Cady McClain: “I’d be Happy to Come Back” to AMC

As the World Turns’ Cady McClain visited with We Love Soaps’ Damon Jacobs about whether or not she’d return to All My Children after the show used pancakes to kill Dixie off.

We Love Soaps: Now the question we get a lot here at We Love Soaps is if those poisoned banana pancakes [that killed Dixie on ALL MY CHILDREN] were really poisoned, or is there any chance in your mind that perhaps they were tainted but not deadly poisoned?

Cady McClain: Well, I have to tell you those were the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had. It’s like, “What do you mean these are killing me? They’re fabulous!” Whether or not I go back to ALL MY CHILDREN has to do with ABC and what they want to do. I’d be happy to come back, even for a guest appearance to help J.R., or fix his car, or whatever. It’s a fun group and I love what they’re doing on the show. I love the look of the show.

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    Come on, people. She’s just being politically correct. Why would she say anything bad about a potential employer? McCain is smart enough to know that her gig at ATWT could end at anytime and she needs to keep her options.

    Cut her some slack. She has a mortgage to pay just like a lot of other folks. Look at her comment about ATWT:

    We Love Soaps: How are things going for you on AS THE WORLD TURNS now?
    Cady McClain: I’m having so much fun. It’s a great show, and I think it’s going to be around for a long time.

    McCain kills any questions about ATWT’s longevity from arising. She’s playing the game.

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    TV Gord

    I always knew Dixie was crazy, but I gave Cady the benefit of the doubt. She LOVES what they’re doing? She enjoys the massacre of a once-beloved show?

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    I think she means she likes the new filming style. I actually think it’s crap, and I miss that old “In-Studio” look the show used to have(GH and OLTL currently have it).

    She probably has not watched in a while. Can you blame her? lol!

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    I’m not a CM fan….or even a Dixie one anymore (thank you AMC WRITING TEAM!! WHOOOOT, WHOOOT!!) Maybe someone needs to tell her that Death By Pancakes is pretty much the final nail in Dix’s coffin. But that’s just my guess….

    Who’s paying these actors to gush about AMC? Seriously. And I agree w/the poster that said she (they) aren’t watching the same show that’s airing now. Maybe Dr. David is spiking THEIR Kool Aid….???

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    IA–Cady is being politically correct with her responses. I am sure she knows AMC sucks. In this economy–you have to leave your options open. I hope she stays with ATWT. But, I fear they might get rid of her since Maura is back. Keep Cady–get rid of Marie Wilson.

    I hate the filming style and the sets on AMC. I think the Confusion set is the worst. It’s is such a cold set and the lighting gives me a headache

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    Courtney fan4life

    COME BACK DIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are the only thing that would ever bring me back to amc. The ONLY thing.

    goyankees PLEASE death is never final in soap. and from what I hear WHO KILLED DIXIE! was never answered.

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    I know that ‘no death’ is final in soaps,Courtney but I cannot wrap my mind around CM’s ‘stating’ that she’d come back -eagerly it sounds – to a crap fest that wrote her out in such an EMBARRASSING way ……. I think all of Daytime ridiculed the writing team for that.

    I have new found respect for Thorston Kay and Alicia Minshew for their apparent decisions to abandon ship. AMC is just god awful….

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    The thing about Cady is that she doesn’t do politically correct. She must be sipping the same koolaid that has people convinced that the move is a good idea.

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    Okay, I have a question…I hear, read constantly that AMC is not the same show it use to be, that it’s written poorly, that the characters aren’t that great…please, can several of you tell me, as I am only asking for constructive suggestions, what does the show need to make itself what it once was? And tell me, where in the story did it jump and continue to jump for you that the writers would need to go back and clean up the storyline from there? For me it was when the late, very great Ruth Warrick (Phoebe Tyler) past away and they took her character’s legacy and reduced it to trite when she refused Jamie his inheritance if he did not stop seeing Babe Carey. To me that was a slap in the face to Ruth and Phoebe. There was a blatant disregard for the metamorphisis Phoebe had gone through all those years from tight right-wing socialite who always looked down upon those beneath her class, to the caring, humble romantic matriarch she had become. I think if somebody could go as far back as that time for me and demolish what defamation was rendered unto the character of Phoebe, and then write for the show as thoughtfully and skillfully from that point on, it would make me want to tune back in again and follow the story. None of them are socially relavent anymore, and we are dripping in social issues nowadays.

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    Come on, Cady. Kiss Frons & Pratt’s asses. She knows that AMC is a craptastic piece of work. She just knows that ATWT may not be around much longer and she wants to have a job afterwards…Tad & Dixie for 2010!!!!!

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