As the World Turns: Holden’s Big Surprise

Holden escapes from the root cellar and heads back to Oakdale. When he arrives, he finds his widow has moved on without him. See the preview after the jump.

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    Great! This is how to write good soap! Lily & Damian are hot!
    Tension. Anguish. Shock.

    (Not a fan of Eb and the stereotypical depiction of poor Southerners. I recall seeing one of those moonshine jugs on his table at one point. Seriously, in 2009? Have to be fair and fight stereotypes…)

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    I like nuLily and Damian more than nuLily and Holden. Noelle Beck and Paolo S. have such great chemistry. Holden and Carly would make for a great pair.

    BTW, are Jade, Derrick, and Bonnie hiding in John Dixon’s office? Does anyone know what happened to Jade?

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    Good to see you! Lily was an emotional wreck and Damian stepped in to rescue her, plus he’s hotter than Holden!


    Gloria Fisher Abbott Baldwell Baldwell will always be your snuggle bunny! ;-)

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    Mel Aikens

    Lilly is always confused over love. She loves Holden, then she does not. What woman does not take the time to grieve before lusting for another man. Holden needs to confront Lilly for the B she is. Holden is a great man and he should move on.

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    Great stuff!!!!!!!!!! I want Holden to tear her a new one…then I want him to fall apart…the I want Carly to come along and pick up the pieces after finding out about Craig and her sister…..

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    I hope Holden does leave Lily in the dust. Holden was “dead” what 4-6 weeks, and she’s marrying Damian? That’s respect for the love of your life. Holden has always been Lily’s lap dog, time for him to get a clue and find someone who will appreciate him.

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    Some people do fall apart over the death of a loved one. Lily is one of them.

    I’m all for a nuLily & Damian pairing. I want ATWT to stay on the air. If this pairing helps fuel ratings gains, then more power to it.

    Did I mention that Noelle Beck and Paolo S. are HOT??

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    Mike Jubinville

    I think the fact that Damian hid that from her makes it more soapy. It’s not beneath him to not tell the truth all the time. The best part is that he thinks all the people who can attest to Holden being alive (Eb and the Kentucky state cop who Eb disappeared) are dead. Damian doesn’t know about Maeve, nor does he suspect that Jack or Meg are suspicious of him.

    The only gripe I really have is that the storyline should have been played out over a longer arc. That way, there would be more layering to the story, more character involvement and the payoff would have been bigger. This way it makes Lily look weak and undecided, which is a contradiction to the way Beck plays this role.

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    BTW, are you all not surprised how good ATWT has become? It’s like WTF?!!

    On today’s episode, Damian gives Lily his credit card to go shop. Huh? Lily is a millionaire.

    I love Damian’s hungry looks for Lily and how he calls her Cara. Frankly, I haven’t been this enthralled with a romantic storyline in ages.

    And, Meg! Wow! She’s seething; a man actually rejects her. Talk about a turn of events!

    WTH??? This is good soap! I wish that Lily and Damian had left for Malta, married, and returned to find Holden waiting for them.

    Sorry, but I like Lily and Damian more so than Lily and Holden. The preview for tomorrow’s episode where Damian tells Lily that they belong together and then he grabs her face and kisses her: Oh baby! That was hot!!!

    I’m not joking about liking this storyline more than any on Y&R, which is just a gloomy, ridiculous mess. There’re are no really hot couples that play as well as Lily and Damian.

    Y&R’s Trio of Blah, Nick!Sharon!Phyllis! bore me. Just awesome.

    It’s like a flashback to years ago when ATWT was one of the best shows. I just hope that ATWT can continue to build like this.

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    OMG! On there is a preview of Lily smacking the poop out of Meg. Frak, I’m actually kinda giddy. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s ATWT. Damn, I can’t believe that I wrote that!

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    Then you are going to love it when Lily smacks the taste out of Meg’s mouth today. Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer! I want more of the Lily/Meg War!

    Fraktastic fun, so say we all!!!

    (Yeah, BSG rocked except the ridiculous ending..)

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    I just find the storyline distasteful, especially with all the pieces of the puzzle that Damian kept quiet. If Damian had been investigating the possibility that Holden was dead, under the radar, maybe it wouldn’t look like he was just manipulating Lily. He claims he was protecting her from false hope, but there were too many clues, like no DNA match, that should have sent up red flags.

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    “Ain’t it the truth”? Nasty Meg is awesome. Thank God they ended the whole Meg/Paul/Dusty crap. Seeing Meg standing outside Lily’s house, staring in shock and pain, was great.

    Finally, Meg has hit her stride.

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