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Check out this week’s One Life to Live promo! This storyline is one of the many reasons why this show is pure FIYA!

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    And people wonder why this show isn’t doing better in the ratings. That promo gives me a reason not to tune in. Having two “strong” women fight over a serial rapist and murderer is going to get me to tune in? Let me know when they kill off Todd. I’d be interested then.

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    The promo looks good and I am true fan of OLTL and I will be watching, but I agree with you cmledi. I hate that they are fighting over Todd, but believe me, there are a lot of Todd lovers out there.

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    This takes me back thirteen years, when Blair accidnetly pushed Tea out of a window. Of course they were fighting about Todd. Blair was pissed that Tea helped Todd basically legally steal Starr away from her, simply because she was hit by a car and in rehab and dated Patrick. It was an accidnet, Blair didn’t know a window was there behind a giant wall curtain. I have never liked Tea, so when that bitch went flying out the window, I screamed with joy. How original to do this storyline again, just oppisite. Man, I’ll never forget those scenes when Blair came busting into the penthouse, in cruches, out of rehab early just to be with her baby girl. Todd was like no get out and she fell on the floor and was crawling. After all that man did to her, she still fights for him. After he stold Jack because he thought it was Max’s kid and told her he died. Blair’s raising Todd’s son by another woman. Oy only in the fake world.

    Blair is the only good thing about this show.

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    On a side note, Blair is one lucky woman. She got into an accident where she lost her baby with Patrick and ended up in cruches learning to walk again, fell off a rooftop, got stabbed, flys out this window. Man, she’s a quick healer.

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    BUT, for long time viewers we’ve seen this scene before. Only it was Tea to go out the window when arguing with Blair.

    And that’s probably why they did it. Soaps revisit s/l’s all the time. As long as it’s written well I don’t see the problem.

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    I understand everyones argument about two women fighting over a sociopath and rapist but at the end of the day this is not out of the ordinary on soaps. Woman are constantly fighting over men that they have no reason to really want and also getting back together with someone who keeps treating them terrible. At the end of the day chemistry is the name of the game and Todd/Tea and Todd/Blair have proven fan bases and chemistry.
    I am a huge Todd/Blair fan but after Todd hurt the kids the way he did, I agree it has gotten to out of hand and makes no sense from a character stand point for them to get back together, even though thats how they are.
    Todd and Tea still have a lot of story potential left in them and they also have tons of chemistry so I hope that they stay together for the forseeable future.

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    No wonder this show is getting low ratings, this whole storyline is a wreck and switching window partners is so typical of Ron trying to win points on something already done. Blair is a fool and Tea is an idiot, yeah that is really going to get me running to watch.

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    I can’t stand Blair unless she’s with Ross. Even though he might be a beach bum, I’m loving them together and Blair doesn’t look pathetic chasing after Todd

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    Blair rocks!! I like tea but not with Todd either. Actually I was thinking if AMC goes off the air and OLTL is the one that survives, my dream would be for Dr. David to come to PC for Blair. Damn that would be hot.

    Then Patrick could be with Marty, John could be back with Natalie, Blair would be with David, and tea would be back on the island with the sea turtles. Put Kelly back with GV as Joey, DG’s Kevin with Cassie and keep Jess with Brody. Send Todd to jail with a big cellmate named Bubba. Then all would be right with the world.

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    Daniel St. John

    That promo makes me want to not tune in.
    I hate Todd as a romantic lead so having women fight over him is sickening.
    I hate Blair when she is with Todd so her being back “in love” with him is sickening.
    The fact that Tea was ever paired with a character that for the majority of their relationship has treated her like crap sickens me.
    The idea (and this is just my assumption) that the secret Tea is hiding is yet another friggin’ child born from the twisted seed of Todd Manninng is sickening.
    So all this promo does is make me want to vomit.

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    First Tea, now Blair. What is it with those two and arguing next to a window on the second floor. Personally, I don’t think Toad worth fighting over.

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    And people wonder why this show isn’t doing better in the ratings. That promo gives me a reason not to tune in. Having two “strong” women fight over a serial rapist and murderer is going to get me to tune in? Let me know when they kill off Todd. I’d be interested then.

    Thank you!!! I watched OLTL my whole life but had to stop when Todd started eating the show alive. It’s even worse now because while Todd was always a horrible excuse for a leading man, at least Howarth was keenly aware that Todd was a sociopath who hated himself and played him accordingly.

    TSJ plays this character like he’s just another stock soapy bad-boy and seems to think that his shenanigans are cute. Why they didn’t take advantage of Blair, Marty, Starr, and everyone else in town despising him last winter and killing him off in grand murder mystery fashion I’ll never know.

    This show’s obsession with all things Todd is dragging it down yet again. Todd, particularly TSJ’s, is nowhere near as interesting as someone seems to think he is.

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    I love this story. I knodd Todd is a hated character [and rightly so,] but I’ve come to really like him with Tea. I hope Ross stays on the show and he and Blair hook up.

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    Blair is the only good thing about this show? No offense, but I’ve got a short story about that…no. Blair is one-note on her best day and the Todd and Blair Show is getting utterly tiresome. Personally, I love Tea and I hate that Blair is once again gonna get her way about things. Of course, ultimately, I hate that anyone is actually fighting over Todd Manning. That said, if the higher-ups knew what was good for them they’d sign the smoking hot Michael Lowry to a contract–I’d find a Ross-Blair pairing almost tolerable.

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    They flop badly when they try to revisit past history. The return to Mendorra. Tina going back over the falls. The return of Tess. The awful, awful KAD story, complete with newly psycho Rebecca.

    I don’t understand why they even brought Tea back. She’s just a Mary Sue, no personality at all. At least she used to have some type of personality.

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    Daniel St. John

    You are so on point and perfectly illustrated why I detest TSJ’s Todd in ways I never did RH’s. At least with RH there was that hint that deep down Todd hated himself just as much as everyone else hated him with TSJ Todd is played as some sort of anti-hero.

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