B&B Flashback: Sally Spectra vs Stephanie Forrester

On January 14 2007, The Bold and the Beautiful, and the entire soap fraternity, mourned the loss of actress Darlene Conley. Conley played the role of Sally Spectra from 1988 right up to her death in 2007. We lost an icon of the genre, a true diva that would light up the stage no matter what the occasion. Sally was a fan favourite and would captivate the world with her outrageous outfits, big red hair and passion for the fashion industry. Sally’s rivalry with Stephanie Forrester was what established The Bold and the Beautiful as having two mighty fashion labels going head to head for supremacy.

In the past, we have been treated to some magnificent fashion shows, some runway magic and scenes where either Sally or Stephanie end up in swimming pools or lakes abroad in Europe. It’s fun and it’s what longtime B&B fans remember most whenever Sally and Stephanie cross paths on screen. In November 1991, Sally Spectra and Clarke Garrison became proud parents of Clarke Junior, known to us as C.J. With Sally recovering in the maternity ward, old foe Stephanie couldn’t help but visit Sally to give her some much needed advice about the man who has just fathered her child. Enjoy this one folks. It just goes to show how much this show, and the soap world, miss this true lady. We miss you Sally.

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    No one could come close to Darlene as Sally! The industry really lost a superstar lady when Darlene passed…there will simply never be another like her in our life time.

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    Ahh. Marj Dusay would be fantastic, although Darlene is one that is not an easy recast. I mean, something needs to be done with this charaacter. One of the biggest stars of BB history doesn’t just drop off the map, and never get seen again. Recast her, or at least give her an adequate memorial scene or something. They need to pay tribute to this wonderful actress and character, and not just leave her off in soap wonderland.

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    I like the idea of Kim Zimmer joining the show as Sally Spectra’s older sister (haha)….I believe Kim Zimmer and Susan Flannery are friendly in real life so there would be chemistry on-screen between them…The ‘gap’ in that storyline would be the lack of history between Stephanie Forrester and this new character….Whenever soaps ‘recreate’ a lot of backstory and phony history it’s a gamble….Unlike the on-screen history that Sally and Stephanie shared for almost 20 years, that’s irreplaceable and the viewers were never let down when those two were together.

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    Recasting Sally with Marj Dusay would be a great idea! Stephanie seems rather lost without someone she can not easily bully! I have heard MD may be going back to All My Children so if B&B wants her they better act soon.

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    Daniel St. John

    I’ll give you some cover when the firing squad shows up!
    And while I do think it is time for Sally to come back (I am from the school that thinks any soap role can be recast except for Erica Kane)I don’t think Kim Zimmer is the best choice. I love Kim to death but she isn’t the right age for Sally and having her in the role would be even more jarring then the awful recast of Beth Logan has been.
    I would love to see Marj Dusay in the role…if she was good eno7gh to replace Beverlee McKinsey she’s good enough to replace anyone plus I think she and Susan Flannery would play off of each other very well.

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