Flashback: Bo and Carly’s Reunion on DAYS

Ok, so it’s been a while since you last heard from me writing for Daytime Confidential. I am making a comeback. A comeback similar to that of Crystal Chappell in the role of Carly Manning on Days of Our Lives. On Friday October 2nd, Carly stuck a knife into Lawrence in the closing scenes of the show. It was a show-stopping cliffhanger that soaps almost fear to have in the Common Era. It was a Friday left hanging, with fans wondering who she was, struck with an "Oh My God" impression that quickly starts to trigger the heart aflutter, with the hope viewers will return in droves on Monday to witness the conclusion. Brilliant writing, brilliant direction and, as they say, surprise is always the greatest element of attack.

In recent interviews and reports with Crystal about her return to Days of Our Lives, she highlighted that one of her favourite works on the show was that of Bo and Carly’s reunion and wedding atop of the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza, Mexico. In this clip, Bo and Carly exchange vows in one of the most touching wedding scenes the show has seen. All episodes filmed on location during this time had Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell doing some of the work of their lives. Well worth the watch. Is it me, or are location shoots a little bit more meaningful?

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    I loved location shoots and I loved Bo/Carly (not as much as the twisted love of Lawrence/Carly) I hate how there even downplaying Bo/Carly now on todays episode Bo tells Victor that he and Carly were close but his heart always belonged to Hope um I understand pandering to both fanbases but Hope was dead during that time, Carly and him were not close they were married and heck Victor tried to kill Bo to get to Carly oh well I’m just going to sit back and enjoy this.

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    I couldn’t agree more Katiebug… I LOVE Carly especially with Bo. I think that Peter Reckell did some of his best work w/ Crystal. I hate that they are at all downplaying Bo/Carly. The things they went through to be together and the amount of angst between them speaks of just how involved they were. I have found a total renewal of my interest and love for the show again because of a possible Bo/Carly reunion. I hope I am not disappointed.

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    Yeah I don’t care for how Days is downplaying Bo/Carly not to mention Crystal is the best actress on the show or any show for that matter and they need to give her the props she deserves in every way! I guarantee her return will bolster Days ratings and they need to recognize.

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    I couldn’t agree more with the rest. I love Bo/Carly they were a super couple and these writers need to get together and do it correctly for once. PR and CC rock during that time! Their chemistry, their looks those two didn’t have to say anything and everyone knew what the characters were thinking! Do I like what they are doing? Downplaying Bo/Carly saying that Hope was always in Bo’s hart and there was not other like Fancyface…No, I don’t like it.However, that was what made this couple so special.Carly didn’t want to take Hope’s place, she knew Hope was special to Bo. She wanted for Bo to love her for herself. And HE DID!! Even the writers did correctly they had an episode in which Bo said goodbye to Hope. How much more special that can be he was moving on. I just keep myself optimistic that the writers are doing their homework and checking all these clips. They got Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell again together…let the magic come back! :)

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    Can someone tell me how many times Victor Kiriakis has been married and to whom?
    I’ve only been watching about a year and a half so I do not have past relationships to draw on.

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    wag the dog

    I don’t think the nature of Bo’s feelings for Carly was meant to be reflected in what Bo said, but rather in the look on Justin’s face responding to Bo’s comments. Justin’s face said, “Right, keep telling yourself that, buddy. Not true for a minute. You know it and I know it.”

    I haven’t watched Days since Carly left. Her return brought be back. I’m prepared to be disappointed as I was when she left with Lawrence back in the day. But you never know, maybe the show will get it right.

    Seems like there’s some buzz around Carly’s return. Crystal is immensely popular right now. With soaps struggling as they are it seems the show runners will be somewhat driven by the economy of it all. If Carly delivers ratings, Bo/Carly probably has a better shot.

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