Why Hasn’t ATWT Renewed Cady McClain’s Contract?

Color me confused. While everyone has been going on and on about how much "better" As The World Turns is these days, for my money, one of the few good things about the show has been Craig  and Rosanna’s surprising chemistry with Jon Lindstrom as Craig, which makes this news veddy, veddy frustrating! According to TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco, ATWT has yet to renew Cady McClain‘s six-month contract. I guess she should have done General Hospital instead of All My Children.  In other ATWT news from this week’s Suds Report, Judi Evans has wrapped her guest gig as the hillbilly with the bad hair. Here’s hoping they will find a more suitable stylist for the daytime superstar if and when she returns to DAYS as one of the best soap heroines EVER, Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis!

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    It’s obvious that the show may drop her from the roster. I’d like her to return to All My Children for a stint. I also wanted JUDI EVANS to be LIZA COLBY on All My Children. Is it too late for Wishful Casting?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jamey, go get us the real scoop on Cady! I never take anything NB says seriously!

    Davidsmuse, we only link to people who we trust, so I firmly believe Nelson knows what he is talking about. I appreciate the praise, but no need to tear down our colleague to build us up. That’s not how we roll at DC.

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    Are you freaking kidding me? They would let a good actress like Cady go–and yet they keep Marie Wilson. Marie Wilson cannot act. Very frustrating.

    Rosanna is Carly’s sister and there is a lot they can go storywise with those two. When Cady was on the show originally–I thought that she could eventually become the next Lucinda type character. Or, at least give Lucinda a run for her money in the business world. But, of course they have screwed up the writing of the character upon her returns. But, they could fix it if they wanted to.

    But, they can’t fix Marie Wilson’s acting.

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    I’m sorry Jamey, after NB practically had David Canary at death’s door, when all the poor man had done was a hip replacement, plus his advocating AMC’s cancellation, I can’t give him any journalistic credibility whatsoever. When YOU have the Cady scoop, then I’ll believe it!

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    I feel sorry for Cady. I’m impressed she’s so loyal to ATWT and her fans after constantly being kicked out and brought back to ATWT almost every year. Give that actress some stability! She deserves it!

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    Now Cady’s statement about returning to AMC makes sense.

    Now I am beginning to wonder if the rumor that ATWT will announced its cancellation in December was not totally inaccurate.

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    How come we never hear anything from the EP about his vision for this show? It cannot be that hard to come up with SLs for this talented cast!! We the viewers could give them to him if he can’t.

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    I don’t really see any chemistry between Jon and Cady, although I think Craig is just a tired character, and needs to be written out.

    AMC is like some town which has barely managed to survive plagues and nuclear attacks. The show is completely empty and people go through the motions. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to have to play scenes with what has become of Tad.

    Maybe Cady should go back to primetime. She was very successful in primetime in the 80s.

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    Putting aside the fact that Cady has never been Rosanna to me (sorry, it will always be Yvonne Perry) and that I see her as just another one of the ABC stars who Goutman/CBS continue to hire to feel like they are in with the cool kids…

    Craig tried to KILL her. He knows it, she knows it. I don’t find a murderer an interesting romantic lead and I particularly don’t like him as the romantic interest of the woman he tried to kill. If he raped her, people would be up in arms about another rapemance. But attempted murder is no obstacle to a romance?

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    Soap1234.. I never said the rumor was true. And let’s be real, ATWT isn’t doing better in its ratings, so to act like the show might not be canceled before next year in my opinion is a bit too optimistic.

    And considering how P&G/CBS wasn’t completely honest about Guiding Light’s demise, I can’t truly trust any of the higher-ups.

    Hopefully, ATWT will improve greatly in the next few months and save itself.

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    Here is thought. Cady to do the dual role of Frannie and Sabrina Hughes. Bring these sisters back to Oakdale with some teenage kids! Then hopefully, some scenes come for Bob, Kim, Tom and Nancy will follow

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    (Mencha) She is just keeping her options open. It was a rumor and ATWT will be on until September 2010 or if they get renewed they will be on longer. So stop saying it’s true when you don’t know for sure. If they let her go that doesn’t mean the show is going to be cancelled in December. Cady said she is having fun on ATWT and says that it will be on for a long time which she must really love it to say that. They got Cady back because Maura left to have her baby. She might even stay longer even tho Maura is already back and Carly will air November 2nd.

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