Night Shift Mistake Lands SOAPnet a Lawsuit

A mistake by the General Hospital: Night Shift production team has landed SOAPnet a lawsuit. In a second season episode of Night Shift, a picture of Christopher Barrios Jr., who had been kidnapped and murdered in 2007, was used without the knowledge or permission of his family. SOAPnet issued an apology when it was brought to their attention, but according to First Coast News the family’s attorney plans to file a civil suit today (Thursday).

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    How ridiculous…

    OK, they made a stupid mistake for whatever reason; but the mistake doesn’t seem milicious and, to me, the apology was sincere, so where was the damage done? Seems to me like a family is exploiting their own tragedy for a little bit of money.

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    This was not a simple mistake. This is ABC after all. They are suppose to have people to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen. THIS was a child that had been kidnapped and murdered. How would you feel if it was your child or family member?

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    I don’t know TmontyB. Maybe the lawyer is taking advantage of their situation. Who knows. I just think the whole thing is sad. I still think ABC/SOAPnet should have been more careful. Their “mistake” is unforgivable.

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    This is a two ways about it. I hope they get nothing..which they deserve. Were they robbed of money or resources in some way? Did they sue the news when THEY used the same photo? Didn’t think so. No harm was done, an apology was issued, as well as a gesture of PSAs in the child’s name and memory. That should be enough. Welcome to the 21st century, where looking at someone the wrong way can land you in jail.

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    Well i live close to the area where this poor 6 year old child was kidnapped and raped repeatedly then strangled and put in a trash bag and dumped in some wooded area like trash by a son and his parents. It affected the entire community who spent days searching for him now i don’t know if it is about money but the boy’s father and grandmother are finally getting some justice for him one of the predators just got the death penalty.We are still waiting on the trials of the other 2 and i for one could not be happier.

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    @ cokeyloveshersoaps, I just read the story online…what a horrible crime. I can’t possibly understand the anger and hurt the family is going through.

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    They deserve to get sued, they really do. What did they do, pick a random picture of a child online without checking it? No, this was reckless. People come on, this child was horribly abused and murdered, this is not a simple mistake, it’s a huge mistake. I’d sue too and it wouldn’t be about the money, it’d be about exploiting my child, even if it was unintentional.

    coveyjr, using his photo on the news to alert people a child is missing and to alert people that a terrible crime was committed is differnet then using his photo in a drama show. Are you series?

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