Flashback: Abbotts In Crisis

Whether you are a crazy woman on the loose firing 3 bullets into the heart of a Genoa City villain, a woman admitted to a loony bin and giving birth to a child at the same time, or an Abbott family member on life support, The Young and the Restless has had it all over the last month. Ratings might not be proving favorable for Y&R, but the writing quality, and the acting, is outstanding. If you had to ask me who I thought deserved the chocolates, I’d have two words – Beth Maitland portraying Traci Abbott.

Victor Newman may have taken 3 stray bullets to the heart, but Traci’s mourning and angst over whether to terminate her own child’s life support has been second to none. Y&R has brought characters like this back, such as Tricia Cast playing Nina, but Traci really brought it this last month. Paying tribute to the stalwart, this flashback video takes us back to when Traci returns to Genoa City to say goodbye to her father John. It just seems to be how things are rolling for poor Traci, first John, then discovering Brad was dead and now her only daughter Colleen. Here we get to see Katherine, Jill and then the Abbotts coming together for John on his death bed. Nobody does it better than The Young and the Restless.

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    I thought the acting was extremely uneven in the Colleen goodbye story. Beth Maitland was superb, and Melody Thomas Scott was wonderful, but the Newman kids were shamefully bad, and Billy Miller and Peter Bergman both struggled to connect to the material. Eileen Davidson was in and out. Even the guy who plays Traci’s husband Steve was better than most of the others, and he hasn’t been on the show in many years.

    I thought the writing and production values were also a letdown. We didn’t see how Colleen injured herself. We saw Victor lunge for Mary Jane, yet we had to hear, over and over and over, people say that Victor had taken 3 bullets for Jack, even though that wasn’t what happened oncamera.

    The only one I can really say saved this for me was Beth Maitland. Yet, with Y&R’s frankly bizarre system of nominating, I don’t even know if she’ll get a prenom next year.

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    “I thought the writing and production values were also a letdown.”

    I couldn’t agree more with you. And to be honest Beth Maitland was the only actress you really can give credit here. That’s about it. Everything else that has to do with his last two weeks wasn’t outstanding for me at all. It was more a overall disappointment except for some performances. But when you have people like Amelia Heinle and Clementine Ford I think you can be happy that you didn’t get a headache. And other actors could do there at least something for you to survive this “letdown”.

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    We saw Victor lunge for Mary Jane, yet we had to hear, over and over and over, people say that Victor had taken 3 bullets for Jack, even though that wasn’t what happened oncamera.


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    Beth Maitland’s portrayal these past few weeks,of the grieving torn mother have been nothing less than superb. In my opinion she should get the gold and remain on cast as recurring. Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is recurring and has recieved emmy nominations. Kuddos to Y&R for Great storytelling.

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    Beth Maitland has absolutely stunned me with her acting ability lately. I always knew she was a good actress, but holy smoke! She deserves every kind of acting award possible. So incredibly believable it’s sick! They ought to give her Victor’s salary : ). She is without a doubt THE FINEST actress not only on daytime, but anywhere.

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    I always have a hard time watching men cry, or trying not to cry, and Peter Bergman has just killed me during the Colleen dying storyline. He is consistently great but he has just hit it out of the park lately. Having said that, Beth Maitland has completely broken my heart with her scenes during the past few weeks. I have seen her come & go over the years but wasn’t watching when she was a regular so this has been my first real, long-term exposure to her and she has been nothing short of stunning. I’m even more sorry now that they killed Colleen because it means Beth Maitland has even less reason to come to town than she did before, since Jack & Ashley are pretty much the only adult Abbotts left in GC. Kudos to Beth and Peter!!

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    Beth Maitland needs to be brought back to this show. I have said before her and Tricia Cast need to be put back on contract YESTERDAY! Add those two plus Victoria Rowell and a better actress for the role of Victoria Newman and then we have a ball game.

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    Unfortunately, no matter how good, Beth Maitland is still an actress over 40 who is recurring. In the past, Y&R valued actresses based on talent irregardless of being contract or recurring and that is why an actress like Tracey Bregman was able to earn emmy nominations for supporting actress in 2005 and 2007 even though she was recurring.

    Those days seem long gone with this regime. Just like other talented recurring actresses: Tracey Bregman, Tricia Cast and Tonya Williams, don’t expect to see the writers focusing much on them in future stories. We will likely only see them occasionally propping other’s stories (and with Tonya who knows if she will be back and for months rumors swirled that the writers wanted to get rid of Tracey when she all but disappeared for three months – at least that has seemed to have not come to pass).

    We may see Tricia and Beth a bit more since they are connected to the Chancellors and Abbotts (two of MAB’s favorite families), but I would be suprised to see any of these fine actresses getting heavy story in the future.

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    I like Tracey Bregman, Tricia Cast, Tonya Lee Williams and Beth Maitland and wish they were all on contract but I know in couple of the cases Bregman, Williams, and Cast are on recurring by choice. Bregman was asked to go on contract and she didn’t want to. She likes her arrangement with the show. Cast left the show in 2001 because she remarried and went to live in Nashville with her new husband. I don’t think she wants to be back on contract either because she doesn’t live in LA anymore. Williams I know left the show in 2005 by choice because she wanted to do other things. She had been on contract with Y&R for 15 years and wanted to do other things. As far as Beth Maitland I’m not really sure why she isn’t on contract.

    Those four actresses are some of my favors from Y&R, as much as I want them shown more on the show I have come to terms that since they are on a tight budget at Y&R that they have to do what they do. They have to use the contract players first so I understand that we won’t get to see some of our favorites as much as we want but I am just happy that we get them on recurring. I will take seeing them twice a month then not seeing them at all.

    Say what you want about MAB but I value that she went and got some of our old faves and asked them to come back on a recurring basis for the show.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–put Beth Maitland back on contract! The woman acts rings around about ninety percent of the people(men and women) in daytime–Traci is and has always been the heart and soul of the Abbotts and bringing her back sporadically isn’t enough anymore. The scenes she had recently with Peter Bergman and Doug Davidson brought back a flood of great memories of how terrific this show was–on a daily basis, not just here and there. Now you almost have to wade through every episode just to cherry pick what’s worth watching. It’s a shame because this show has so much gold on it’s bench that is underutilized-Maitland, Tracey Bregman and Tricia Cast all deserve to be on contract but instead we keeping getting stories built around Gloria, Amber, Deacon, et al and it’s an utter waste of time. Add to that some very spotty and uninspired acting on the canvas–Amelia Heinle, Eileen Davidson, Joshua Morrow, Christel Khalil and girl-who-plays-Abby all waver between barely decent to barely there depending on what day of the week it is. It’s a shame because the show could be so much better.

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