General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Who knew that Carly going into early labor would be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while? First there was Johnny, shocked, yet remarkably calm, though slightly drunk, when she started having contractions. And then Coleman showing up with his baseball bat and screaming at 911 operators. Then Jax finally showed up at the hospital asking “why are Coleman and Johnny helping you in labor” and both of them started stumbling over their words to explain themselves. It gave me quite a chuckle.

Funny line of the day:
Johnny: “Women used to have babies in fields. They’d just lie down and have them.”
Carly: “I am NOT having this baby in a field.”

I love Molly, but her constant questioning of JaSam and Jason’s motives are getting a little tiresome. I guess it’s sweet that she’s looking out for Sam, but she’s 10 and even as literary as she is, it’s getting tedious. Also, why tell Alexis that she saw JaSam having sex when they were barely kissing?

Speaking of Alexis, it’s very hard to defend her when she gets as hypocritical as she did today. Calling Sam out on dating a mobster, when she herself dated Jerry. That’s a bit much.

The Sonny/Dante conversation seemed strange at first, with Sonny telling Dante that he doesn’t want to make a baby with Claudia, but then I realized it served its purpose in getting Dante to realize why Claudia wanted him so badly right now.

I also liked that Jason bought a clue and went to rattle Claudia’s cage with the pretend information that Devlin taped their conversations.

And last but not least, the Luke story is as tedious in town as it was out of town. He was taken by Helena months ago. The kids only recently figure this out , find him instantly,  release him immediately and he’s back in town like nothing happened. There’s no sign of Helena, or of Nikolas, who went all the way to Greece to release him. And we’re back to conflict between him and Tracy, like 3 months hasn’t gone by. Whatever.

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    I didn’t agree with Alexis at ALL today. Besides the fact that she dated that psycho Jerry, Kristina’s own father is a mobster, so I don’t get how Alexis can lecture Sam about being a good role model for Kristina and Molly, when Alexis obviously slept with both Sonny and Ric to produce her two youngest daughters, one a gangster and the other his half brother (who also had moments of unhinged-ness) If anything, Alexis’s relationship to Sonny, and the one she’s trying to prevent between him and Kristina is causing Kristina to act out.

    Not interested in the Luke story at all. Just don’t care…

    Agree about the Carly scenes in the hospital, Coleman and Johnny were both hilarious. And then Carly telling Jax that the french fries hurt her baby and Jax telling her that they did not hurt the baby. I love CarJax, I really hope this secret Jax is keeping about Claudia isn’t going to split them up.

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    OK I hated today Jax and Alexis – they both were married before right Now I know why LOL
    I know that it wasn’t real but still … they both need a smack down
    Alexis – She is such a hypocrite. I know that there a lot of fans of her but I don’t think they can protect her today …
    She is Sleeping with all mobsters Sonny Even Rick was kind of a mobster , sorry Perki ,and worst . and lets not forget Jerry who is the worse than Jason and Sonny combined ..
    Jerry is a psychopath who hurt innocent people including her own daughter and lets not forget she slept with him and she still care for him , I still remember at the stupid hit on Jerry where Jason also got hurt and both were lying there SHE WENT FORST TO SAVE JERRY!!
    Not Jason her instinct was saving Jerry a guy who tried to kill her daughter…
    And also while she slept with Jerry both Kris and molly knew that , this is why Kris went along with Jerry when they were in Mexico , she thought he was ‘good” …
    And now Alexis wants Sam out of her sisters way first Sonny than Michael and now Sam ?
    Maybe Alexis should also stay away ????
    I hope Sam will give her good words tomorrow …
    Jax – I just hate him he is using Dante to his own personal war against sonny , he is not protecting his “family” he is protecting his own ego!!!
    Sonny is a good father he was good with Michael this two days Jax can never do what Sonny did ………

    Molly I love her she is cute but today she she was so annoying , She is just a kid !!!
    JaSam how amazing they are , They are so good I just love every moment with them.
    Today was so real , they can’t talk about that , it made it so real , they writing is so good for them I am just in seven heaven, they are the best couple the real super couple!!
    Loved Jason coming to Claudia – yeaaaaaaaa that was smart …….

    Carly, Coleman , and Johnny – how funny was that, Johnny was so drank and Coleman afraid of Sonny and Jason is funny and Carly there they made the all scene so enjoyable .
    And I laos laughed when they both were talking about what happen and Jax just understood that HILARIOUS
    Ok the all “Hunted Star” was funny they ” Luke alike” was funny ..

    GH is Amazing I just enjoying the all show the using of more characters the funny and cute stuff just really good

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    jasam fan

    Okay, every time I attempt to give Alexis the benefit of the doubt she does something to just make me dislike her more. She blames everyone else for Kristina and Molly’s behavior. First off, Molly lied about seeing Jason and Sam having sex and the mature thing to do is go to the adult(s) in the situation and find out what happened. Not go directly to the adults and ban them from being around the kid/sister. She’s an overbearing, clueless jackass! Her comment about Sam’s chooses in men is so hypercritical. As some of you mentioned look at her choices in men and mind you those men are the ones she had around her daughters. Ugggh, she pisses me off.

    Carly/Johnny/Coleman…..funny and so cute!

    Though I love Jax and Carly together, Jax got on every nerve I had today. Carly has finally put him and their marriage first and this jackass has to do something to mess it up. Stupid!!! If Carly leaves him it will be more so for helping taking Sonny and in turn Jason down then the secrete he’s keeping about Claudia.

    No interest in the Spencer/Cassadine s/l yet. But, we’ll see.

    Love love love Jason & Sam. Especially the fact that Jason is saying all the right things, but can we please get an uninterrupted conversation between these two. I thought with them being at Sam’s place they would have that. But of course that didn’t happen. Le Sigh!

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    The Carly, Johnny, and Coleman scenes were hilarious! My mother gave the perfect analogy today when she compared the change in GH to Monsters Inc. She said at first the monsters thought they had to scare kids to get energy, but then figured out that they get a lot more energy when they make children laugh. Well GH is so much better when it is funny.

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    I wish they would at least try to write for Luke. Tony Geary is a legend. We don’t see Monica, Bobbie, and Edward for months and they don’t pretend they were taken hostage by the Cassadines. Whatever.

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    The Jasam is totally unnecessary. For heat we have Robin and Patrick; Carly and Jax; Olivia and Johnny; Nik and whomever; Sonny and whichever slut is sniffing around; and finally Luke and Tracy. The last thing the show needs is Jason and Sam or Lucky (the current one) and Liz.

    If anything, there are TOO MANY couples on GH!

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    the carly stuff was great! johnny and coleman seemed so random, but that’s why the scenes were hilarious. molly is cute, but enough with the smart talk. keifer is waaay creepy…are he and kristina suppose to sleep together anytime soon?

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    wow – someone is actually complaining about couples on gh? the show that’s barely had routable pairings for years? i respect the couples listed, but most of them have only been together a few months as couples. don’t complain too loudly though, lest tiic decide to destroy any and all couples currently in existence :)

    i love carly and jax and have zero desire to see her with sonny yet again. i hope carly and jax survive this shooting secret nonsense. having said that am i the only one who would love to see carly paired with either johnny or dante? LW oozes chemistry with both of these guys.

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    I have heard a lot of different descriptions of the term Supercouple, but I am pretty sure that if half of the duo is “whomever” or “whichever slut is sniffing around” that wouldnt qualify. LOL

    I have to wonder what would the squish name for those pairings be…niver?? Whok?? Sonslut?? Snifonny?? Although I suppose I would take Niver and Sonslut over LikNiz and Solivia 9 times out of 10. LOL

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    Loved the Carly labor scenes with Johnny and Coleman, I agree they were random, but that’s what made it funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. Alexis is looking more and more like hypocrite with Micheal and Sam, really Alexis? I mean Jason is not as ruthless as Jerry. I know Molly’s questions may seem annoying at times, but she is being the typical precocious ten-year-old.
    I loved that Jason rattled Claudia with that fake evidence involving Devlin, genius. As for the Luke story, I am still trying to figure it out like you guys. I did love Tracy today though.

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    Loved the whole episode. Carly, Johnny, and Coleman were so funny, and I love how much those guys were doting on her. Jax is pissing me off, which is really sad cuz I love Jax and CarJax and I really hope they can make it through this.

    I love every time I see Sonny and Dante have a private conversation. They are great together and I can’t wait till they find out they are father and son. I’m so excited for the whole layer of feelings that will add. I’m also curious to see how Dante handles Keifer. I hope he punches him in the jaw.

    Loved JaSam, of course. I really hope when they finally have a whole conversation without being interrupted, Sam expresses to him how badly he hurt her. This is the 2nd time Molly brought up the fact that he broke her heart and even Sam admitted she was scared today. I really hope they address this and that he FINALLY admits to the pain he caused her and apologizes for what he did to their relationship.

    Alexis can suck it.

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    I don’t like Tracey; she just gets on my last nerve, with or without Luke, and I especially hate her laugh!!!

    Thank you! Someone who finally agrees with me about Molly! That behavior is just intrusive, and “I saw Sam and Jason having sex?” More and more she reminds me of the way Spin was when he came on three years ago, constantly trying to compare real life to books, plays and TV and exaggerating events for his own purposes. When he first came on I was like “who is this guy? Whatever!” But he quickly grew on me and now he’s my absolute favorite character on any show. I hope Molly grows on me, too; she really is very cute when she’s not around Jasam. When she’s with them she’s just an obnoxious little brat.

    I have a question for the moms on this board; I ask because I don’t have children. If you had a son or daughter who was an adult and one or two younger children, would you object to the younger children having a key to your oldest child’s house or apartment in case of emergency? That just seemed incredibly stupid and petty to me.

    I wish to the Soap Gods that Sam had thrown Jerry and Alexis’s face today!!!

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    Pisces… I don’t have children, but I have younger siblings that still live with my mother and I have had my own place for a number of years. I know for a fact that my mother would not care if they had keys to my place. If anything, it would make her feel better because they would have somewhere to go if they needed to and they were in my area. This is especially true since I live in the city and she lives in the suburbs. I know this is just control freak Alexis bashing Sam because it’s one of her favorite hobbies. It’s sad, really. I love Alexis and Samlexis, and it just kills me when she’s like this to her own daughter. Based on Sam’s vibe during today’s short conversation, I am thinking she will stand up to Alexis tomorrow. At least I hope she does.

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    Pesky little inconvenient detail for Gh writers but isn’t Jake’s aross the street from the hospital? Couldn’t Carly have walked there or Coleman could have given her a piggy back ride?

    I think there was a bug flying around Molly’s head while she was propping up Sam and Jason.

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    I have to defend Molly because she has no idea what having sex really means. She is ten. OK, eleven in one month. She has a brain filled with classic novels that really just fade to black at key moments. Hopefully, Alexis doesn’t get the skin flick channels on the cable. Molly truly believes that she saw sex.

    Coleman had the line of the day when he told Epiphany that it was just an order of fries and Carly would have gotten them somewhere else if not from him.

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    Not propping. Molly is just all about the Love. Let the hating begin. Can I say it again “I didnt realize how much I missed you” – the other day I said I wanted something definitive, and it looks like the soap gods were listening.

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    EET… apparently today was just the beginning. On other spumor sites I’ve read that Jason gets sick of the interruptions so he takes Sam on his bike to a remote location so they can’t get interrupted and she can’t run away and he just pours his heart out to her. That’s supposed to be coming at the end of the month. Please, soap gods… hear our prayer.

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    mayjadjor….I hope they can finally admit that they are still in love with each other. I think they just need to get the conversation over with and not have someone interrupt them. I did love their scenes today and how they are both scared to ruin it and plus Jason saying like EET said that he didn’t realize how much he missed Sam.

    Alexis…she got on my nerves today. she has no right lecturing Sam when she has been with some shady guys. I mean Kristina is acting out because of her mother not because of Sam. I really hope she doesn’t limit Sam’s time she spends with the kids.

    does Michael not really think Claudia had anything to do with the shooting. I mean he’s remembering all this stuff about Claudia but yet he’s telling her that he’s comfortable talking to her. I hope he wises up and realizes that she’s bad news.

    Loved the Carly/Jax/Johnny scene. They were all hilarious. I don’t understand why it took so long to call Jax though.

    Totally FF through the Luke and Tracy scenes…boring!!!

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    Even the haters cant get me down.

    I think we have the graveside talk coming before the motorcycle ride??? or is it the other way around.

    Until then I think I just may have to keep repeating “I didnt realize how much I missed you” Color me crazy here, but when you are with someone you love love love you arent usually missing missing missing the ex – sure maybe a twinge here and there remembering a private joke or special peanut brittle, but not seriously missing someone. I really think it speaks to where Jason’s heart really is.

    Also, I didnt say much about Alexis. Rumors are we get the end of that convo tomorrow and its not going to be pretty.

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    EET I loved this saying too
    Also on Monday episode Jason said we past the past and now we are back at what is right ..
    In other words Jason says to Sam I and you are the best for me and yes they didn’t say I love you but I think they did in different ways , I think it is still hard for them to say it , But as someone said they will be trapped and than they will have the big convo , and that will be amazing scenes ….
    About couples I love seeing couples I love seeing love in the afternoon this is what makes soap soap , and seeing Jason in one makes it wroth while ……

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    Aww Season you made me smile for the good old DAYS days

    I have no problem with anything that Jason tells Sam, it doesn’t curtail my Liason Love or make me see red. I am not snowed into thinking that Jason never loved Liz because he says he didn’t realize how much he missed San. People do get to love more than once in their lives if they are lucky. I just see them as achievable (Sam) and unachievable (Liz). Good for JaSammers that they can see their couple again after a brief hiatus.

    I am just happy that my girl is getting a good story, now if she would get from vacation so it could show on TV

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    Perki we have one Spinelli don’t need more they tried have more with the Fed agent forget her name and she didn’t stuck with the viewers so I don’t know if Molly can keep this up and remain fan favorite , it is cute but they are getting overboard ………………………………
    Ok Back to super couple – not every couple is super ….. JaSam are a real super couple so is Liaosn and LnL2 Carly&Sonny , Sonny and Brenda, Robin and Jason or Robin and Stone and of course Luke and Laura and I also think that Alan and Monica are kind off…
    But there are lots of others who are not I don’t think CarJax are a super couple the same is with Sonny and Claudia or Niz …. or Jolivia who the writers are continuing make them that with the Jake’s scenes witch were really overboard !!!
    Common Jolivie are fun to watch that paring made Olivia and Johnny more watchable U really like Johnny now more than the days of Jolu ..
    They haven’t had that big x factor that couples have……

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    Ravennite… When JaSam first started hanging out a year ago I was one of those people that was screaming that Jason never loved Liz, but now I realize it was just my JaSam love going crazy with the idea of a reunion. Now I feel like Jason did love Liz, but I will always see it as a totally different thing from what he had with Sam. His love for Liz could not and would not have happened if she didn’t have Jake. I say that because they had many chances to be together years ago and it never happened, and he was not in love with Liz until after she had his baby. With Sam, their friendship started because she was pregnant, but they fell in love because of what they saw in each other and what they built together. The way I see it, is it takes a lot of effort for Jason to be with anyone because of his job and lifestyle, and if Liz was going to shut Jake out of his life, it wasn’t worth the effort to be with Liz because the main reason to do so (Jake) isn’t there. I think that is why Sam is attainable and Liz is not. Yes, there was some crazy mob stuff going on during the Liason angst of 1-2 years ago. But if he really wanted to be with her, he could have been or he would be trying now since things have calmed down. The way I see it now, is he loved her, just not enough to fight for a relationship that could not include his son, which is the whole reason why he loved her in the first place.

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    thank you season – there can never be too much love in the afternoon. (unless some unnamed person/couple grosses you out, but still gross love is better than murder – in most cases :)

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    Why do we need more than one Spinelli? Why can’t Spinelli just stay the unique individual that he is without someone trying to act like him? The people who like him like him for who he is. The people who don’t like him don’t like him because they find him annoying. We don’t need some copy cat running around trying, intentionally or not, to imitate him. I say this as a Spinelli fan who is trying to be objective.

    What exactly defines a super couple?

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    Great discussions on couples. Love the lightness of GH of late to counteract the dark evilness of Claudia.

    Yes, Alexis is over-reacting. Reacting too soon. But, Alexis is trying her best to protect her children. Control is very important to her since she had very little control over her own life until she pulled herself away from the Cassadines. Sure she makes mistakes and in dealing with her daughters. We all make mistakes when dealing with those we love and wish to protect. Carly makes mistakes too. She is not a paragon of motherly virtues. Without the mistakes there wouldn’t be any conflict for the show to build upon.

    I am more interested in Dante’s reaction to learning that Sonny Corinthos is his father than I am in Sonny’s reaction to the relationship. Sonny will, of course, blame Olivia for everything. How will Dante take the news? I think he will understand why Olivia kept it a secret. Will he accept Sonny as his father? What happens when he finds out that Dante is an undercover cop?

    I expect a humongous explosion when Carly learns that Jax is working to take Sonny down too. When Carly and Jax split I do hope Jax gets custody of their daughter.

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    I found out that I was pregnant 2 weeks before my 16th birthday and I don’t think Kristina is going to have sex with Keifer in response to Alexis as a strict parent or Sam with Jason, I think she is looking for love and acceptance from a male and Keifer is there. If Keifer were the most popular boy at school but not interested in sex before marriage, she wouldn’t have sex today.

    And Alexis is strict because she wants to protect the girls from any and everything harmful, it’s not intellectual, it’s emotinonal and to a person with Alexis background, it makes perfect sense. Alexis knows Jerry, Ric, and Sonny were crazy choices and so far Sam is following in her footsteps, she doesn’t want that for Kristina and Molly.

    BTW, one of the many problems with soarsing, how old was Kristina when Ric left? Did she feel abandoned? How close were they before he left town so abruptly? Does she know about Jerry?

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    You were spot on with the Luke stuff, Perkie.

    And I’m enjoying Carly a little. Gasp!

    And regarding the “supercouple” comment, there are NO supercouples on this show right now and there never will be under Guza’s pen.

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    I thought Carly’s labor scenes with Coleman and Johnnie were hilarious and dear and the confusion on Jax’s face when he saw them with her was even funnier.

    BTW – Coleman had a shotgun not a baseball bat and Johnnie did not say women lay down in fields to give birth. He said they squat down to give birth which is actually true in some third world countries.

    I loved how Carly thought the french fries brought on the early labor. I hope this baby is born healthy and safe. Is that too much to hope for on GH?

    Molly clearly has not been taught any boundries which is understandable since neither of her parents are ever around and she generally has to fend for herself but before Alexis starts lecturing other people on their behavior perhaps she ought to teach some ettiquite and rules to her youngest daughter. And spend more quality time with her daughters instead of proving what a hypocrite she really is by demeaning Sam!

    I can’t wait for Claudia to be exposed already and for this particular storyline to end! It’s a big yawn at this point.

    Still waiting to see where the Luke storyline goes.

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    GH Watching todays epi. DAMN Alexis was mean. Engrady brought this up the other day and now I really see it…hey alexis, jealous much? The girls want to confide in their sister. I really dont know why thats a big deal. Rather than focusing your energy on finding a way to stop them from talking to Sam, why dont you focus your energy on encouraging them to talk to you.

    Jerry – didnt K say in Mexico that she wasnt suppose to know but mom was with Jerry in their house after they were in their rooms for the night. I LOVED that Sam told her she was one to talk!! I just wish she had said Jason isnt a nutjob like Jerry. Jerry attacks innocent men and women, defenseless boys and problem.

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    AWWW Johnny and Coleman…if you want a doctor muscled LOL

    I am coming back with the enemy in my sights. Claudia is braver than I am – I would be running.

    I guess Olivia will be for Sonny, not that there was much doubt. I see the hair gets darker every week. More and more she has the Sonny “look”

    I cant believe Kiefer did Kristina like that…um actually yeah I can. Krissy is worried about mom’s disapproval, that Alexis will treat her the way she treats Sam. Boy did I call that one.

    Good epi so far.

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    Sam broke my heart today…I was so glad that Jason could go from concern to outrage to just taking care of her and making her laugh. And that kiss…..FIYA!!!!

    Damn again – “that way we avoid any confusing messages from sam”. I really am disgusted with Alexis right now. SERIOUSLY. Alexis just told Kristina exactly what makes her proud – no birth control – so why would Kristina go to her when she already knows that there wont be a discussion, just a lecture and a big fat NO. Its sad that Kristina thinks Carly is a better mother (and notice Michael didnt argue the point) Really sad that Alexis doesnt see what she is doing. I was watching clips on youtube yesterday and there was one where Carly goes to see Sam at the boathouse (pre-sorasing, pre-Alexis cancer). Alexis interrupts the convo and gets into with Carly. Carly tells her to stop trying to control Sam, and warns her that if she doesnt change her ways that when Krissy and Molly got older they would come to despise her micromanaging ways. I seem to remember there was another time years before that, Michael was having a birthday party – I think CarSon were apart – and Alexis refused to let the girls go because the party was too over the top. Carly called on it then too I think and warned her about how the children would rebel when they were older. I know Alexis hates Carly, but I wish some of what she told her sunk in.

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    one last thing. I hope Sonny really wasnt the one that order the hit on Dante’s father figure. YIKES. I do love me some Dominantelu…(somebody better tell me their squish name one of these days.)

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    I am not watching GH now. I come here to read the posts. I can’t stomach Jasam. Clearly tptb want this couple to be together!!! The writers are writing them good scenes!! I just miss my Liason!!! Sorry, I will continue to come here to see what is happening–thanks Perkie for the posts!!!

  35. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    They are good scenes Teach. I would encourage you to keep an open mind and give it a chance. You might find you enjoy them more than you thought – or at least hate them less than you thought. And you missed the awesome Carly labor scenes – very funny. Not to mention the Dominic/Olivia/Claudia/Johnny/Sonny/Carly/Jax stuff is about to EXPLODE and James Frickin Franco is coming!!!!!

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    Teach… I agree with EET. Maybe you should give JaSam a chance. I’ve been a die hard JaSammer since ’04, but even I understand why some others didn’t like them so much before on the count of Sam being so dependent on him and crying a lot. Personally, that didn’t bother me until ’07 when TPTB were ripping Sam apart, but I do understand why others would be bothered by it. Things are totally different now. Sam is really her own person and Jason is sooooo romantic, chasing after her and trying really hard to gain her trust. I have a hard time seeing how a true Jason fan could not like the Jason we are seeing right now, even if JaSam is not their favorite coupling. Come on, Teach… give it a shot. You know you wanna!!

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    referring to yesterday’s episode, i just thought brandon did a fabulous job – his face of joy at carly in labor then his shift to terror at her giving birth now was priceless.

  38. Profile photo of Perkie

     but she is being the typical precocious ten-year-old.

    See, I don’t think she is.  I have a nine, almost ten year old, and he doesn’t talk or act that way.  They try to explain Molly’s behaviour as someone who’s a book worm and compares life with her books, but that doesn’t work for me either.  

    My kid is a giant book worm, and I can assure you that he doesn’t relate real life with what Geronimo Stilton or Harry Potter are doing.  

    I agree with whoever says they’re turning Molly into the younger, female Spinelli.  It was cute and precocious, now it’s annoying. 

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