Rick Springfield Says "Was a Thrill" To Play "Jessie's Girl"

In the 35th anniversary edition of People magazine, singer/actor Rick Springfield chats with American Idol winner, David Archuleta on the realization of being a pop superstar.
What was the moment like when you first realized that you were a musical idol?

Springfield: My first thrill was playing "Jessie's Girl" live and hearing the audience react. It was at a Beach Boys show on the Fourth of July. It was wonderful. The audience started cheering as soon as we played the riff.

Archuleta: For me, the thrill is just that people actually like it. It's neat to see people react to your songs the same way that you would react to someone else's songs.

To see the duo's photoshoot, click here


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Don't forget that Rick debuts on "Californication" this Sunday on Showtime. He's in 4 episodes, but not consecutively.
He'll also be on "Ellen" on Oct. 30

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I LOVE Californication. That is my show and I can't wait to see him on there. The only downside is looking at Kathleen Turner and listening to her talk nasty. With that voice and how she looks, it makes me ill to hear the things she says.

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Anyone else have problems with the sound when watching this clip?