as not just another mediocre soap actress in my opinion.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I LOVE John and Marlena, Patch and Kayla, but they can’t afford to bring them back. Crystal Chappell and Wally Kurth work for cheap, and Crystal has a ton of fans from GL. I ripped DAYS to shreds for getting rid of their vets, but this was one of the smartest power plays in soap history. Gary Tomlin paid attention to the insane buzz Otalia received and he offered Crystal her old job back, making a fraction of what other DAYS diva make. Sounds like good business sense to me.

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    met – I really don’t understand where you’re getting the idea that DAYS/NBC is spending so much money on promoting CC’s return. I’ve only seen the one promo with PR and KA and the short interviews on the NBC site. It’s no like they’re running promos in primetime or taking out ads in Variety. It’s been a pretty low key return so far. CC has been getting a lot of press, mostly about her webseries Venice, which is just free promotion for Days. I do understand if your sick of seeing CC everywhere, but the press is good for Days.

    As a Guiding Light fan who is following CC to Days, I’m just happy to see her with good indoor lighting, wardrobe and a set larger than my bedroom. ;)

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    So if the ratings don’t move to the extreme that some of these critics predict, what then! Don’t get me wrong. I like Crystal. However, I feel that Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell, deserve just as much acclaim for their work on this show through their dramatic storylines, than they are getting! The feeling that once Crystal arrives, the show is going to have the only acclaimed actress that this show has been a little upsetting for some of fans that feel although, they have not lately been given the best material by these writers! They are still deserving of alittle more respect than they’ve been given! |( Now we have to endure another replay of the Bo’s former love returning! :Sp I wonder how long before another love child of their’s shows up! :tired:

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    Honestly from what I see Days did not do a big media push to promote Carly’s return. All we really got was the short promo that wasn’t all that good. The press and buzz have come from the end of GL and her new webseries Venice. And in my opinion all the buzz is well deserved and will benifit Days in the long run.

    I am a viewer that is coming to Days simply because of Crystal Chappell. (And I am not included in the ratings.) I feel for the long time fans because I know how much it sucks when a shows vets are pushed aside. I know however that Crystal will bring a lot to this show. I also believe that the addition will bring some excitement to Bo and Hope as well. They will be used more. That should make long time fans happy. I would hate to see fan wars break out over this.

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    I agree angelkitty I havent seen that much media push except for the bloggers online and the promos. I don’t get why people think Crystal is making bank she’s coming from GL a show that in the last year had no sets and she’s over 40 (stupid I know but you know how they favor the young now) would I love to see John and Marlena you bet but the truth is Crystal and Wally were cheaper and about this whole mediocre soap actress thing talk about a soap snob just because an actor is on primetime or in movies doesnt make them great would you say that an actor from the CW is better than every soap actor because there on at night nope is Miley Cyrus better than Crystal Chappell because she has her own show and in some movies heck no. I guess people are just worried about Bo and Hope splitting up but my goodness its better than them being a happy couple on the backburner this way at least there not on the chopping block.

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    Forgot to add that I’m a former GL viewer as well and nope not counted in the ratings but I did watch before when Carly was on I did like her more with Lawrence but I guess that didn’t turn out well. I do hate it when characters are pushed aside for new people but for longterm viewers Carly isn’t new she’s a returning character with a different storyline she’s not just here for Bo as a matter of fact according to spoilers she doesn’t even think about Bo until she’s half way to Salem.

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    After GL was cancelled I’m trying out Days and OLTL and I’m noticing some hate coming from some Days fans…is a shame how some of you are welcoming Crystal, especially since she was part of this soap many years ago.

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    I love Crystal Chappell and I love the character, Carly Manning. I have been a die hard Days fan for years and think everyone she give the show a look! OLTL is another classy soap. These two soaps are must see shows!

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    Its pretty clear that SOME folks in a certain fanbase will bash anything that threatens their idea of the status quo. She’s barely had 10 seconds of air time, and already folks are mad at her return. CC is an awesome actress, and I am ectsatic she’s back. I’m Team Carly already, lol!

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    Jeez met why do you hate Crystal so much its not her fault Tomlin offered her a contract she has a family and needs to pay bills like the rest of us. Anyway back on topic sorta Crystal looked good on GL without the fancy lighting and sets but dang she looked so much better with the soft lenses lol can you imagine how beautiful the cast of GL would of looked with those lenses no wonder Kim Zimmer hated the new visual style lol.

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    Sorry met don’t understand the Crystal hate. After GL I am looking for a new soap. Crystal going to Days is a big reason I am going to give it a chance. I know for a fact that many will be coming with Crystal. I can’t say the ratings will reflect that because honestly the ratings are crap. Thats something we can all agree on. I would think that the Bo and Hope fans would be happy to spice things up a little and I see Carly and Justin making things a bit more interesting. (BTW…love Wally as a GH fan.) Anyway, lets move on.

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    I have always been a die hard Bo/Hope fan, but I welcome Carly’s return to Salem. The story possibilities are endless and Crystal is a talented actress. I loved Carly first scene had her stabbing Lawrence. With Louise Sorel’s Vivian arriving in Salem later in the year, I am sure things will get even more interesting.

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    “I LOVE John and Marlena, Patch and Kayla, but they can’t afford to bring them back.”

    Actually, we don’t know that, since Dee and Drake were fired without being offered pay cuts.

    I wonder if Crystal would’ve returned if Dee were still around. Back in the day, they were backstage mortal enemies.

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    I say “Welcome GL fans”. And i think all this in-fighting on the blogs will just stir up interest in the show and people will watch. Ratings boost for DAYS, hooray.

    And I have to agree with KaiteBug. I love the lighting and camera work on DAYS. For me AMC and OLTL are really crappy in terms of lighting and camera. It seems shoddy. DAYS just looks elegant.

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    OLTL? Really, RCLGuard? I think it’s the best lit, best looking soap on ABC. I do agree with AMC.

    Just remember Guiding Light fans, Crystal was Carly first. ;-)

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    Jamey Giddens

    This is the BEST thing that could have ever happened to Bo and Hope. Triangles are a necessary part of soaps. Without a foil, Bo and Hope were five seconds away from being the new Tom and Alice, did we really want to see that?

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    From KathyRon:

    However, I feel that Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell, deserve just as much acclaim for their work on this show through their dramatic storylines, than they are getting!


    I don’t discredit PR or KA at all, but I think that bringing back Carly Manning can only be a good thing for both of their characters. Bo and Hope haven’t really had much storyline for the past 2 or 3 years, it’ll be nice to see them in a front burner storyline again. I started watching Days back in 1990, so I missed Bope through the 80s, but tuned in for the entire Bo & Carly storyline, and they were one of my absolute favorites at the time (along with Jack & Jenn). The chemistry between PR and CC was just wonderful. I actually was never a big fan of Carly and Lawrence, so I don’t really mind that apparently Carly has killed her husband and will rush back to Salem. I also think that the show may be gearing up for a Carly/Bo/Hope/Justin quad, which will be just fine for me (since I love Wally Kurth too, and feel that GH wasted his talent for many years) I honestly don’t see why this should upset you, this will only bring Bo and Hope to the front of the show again.

    I also want to give kudos to Days for their genius in airing the EJ/Nicole baby reveal on the day of CC’s return. How brilliant to bring such a climatic confrontation right before bringing CC back, so that if former GL fans tuned in for CC, they may be willing to stick around now. I was pretty impressed.

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    It can only be good if Carly, Bo, Hope, Vivian, and Justin are on the screen. Days needs someone to care about. I haven’t watched since February and have not missed it. EJ, Mel, Nicole, Stefanie, and Phillip can not carry a show for me. If Carly’s return gets the rest of the good characters airtime, I probably will start watching again.

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    I used to love Carly with RKK’s Bo. I don’t remember her with Peter’s Bo. Wonder if this’ll be like when they brought Lisa Rinna back in ’02.

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    Mike Jubinville
    As a Guiding Light fan who is following CC to Days, I’m just happy to see her with good indoor lighting, wardrobe and a set larger than my bedroom.


    I made the move as well. I was waivering between OLTL and Days, but DC needs me on Days, which is A-OK. I tried to watch Days when HS started and I could not get into I dropped it. The past two weeks were better than anything I watched then, and I’m excited to watch a good soap with quality production. I peek in on OLTL to get up to speed, but I don’t watch it regularly. It’s easy to get into as well.

    I like reading both sides of what you folks wrote because it helps me get more out of what I’m watching. Long time fans have the best perspective and I learn a lot that way. So, carry on with your war! :)

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    I like Crystal. That’s not my problem! Another interloper story for Bo & Hope…..that’s my problem! |( No one wants Bo & Hope sent out to be the next Tom & Alice. Although, I loved Tom & Alice!! But give me a break! There are still so many other storylines this great couple could do other than a triangle or quad! |( It’s been done and redone three times over and most of us real Bope fans are sick of it! :tired: Will some writer PLEASE explore what happened to JT! Guess what if they were to do that……great story for Bo & Hope! :bigsmile: Peter & Kristian both have said just last year when they were doing the “Bo’s illness” storyline how sick they were of doing the third party story with Bo & Hope! Peter said “they are passed that!” Yet, here we go again! Even in the crappy promo interview they just did Peter said “No one could take the place of Hope.” So the point of Carly and Justin is what? Conflict again! :Sp One Life is definitely starting to look better! At least their stories are somewhat original! And of course, there’s always the good ole dvds when Days had writers that knew what they were doing! :D Sorry for the rant! Just voicing my disappointment and frustration with this upcoming storyline! :(

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    I understand your frustration every time Billie would come to town I would just grown ugh and the whole Chelsea is Georgia storyline blah even though I ended up actually loving Chelsea in the end. I’m hoping that this might end up with a Justin/Carly coupling (just in time for Adrienne to come back) since Carly is coming back for Bo and Justin’s help.

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    I think its fair to say that Ari Zucker has been carrying this show the entire year. She’s been great, and its borne out in the ratings with DAYS being the only show to gain viewers this year while all the others lost.

    However Nicole’s story is going to climax soon and start winding down as Zucker prepares to take maternity leave. That leaves a gaping hole in the canvas and I couldn’t think of a better replacement to fill that void than Crystal Chappell. Carly is gonna rock :)

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    I had a wild dream that James Scott was leaving, but Eileen Davidson, Dee Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Christie Clark, and Patrick Muldoon were returning. Oh dream, please come true!

  40. Profile photo of HarleyFanForever23

    Oh, thanks for commenting on DAYS’ ending. I had no idea who it was that Carly stabbed because I haven’t read up on Carly’s history yet. So, I know nothing about her except she was involved with Bo and is played by the fabulous Crystal Chappell. I’m watching DAYS full time, which is a first. I’ve seen some episodes over the years, so I have a little bit of knowledge. But really, I’m almost blind as a bat, coming into this show not knowing much history or who’s related to who. Crazy, I know. But my love for Crystal Chappell is worth it. And she nailed Friday’s ending! Wow!

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    I think “nu” Carly fans will love her even more when they see buried alive flashbacks. That’s the definitive Carly Manning story.

  42. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree. I love Bo and Hope together. It looks like they are separating, so I’m at least glad for that. I don’t want them having affairs. They have more trust and moral compasses than that. There are different camps among the fans: the ones who started watching around the time Carly came on, the ones who have been watching even longer than that (way longer), and the ones who have been watching for, say, 10 years. That’s just my opinion though. Some people, several people, have been bitter about Marlena, John, Patch, and Kayla leaving, and Tony too. I was bitter for awhile, but that was because of the fact that they got rid of so many veterans that were valuable to the show. They have proven, at least a little, that they care about bringing back veterans. They’d better not disappoint me! They’d better use Vivian! She doesn’t want to be burned again by the youth-obsessed mentality of producers/writers! :)

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    This is the most balanced postings I’ve seen. My history watched Days with Bo/Hope and Bo/Carly than stopped watching everything. Started again after Otalia and I’ve got fan fever for CC. Have tried a couple of times to watch Days since without much interest. Now I have a desire again.

    I’ve seen comments about all the CC hype. Got to say CC is brining the hype with her to Days. A very good thing for Days rating. Days is not putting the money in they do not have to CC is doing it on her own. FYI she had a choice of shows (a bigger one) and chose Days.

    I noticed some unhappy comments about CC’s ability and lack of recognition for PR and KA. I do not see Days bringing CC back if she could not do the job or if she could still have a job without the ability. As for the lack of attention to PR and KA right now. I’ve got to say it’s like my nephews. The first one got jealous when his brother arrived because of all the attention. I’ll tell you like I told him. We all love you and you will always be the first one. CC is just new to the family again and needs to be welcomed back into the fold. With her come over 5 thousand personal fans and GL crossover. In every single interview about the web series Days has had a nice plug. So you see already she has brought more attention to Days in a few months than Days has seen in years.

    For whatever reason we choose to watch Days now. We are all fans and simply want to see great stories and performances.

    You are right about putting some great stories on like EJ/Sammi/Nicole/and baby on this week very smart. I hope that they up their game and use this attention to really seed some great stories.

    As for the old gang coming back I’ve got mixed feelings. The audience dynamic has changed and there are plenty of veterans but they are not being properly utilized and that’s where they need to work the storylines better.

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