Daytime Confidential Top 20, September 2009

No. 20: Beth Ehlers - All My Children

All My Children's Beth Ehlers returns to the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in September at No. 20 after two months off the countdown. Interest in Ehlers spiked after news, first reported by Daytime Confidential's own Jamey Giddens, that she wouldn't be a part of AMC after the move to L.A. had readers wanting to find out more.

No. 19: Tamara Braun - All My Children

Three months after last appearing on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 at No. 16, Tamara Braun returns at No. 19. The highest Braun has appeared on the DC Top 20 is at No. 3.

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I am pretty happy with the rankings and kinda stunned at some of them too. I personally could take her or leave her but with all the "speculation" of her leaving AMC I wonder that Susan Lucci wasn't on there. Oh well...there's always October.

On a side note: Yay Maura West!! I hope with the possibility of a CarJack reunion coming, along with the meaty storyline they're giving him, that maybe Michael Park will make it on here too. *fingers crossed*

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Crystal continues to amaze me. I am a new fan but wow! Just wow!

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Congrats Crystal all the accolades and awards are happening at the right time and it couldn't happen to a better person!!!

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I didn't go through the whole list but I hope Brett Claywell is on it. He is so awesome and he deserves an Emmy along with Scott Evans for their work on OLTL.

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Congrats to GL ladies
Crystal Chappell #1
Kim Zimmer #3
Marcy Rylan #5
Jessica Leccia #10

Shout out Days
Arianne Zucker #11
and Mrs. H herself Frances Reid #39!

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They have Steve Burton in the lowest rated pairing in his history, and with the chick that went after his kid, NOW chasing after a woman who went after someone ELSES kid? What did they expect? He's the poster child for dead beat, low life, hypocrites. It makes sense.