DC #463: CBS and DAYS Farm Fresh Candy Strippers

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Mike and Mel discuss the latest in As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless storylines and news, including:

Austin Peck clarifies his As the World Turns demise. Melodie is loving the abortion storyline and how well they are fleshing it out. Might Rosanna and Craig sleeping together mean that Carly could be re-paired with Holden? Luke, Mike and Mel are glad that Alexandra Chando is back as Maddie Coleman. Mike has a gripe about ATWT’s portrayal of people from Kentucky and Nebraska and wonders where Dusty is.

The Bold and the Beautiful snapped up General Hospital’s Sarah Brown. Brown’s new character Sandy Sommers will be mixing it up with Nick, Bridgett and Whip. Bill Spencer takes over Forrester Creations. Is Brad Bell kicking Maria Arena Bell’s butt in the corporate storyline department? The Steffy, Owen and Jackie triangle heats up.

Crystal Chappell returns to Days of Our Lives as Carly Manning by stabbing Lawrence. Jamey shares a rumor about who Carly might be paired with in the future, which elicits groans from everyone on the podcast. James Scott and Arianne Zucker were on fire this past week as EJ and Nicole.

The Young and the Restless has written Victor into a corner and Eric Braeden out. The Jack and Victor feud has claimed a life, can they revert back to their old rivalry without trivializing Colleen’s death? Now that an Abbott has died, shouldn’t a Newman die? Who are Y&R’s next Victor and Jack? Is Adam Y&R’s future or are Billy, Deacon, Daniel and Kevin?

All this and much more on today’s episode.

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  1. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    When you think about it pairing Carly and Daniel makes sense sure Daniel and Chloe have a following but Days wants has been trying to make a new “supercouple” out with Shawn Christian since he premiered and sadly CC has had chemistry with every pairing she’s ever been in so pairing her with Shawn would be Days way of trying to create a hit couple, keep Carly on the canvas and not alienate the Bo/Hope fans.

  2. Profile photo of sodsince16

    I have 2 Y&R thoughts

    1. Did Nick and Jack know about this snake pit of an asylum where Sharon was being held? I mean really – a hospital with two pregnant women in their last trimester and no obstetrical care? Why was Sharon being punished like a prisoner in maximum security for chronic shoplifting?

    2. I totally agree that a “Who killed Adam story” could be amazing, but it would probably wind up being Rafe…..

    My one additional thought:

    After his first appearance on TV, Jamey has learned that his face is his fortune (don’t mess with it) ;)

  3. Profile photo of dkp

    Yeah, B&B is good lately. I’ve really been enjoying it. From Stephanie’s stroke story to the cooperate story of Forrester Creations being taken over by Bill. Show still has some issues, but’s enjoyable. I wonder if all this major casting at B&B is in prepare of something. Eric is talking about retiring and giving company to Ridge. So that makes one wonder if John McCook is preparing to retire or reduce his airtime. I think there has been numerous rumors of Susan Flannery leaving over the years and the Stephanie stroke story looks to me as a possible way to have Stephanie retire and preparation for Susan either leaving or reduced airtime. Maybe not, it just look like they could be preparing for a future with less or no Stephanie and Eric. Show still needs to fix it’s 20-something cast. It’s awful.

    I agree with Luke and them about Alex Chando/Maddie coming back has brought some new life into ATWT’s something cast. Not going to save show, but ATWT’s 20-somethings have needed a female, cause Alison just ain’t cutting it IMO.

    Yeah Y&R, I stopped watching because I find the show quite bad. I too miss the corporate stories and think the Jack & Victor rivalry worked best when it came to business. Now they’ve gone too far. Sounds like Eric could be gone for good. If that’s true, I’ll miss Victor and still think it’s a mistake to let him go.

  4. Profile photo of bonobochick

    I agree with Luke and them about Alex Chando/Maddie coming back has brought some new life into ATWT’s something cast. Not going to save show, but ATWT’s 20-somethings have needed a female, cause Alison just ain’t cutting it IMO.

    Maddie definitely brought some life with her but I don’t want to see her be Casey’s enabler for him to act like an entitled, whiny self-absorbed asshole. I wish she’d told him to check himself instead of holding his hand and saying it was ok for him to lie and manipulate if he doesn’t like a situation.

    AND I STILL LOVE JADE. :bigsmile: Would love for her to have been the other girl in the 20s canvas opposite Alison but I guess the show still doesn’t want color on the show. |( Especially if that color clicks with all them men and the princess doesn’t.

    That reminds me, Jamey Giddeons… where are all of your blogs from your time at the Emmys? :quest: I have been waiting to read what you had to say on diversity (or the lack of it).

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    bonobochick, I will be doing a huge post Emmy blog this coming weekend. I have ran a couple of the items here and there, spreading the love, because I didn’t want to be running all the same Emmy interviews as everyone else at the same time, LOL. Now that Emmy fever has died down I will give you guys my goods! Look for it Saturday.

  6. Profile photo of dkellergrl2001

    Terrific commentary on the CBS (especially Y&R) soaps and DAYS.

    I wanted to know the panels thoughts about the NUKE/Mason saga, because it wasn’t discussed during the blog at all.

    Luke – I absolutely adore Ms. Alexandra Chando and it’s great to hear that she’s back on the show. I just wish that TIIC would let out the actress who portrays Jade (her father, Bonnie and DALLAS) from the show’s minority closet.

    We know that Bonnie’s going to be released into her mother’s custody in the near future.

  7. Profile photo of Smitty

    Ok now that I have gathered my thoughts I can leave a comment. LOL

    As far as Y&R I think you guys are all right. I loved the corporate storylines on Y&R from the past. It was definitely a big draw to the show. I have loved the Victor/Jack rivalry but I do think we need to take a timeout from it. Especially with the death of Colleen. I think it’s time to take it back to the boardroom. Give the Abbotts full ownership of Jabot and let them work as a team to take on Newman Enterprises. I mean it’s time to see that. We all loved that MAB & Co. gave the Abbotts Jabot again but I want them to own it. Not to just be in charge of it.

    The next big rivalry for the show should be Billy vs. Victoria. Victoria used to be her father’s daughter and all it will take for it to work is simply to recast with a BETTER actress in the role of Victoria Newman. I have dreamed of what it would be like if Heather Tom was still Victoria. Talk about a rivalry that would be. Y&R can do it just get rid of Amelia Heinle. She’s just got to go.

    Oh yeah and Jamey I remember when HT left and it was because they wanted to cut her gurantee so she said no way and walked.

    The baby switch. Is there really anything good that can be said about this? I don’t like it but I can see the drama it’s going to provide for the show. I like a good villain and I think Adam is a very good villain for the show. I am really enjoying Michael Muhney’s portrayal of Adam. It’s great and he plays a good villain. Y&R needs one. I don’t think he needs to be killed off. As a long term soap viewer I think we are just to quick to want to kill off villains. We need them on the shows. Heck they end up turning into some of the most popular characters. They are going to have to make Adam pay dearly for this though. He is very cutthroat and I like it. His line to Nick that it wasn’t over and he would pay sent chills down my spine because I thought these two as rivals I like but they need to play them off each other more.

    Interesting take on the EB/Victor Newman situation. Amazing that he pretty much had the same theory as to why the wrote his character into a corner.

  8. Profile photo of josser

    Jillian, Luke, Mike, Melody, & Jamey:

    As always, another great podcast! All of you are the best hosts. You have great chemistry and present excellent analysis of our soaps with a heap of hilarity blended throughout.

    David456321, wherever he may be, must be smiling, you folks have come to share most of his opinions about Y&R. David was prescient, he saw the disaster coming.

    Y&R has jumped the shark. Another baby switch story? Didn’t we have one supposedly with Cane and Phillip but that was exposed. Now we’re getting a real one. :-(

    Sure, the acting is great and there incredible bursts of great writing, but the long term plotting is a disaster:

    Two major characters have been killed within a year. A third has been severely damaged as a contract negotiation tactic. The African-American cast been crushed. The gay storylines have been a mess. (Poor Thom Bierdz, he may have started off a little rough but the horrible dialogue severely crippled him.)

    Let’s be real about the illogical birth of Ashley’s supposed child. Wouldn’t she know that a baby did not come from her body given the obvious trauma childbirth causes? Is Ashley that crazy? All of the women I know who’ve given birth naturally all talk about the lingering pain. None for Ashley.

    My mother was blunt with me. She said having a baby is like trying to fit a bowling ball through a pinhole. This storyline is a mess.

    Y&R brought on a great character like Deacon Sharpe but they’ve limited his appeal. Why? Deacon should have had a long steamy affair with Victoria. Regardless of feelings for Amelia Heinle, that would have been realistic and hot. Now what? The painting storyline is a bust. Where do they take the character from here? There’s no room for him to seduce Amber since he virtually raped her.

    In stark contrast, As the World Turns is on FIRE! What the hell? I never thought that I would be enjoying ATWT more than Y&R, but I am. Where Y&R is gloomy, gory, and depressing, ATWT is delivering hot sex (Lily & Damian), camp adventure (Henry, Barbara, and Audrey [please stay Lynn Herring!!]), and poignant, topical drama (Liberty’s pregnancy).

    Yeah, ATWT still treats its vets like poop and all of the black cast has mysteriously vanished (what the hell happened to Jade??????), but otherwise, I’m enjoying it.

  9. Profile photo of season1217

    I actually liked Billy Miller’s chemistry with Jill Larson. He had more than a few scenes with her on AMC. I thought they worked well together which is why I wanted him to turn out to be Ray Gardner’s long lost son.

  10. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Josstheguy, if you back, do search, right here on DC, for the title "The Young and the Rest of Us," you will quickly see that Daytime Confidential has been in the fight for diversity, long before David logged on to our site. We didn’t beat people over the head with it, but we have been talking about it since jumpstreet. As for the rest, we review the soaps as we see them, week to week, as we always have. We have always praised what we liked, and ripped what we didn’t. A few months back the show wasn’t so dark, David felt it was and called for firings, we strongly disagreed, and still do. Our gripes now is that there are too many dark stories converging at once. Daytime Confidential doesn’t jump on any bandwagons. We do us. Just us. We don’t read other sites for inspiration. We watch the shows. Also, we helped bring diversity in soaps back to the forefront with our interview with Victoria Rowell. If anyone is bandwagon jumping, it ain’t us…

  11. Profile photo of josser


    I didn’t say that your opinion at the time was wrong. Nor did I request anyone be fired. I said that David was prescient. He foresaw many of the issues you now feel affect the show adversely. That’s not about jumping on any bandwagon, it’s simply sharing some opinions.

    I understand that David is extreme but he was right. David thought the show was becoming too dark. You now agree. David said that women were the target audience for Y&R and that they would not like how women were treated on Y&R. Wasn’t that said today?

    Look, I disagreed pretty vehemently with David at the time. At this point, I think he was the canary in the mine.

    Y&R, as I said, has great acting and many moments of delightful writing, but overall, it’s a mess.

    Maria Bell has said in her interview with Nelson Branco that she envisioned this mess. Well, her vision is a grotesque. The remains of a fetus were burned in a fireplace! That’s sick.

  12. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Billy Miller is the only bright spot on this dark and dreary soap. Who wants to watch a depressing show when the country and our lives is so depress with bills and stuff. MAB, this is not what fans tune into to escape for a hour.

  13. Profile photo of season1217

    Thank you, Mike! Thank you. I was interesting to see that the same people who bring the hammer down on former soap actors who diss soaps once they leave or criticize other media outlets for not respecting soaps enough would then turn around and write the comments that they did about James Franco’s decision.

  14. Profile photo of Crustee

    Jamie–ITA with Luke and Mike–Maddie will breathe some life into the younger cast. Maddie was always an interesting character and Alex Chando is a good actress. I don’t understand why you had such a reaction to Luke’s and Mike’s opinion. They didn’t say she would save the show–just that it’s a smart move to bring her back. I really did want to hear some more discussion on the subject and the possibilities for the Maddie character. I think they are going to put her with Hunter.

    However, I do agree that bringing in characters like Audrey and Ralphie don’t really help the show in the long term (or even short term). Of course, the return of John Dixon would really be the way to go. But, I heard Liz Hubbard say that he would never come back. Too bad.

    As far as Austin Peck–I don’t know. If he is that difficult maybe he needed to go. You don’t want the whole cast miserable due to one guy. I think Brad’s demise could open some good story for Katie. I am hoping Henry will help her get through it all. It will give them both a decent story to do together. Maybe Henry can eventually take over Brad’s place at the station. (I believe that Trent D and Terri C are two of the best on the show and very under rated actors)

    As far as Meg–I still can’t stand this character. I guess she is better nasty than whimpy–but I don’t think Marie Wilson is a strong enough actress compared to most of the cast. Kill her off and have a murder mystery. Please.

    I do like the Liberty story and think they are doing a decent job with it. Just wish that we had known about Janet’s feelings about aborition before it started. That would have made it a little more realisitic. It seemed to come out of the blue.

    Ro and Craig do have chemisty–but get them out of Carly’s house and into a good business intrigue story. I liked the strong Cabot motors mogul Rosanna. Let’s see her try to get her company back with Craig’s help. Maybe Lucinda could be involved.

  15. Profile photo of Smitty


    I have to disagree with you on the current state of Y&R. Yes it’s a little dark but it’s not a mess. It’s still a good soap. I currently am watching Y&R, B&B, and OLTL and I’m sorry this show on its worse days gives both of those shows a run for their money. After watching yesterday’s episode man Y&R had me tearing up AGAIN! Whether we agree/disagree about the death of Colleen or the baby switch the suspense and potential drama that these all brings has the potential to be felt through this show for YEARS (if it’s on for years).

    Now I have admitted that some things I could do without but now that I am actively watching more soaps than Y&R I can compare and I’m sorry it’s just NOT that bad. Yes I like OLTL and am a new viewer but there are still some things that have me scratching my head about that show. I think we can always find things to gripe about on any show that we love.

  16. Profile photo of josser


    I don’t disagree that Y&R has great acting and bursts of great writing. Ninety-nine percent of the actors are stellar. However, overall, I find the show depressing. That doesn’t mean that it’s the worst soap on TV. It’s just not the best. OLTL delivers more of a balanced show for me. I get more laughs from ATWT on the days I watch it.

    My favorite soaps:

    1. OLTL
    2. Y&R/ATWT–tie
    3. B&B

    I respect your opinions. Storylines have converged to point that they’ve crashed into a pile up. Bodies are scattered.

    We’re going to have 6 to 18 months of Ashley bonding with a baby that will be torn from her arms. Why torture the character like that when we know she has a history of severe mental illness? Even worse, we are stuck with the continuation of the Trio of Blah that mars the covers of Soap Opera Digest.

  17. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    My reaction on the Maddie issue stems from my entire history with DC, where we will be discussing something like Andrea Evans return, and Luke will say, "I’m not familiar with this person, but does anyone think it could help?" Or "I don’t understand what the big deal with this Patch and Kayla are," but then when it’s an Alexandra Chando or Rebecca Budig it’s let’s sound the trumpets. I am sorry, when you’ve been watching soaps as long as I have, it can be a tad bit frustrating to see the Alexandra Chando’s of the game getting all the buzz, when we will then have to say rush through a discussion about a vet.  LOL

  18. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Y&R needs to get back to what made the show so get: character driven s/ls and a diverse cast. Why not bring back Isabella, played before by Eva Longeria, and recast her with Jessica Leccia, formerly from GL as Natalia. Isabella can come back to GC reform and on the road to recovery with her son, Ricky, by Paul. He will need a new love interest and how about Isabella or just have her come to town and ask Paul why he isn’t calling about his son. And then on the Asian front, how about recasting Keemo, Jack’s adult son who has a wife and kid that wants to get to know their family and Abbott name. The Abbotts needs to be rebuilt by the lost of Colleen, stupid decision, and Keemo can have animosity to Jack for not being there even though he know about him. Then bring the Winters family back onscreen with Neil and Devon having their own s/l with Neil getting CI on top and Devon being his apprentice. Didn’t Devon wanted to be an executive one day just like Neil? Why not get back to what made Y&R so great: the corporate s/ls.

  19. Profile photo of Smitty


    My thing is yeah I wish many things were different on Y&R at times, but I think it has just been getting too bad of a wrap lately. You for one know I have been on the DC boards defending Y&R for months now. Even when our favorite David was around. LOL, but I just don’t think it’s that bad. My best friend and I go at it about Y&R because she absolutely hates the show right now. We debate back and forth about Y&R. I mean if I am rushing home to watch your show then I have to say it’s good for me. Yes there are some turkeys on Y&R and I will be the first to admit but I love the drama of Colleen’s death and Victor receiving her heart. The acting has been STELLAR and the writers have been hitting all the beats. Just my opinion.

    I have watched Y&R and I remember the good old days. I get the feeling of the old days when I watch the show now. I had lost that feeling for a good minute during certain spans of the show. I know many want things to go like they did when Bill Bell was running the show but I can tell you now, the boards would probably call for his head at times too. Realistically things just won’t and can’t be done like Bill Bell did. I know we all talk about the actors taking paycuts, budgets being slashed so how can we expect for all the beats to be played in every story if they can’t afford to work actors and have all them there like in the old days. I loved when at wedding the churches would be full but can we really expect that now a days? I mean I just think we have to be realistic in our expectations for the shows. (ok I know I went on another tangent but I couldn’t help it)

    All I ask is to be entertained and Y&R is providing me with GREAT entertainment.

  20. Profile photo of Melvins mom
    Melvins mom

    Thanks for such a wonderful podcast! Everyone’s observations and comments were right on.
    Jamey, I completely agree with you that it was written for EB to exit Y&R, but honestly, after him winning every feud against Jack it has gotten stale. This is why I wish Chris Engen hadn’t left–him against Billy Miller would have been absolutely fantastic.

    Days has been great lately, and it’s still somewhat shocking that they’re writing slightly more exciting stories than my beloved Y&R, but that’s what’s happening.

    As for B&B, it’s great that they’re casting more genuine actors for this soap. This could be a completely left-field connection I’ve made, but isn’t Sarah Brown supposed to play a woman named Sandy Sommers?….How does Phylis Newman on Y&R spell her maiden name?

    Finally, I am sad that Austin Peck was let go, but if it means we get Paul Leydon back, then I’m willing to lose a Snyder man. And yes, yes, yes, to Carly and Holden!

    By the way, one of my all-time favorite Y&R stories was when Jack and Brad teamed up to take over Newman and the board meeting that ensued where they ganged up on Jill, Neil and Ashley to kick Victor out. I do wish for those days back.

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