Constance Towers Dishes Helena Targeting Liz on GH!

General Hospital’s Constance Towers visited with Soap Opera Source about Helena’s return, the Cassadine/Spencer feud and Helena targeting Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) in the coming weeks.

In the coming weeks Helena will target Elizabeth because of her relationship with Nikolas. Why is Helena so protective of her grandson?

Helena has targeted Elizabeth because of her tremendous fixation on Nikolas. No woman will ever be good enough for him. First she was after poor Emily, then Rebecca, and now poor Elizabeth. A few years ago Helena tried to poison Elizabeth because she was with Nikolas. This happened on her yacht. Don’t forget that Elizabeth is a Spencer because of her marriage to Lucky so there is the old Spencer-Cassadine feud to consider also.

Read the entire interview at Soap Opera Source.

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  1. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I was wondering if she’s ever liked any of Nikolas’ women that’s right she doesn’t like him either…I wonder who will get the best on this storyline it will be great to see Elizabeth written like her feisty days of old before she was IMO watered down.

  2. Profile photo of BigDede


    But if my memory serves me correctly, didn’t Helena years ago actually want Nik to be with Liz and that’s why they had to fake a relationship with Liz. I remember Gia not knowing what was going on and being pissed. Then all of a sudden Helena hated her and poisoned her.

    I love this storyline. More Liz. Spencer v Cassadine. Lucky/Nik/Liz! My heart can’t take this.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh I love that crazy old woman and I adore Constance Towers. She is amazing. I’m excited for the new Spencer/Cassadine storyline. It’s good to have something old back and maybe less mob therefor.

    That Helena is going after Liz definitely makes things interesting. Kind of excited to see if Jonathan Jackson makes his return right in time to save her … or if it will be Nikolas.

    But who the hell is Vlad? Just know that a Valentin Cassadine was planed … but somehow postponed. So who is Vlad, who is playing him and how is his relation to Helena?

  4. Profile photo of BigDede

    Niz and LnL2 with all the original players in a Spencer v Cassadine storyline. I really hope they show flashbacks from the time she poisoned her before.

  5. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Yep GH doesn’t do many flashbacks like Y/R
    they do more dream sequences IMO..I like flashbacks I also noticed GH has picked up the music mimicking Y/R awesome music which backdrops their drama into the stratosphere for me….its like watching an old movie.

    but I thought that why it never made sense when Helena doesn’t like Nik LoL I fogot she tried to poison Elizabeth and forgot she championed them I’m going to uTube to refresh on some history…

    I hope they write Helena more compelling than last time she was on…holding a knife to Ethan’s throat. Helena use to be provocatively cunning for me…not as Luke says a mustache twirling caricature of herself.

    I want a real story not a parody. I can’t wait for Helena/Elizabeth face off!!

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Epi Count for her last month shows that she isnt and hasnt been backburnered. But I do hope this runs heavy right up until Helena takes her out…hey, a gal can dream cant she LOL

    I suspect Helena wants Nik with someone else for a mystery reason – maybe she wants him with Micha or if she thinks she can get Rebecca under her thumb with Rebecca. Didnt she want Nik with Lizard back in the day because she thought she was more easily manipulated??

  7. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I really don’t understand how people could think that Liz is on the back burner….She’s on all the time…and has had a storyline for the past few years…..

    On the other hand….I can’t wait for Helena to return….I don’t want her to kill Liz, but some torture would be nice!!!! ;)

  8. Profile photo of liason4real

    Helena wanted Liz with Nik after Lucky died… If I remember correctly the show was going with Liz/Nik and then along came Jason and Liason, and that was that!

    Liz is a Webber…please, no more Liz Spencer!

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Get her get her get her get her get her get her get her get her get her get her get her
    Now being a spencer is also safe like being a morgan right …. “you can’t be with me , your son can’t be with you it is not safe ……”
    Get her

  10. Profile photo of Frons-n-GuzaSuck

    First of all Rebecca Herbst WAS on the backburner the first half of 2009, now the last couple of months that has changed and she does have a storyline.

    Secondly, GH Lover I know you admit to be a biased fan of Jason but even you have to admit that the decision that Jason would not be apart of his sons life was Jasons choice just as much as Liz. I even remember quite well for MANY MANY months Liz telling him that they were wrong to keep Jakes paternity a secret and practically begged Jason to stand up and go public with the fact that he was Jakes father and Jason kept refusing for numerous reasons. It was only until the second Jake kidnapping (the one that Sam was not responsible for) that they BOTH agreed that they could not be together for the sake and safety of the kids.

  11. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I love when its mentioned that Liz is not backburned because she is on air NOW. I for one have noticed more of Liz on lately and I am thrilled but I for one know that in the past this has not been the case.

    Eternal – ITA I would love me some Stavros

  12. Profile photo of engradypind

    A Constance Towers appearance of GH is always good for conflict and tension. I liked it when she was on screen more often and had more to do with the story lines. She is a fantastic actress in her own right.

    Too bad Helena didn’t get wind of Nik’s involvement with Claudia. We’d still be picking up bit and pieces of trash from that fight and the Claw wouldn’t be around to spread her jealousy and insanity all over the place like sludge on grass.

    Didn’t Stavros fall into some sort of bottomless pit that is under GH? Of course, that doesn’t mean Helena couldn’t find his body to reanimate.

  13. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Oh comon Liz was the first one who told Jason that he can’t be part of his sons life .. she told him again and again so he started to believe that himself..
    Yes she did changed her mind but that was months and months after she made Jason believe that he is not good enough to be a father ………………
    and than in 09 she again told him that Jake has a happy life and normal life …
    Yes liz being a Spencer and kissing a cassiadine is very safe , I can’t wait for Helena to grab her ..
    And liz was never the back burner she was a big part in the virus S/I , and ther was the Rebecca were she was big part also ..

  14. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I think briefly Liz seemed open to the possibility of Jason publicly acknowledging Jake was his, but I don’t recall “MANY MANY months” of her telling him the paternity secret was wrong and begging him to go public. Now, she *was* begging him for a few weeks to have a relationship with her while still keeping Jake’s paternity a secret. And Jason kept refusing saying it would put everyone in danger. That’s when the second kidnapping happened. But whatever, it doesn’t matter because Liason is a distant memory…

    With Helena back, is Liz gonna ask Jason for the keys to the safehouse and start meeting Nik there for their rendezvous? lol!

  15. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I don’t equate quantitative with qualitative holding a clip board chanting what a great dad Lucky is. Or serving as a prop to the chosen isn’t great story.

    Besides I’ve seen that already. Becky’s Elizabeth “use to be in “more” action top tier storylines.” Since that has been regulated to only “his” chosen two you have to be in a storyline with the chosen in order to do anything action packed on GH “for the most part.” I remember when mostly every character had a chance for action esp back in the day Jax, Sonny, Alexis even Carly dove in the water awhile back to save Sonny, Kate dove in the pond to save Morgan (LoL).

    When is the last time a policeman was shown firing a gun? or in a shoot-out? The storytelling isn’t balanced on GH. I don’t need to watch most times to figure out who will do what no twist turns surprises for the most flipping the script everyone is assigned their role on this show and the writing ‘rarely’ breaks them free.

    As for the paternity “they both” were written wishy / washy at first Elizabeth didn’t tell him then when she wanted to tell it he didn’t want it or when he wanted she didn’t want it it was written this way while he is around everyone and ‘their’ kids in Port Charles except his own.

    He’s a hitman an enforcer if you want to see your kid you find a way…that’s it period. After all he said “knowing you are important to me is the greatest danger of all”
    so I look at all those around him…they are in danger but they don’t care I guess…

    The whole town is bullet proof including a woman who was shot in the back because of him except Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake…its all bull dookie and it shows on the screen…It never made for good story to keep Jason isolated from the Qs and now the people he loves which I guess includes Elizabeth/Jake not sure about Cameron he usually is concerned about everyone else besides his own family anyway. Jason Elizabeth storyline was written from jump “with a negative focus” not to succeed. Now he’s standing up as best man wearing a pink tie, laughing and grinning hanging out with the whole town in his PH, Jakes partying. His story is being written with a positive focus…its all in the pen.

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Episode counts for June and year to date

    As for whether Lizard has “quality” of airtime – well there really is only one woman on the canvas that consistently has times where she drives storyline and thats Carly, so if thats your definition, then all the women are pretty much “backburnered”. IMHO I think her fans feel like she was backburnered because the year before she was on SO much (and honestly I thought shoved down our throats she was on so much.) She is still on a lot in 2009 but just not at that overabundence levels of 2008.

    Women in “action” Carly is preggers. Claudia was preggers. But before that Claudia was tied to a bomb and had all the action involving her father. Carly rescued Michael from the exploding warehouse. Lulu is off on a rescue mission right now. It isnt just Sam, although she is the shows quintessential action chick.

    I agree with Daisy and GH Lover on the paternity issue.

    GO HELENA…torture her good!!! LOL

  17. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    It seems some posters make it their life’s work to follow me all around this site with their negative roach droppings, again I’m flattered.

    As for Carly driving story I see much of hers as Sonny driven storylines which has much to do with him eg her being the mother of his children so the bottom line “for me” still is predominately male driven storylines.

    I rarely “interpret what I see” as women driving story on General Hospital in the decades I’ve watched “not always” but more times than not. As said, Helena is one of my favorite villaness so it doesn’t “matter to me” who out best who in the long run as I’m not a hater of either character.

    However, I would like Elizabeth to get a bit fiestier as a stone cold Elizabeth Webber fan. Quality is and has always been important “for me” as a TV watcher; I don’t have time to watch bull…. in story. I don’t do soap 101.

    “Leave Me Alone.” Jane Wyman as Helen Phillips, Magnificent Obsession

  18. Profile photo of BigDede

    “And she was after COURTNEY AS WELL!!!! Remember that. She threw her while pregnant into the water.”

    How funny was that! Here is Courtney the kung-fu legend of Port Charles who use to kick butt like no other, than this 108 year old woman comes from behind and puts that smelling stuff to her nose and makes her fall. But the BEST part is next. Helena then KICKS her off the pier, LOL GAWD that was one of the best Helena scenes since she use to feel up her twin bodyguards…if you want to call them that!

    I just hope the Helena v Liz/Nik/Lucky scenes doesn’t look like the ones when she had a knife to Alexis throat and was walking her into the elevator then Ric comes and bascially Mike Tyson’ed that old lady in the elevator. That was funny too. I love Helena!

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Don’t flatter yourself Cyber – we have been discussing airtime issues on this board for a very long time and my interest in it had absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact, around the beginning of the year, I posted a link to a list compiled on another site of what they called “airhogs” – it was a list of ALL soap actors epi counts for 2008. You are also definately not the first person to make the argument about quanitity of time vs. quality of time nor are you the first to allude to the need for women driven storylines – DaisyClover has been a huge champion on that front, and I too have mentioned it somewhat regularly (for instance). I am however glad that Raven so enjoyed you taking me to task. I like to spread joy when possible :0)

    The problem with discussing airtime is that most viewers would argue that their favorites arent on often enough and the characters that annoy them are on too much. Because thats how we FEEL. Epi count lists give us a tool to quantify whether how we feel is what we are actually seeing. It may not be a perfect assessment of how much characters are in fact on screen, but it really is the only one we have. And, just so you all know, all I did was go to goole and type in episode counts elizabeth general hospital. the first link they gave me had the info. It only took me 10 seconds tops to locate the data. I sort of look at it the same way I look at Neilsen ratings..we all know they undercount daytime television viewing because so many folks dvr, watch online, or watch Soapnet, but until a better system gets developed executives and advertisers are forced to use them as their benchmark.

  20. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    Helena can target elizabeth b/c how awesome would it be to see Lucky (JJ) save her! Everything changed with JJ coming back, I want Jonathan and Becky reunited on the screen. Jason is never going to claim Jake, he barely remembers him ever, just like his family, unless one of them dies RME, I’m ready to see the Classic LL2 that brought me to GH the first time. Elizabeth haters can say she’s been up front, but she hasn’t not until this joke of a coupling Nicholas and elizabeth started. GROSS. Don’t like them. It’s out of character, and I’m done with the core characters being screwed with. I’m so mad at Jason, I’m ready for jake’s paternity to be changed!

    REUNITE LL2 with Jonathan and Rebecca!! WOOT! WOOT!

  21. Profile photo of Dillon

    I am a HUGE Liz fan but I don’t find her being shown out of character she has always been drawn to the bad boys ever since the fire and Lucky’s death. Original Lucky was nothing like the GV version, so I am looking forward to see how this plays out.

    But I will go on record as saying I really am enjoying Niz, and would like that to play out before throwing LNL back together if that is even the plan for them.

  22. Profile photo of katclaws

    I just want to see Elizabeth get more airtime, attention, a good s/l & hopefully it will end up back with REAL-Jason.

    For me, the ONLY explanation for POD-Jason’s huge OOC personality change would have to be because a building got dropped on his head and he has another brain injury.
    I think TIIC should use that “out” asap & try to save that sinking Titanic ratings mess of a show.

    I hate that they broke up LIASON just to try & shove this disgusting Jasham crap in our faces. I’m still Voting with my Remote! Thank heavens for Y-tube & DC & daily recappers — I’m not stuck having to actually watch that disgusting sleazy vomit-worthy mess of a couple.
    My Condolences to Jamey & Regan for THAT part of their jobs. JMHO

  23. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Well I ADORE JaSam and think they’re absolutely amazing!! I’m so happy to have one of my all-time favorite couples back :love: Liz gets Helena and Sam gets Jason! I can live with that :)

  24. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    I would love to see Lucky, Nicholas and Jason all fret over Elizabeth!! WOOT! WOOT! Jason has ticked me off for the last time, with JJ coming back, I’m ready for the Classic LL2 to be reunited on my screen!!!

  25. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Again a shout out is this #3 or is it 4?
    So its “you” who continue to flatter me. Even though I have stated my preference you continue to ignore it. Still trying to take me to school?

    I pretty much know the topics that are discussed since I’ve been here ‘longer than you.’ I belong to several forums as well
    such as SON we have for many years discussed the numbers game.”

    Just so you know we don’t need to Google ratings/eppy counts. I am a member of SON (for many years) where their stats are RSS (automatic feed) into our network. We get them as soon as they are posted usually when they are released (via SON) for publication on their site. I also remember a time I could post on this board before you tailgated me with your roach droppings.

    “I’m a tell ya one more time don’t — wit me, get back you don’t know me like that.” Ludicrous
    We in the Red Light District

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