CONFIRMED: Ilene Kristen Confirms William Russ to Y&R With Brandon’s Buzz!

It looks like I am gonna have to start listening to my fellow soap-o-peers’ radio shows a bit more! It has been brought to my attention that the fabulous Ilene Kristen had already revealed William Russ (soon-to-be Tucker)  joining the cast of The Young and the Restless on Brandon’s Buzz. Oh and I will put you out of your misery, yep he’s Tucker! Kudos to Brandon’s Buzz for getting the scoopage first!

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    troymcclure I noticed the same thing. Primetime actors moving to daytime. Established movie actors moving to primetime. Daytime used to be a place for many talented young relatively unknown actors. Drew Garrett comes to mind over at GH but it’s happening far less these days.

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    You know, if I had had the slightest CLUE that this would turn into a major bit of casting news, I would have trumpeted it MUCH sooner! For some reason, as she was telling me about Russ joining Y/R, I was envisioning him in a bit part or a cameo, not a major freakin’ role!

    Thanks for the shout-out! I promise I’ll be on my toes in the future about breaking news on my air!

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    Any word on Victoria Rowell coming back? DC site said they were having disagreements with other actors about her coming back with all the cut backs and with EB, thought maybe this pave the way for her to come back. Her daughter going threw cancer she has no family, Y&R was once praised by it’s diversity, but there is just two now.

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    Hey Scoop Giddens – you buried the lead – Ms. Kristen brought up Mr. Russ in the context of being an “ex-lover” – I thought that was the juiciest part of that interview.

    PS – I hope you have taken my comments with the appropriate amount of humor and not as an actual attack on your excellent reporting skills.

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    Ugh! Another millionaire crashes into Y&R. Big deal! Why should we care when the town of Genoa City has the Abbotts, Chancellors, and Newmans?

    Y&R has a huge cast. Many of the best performers are stuck on the backburner. I’d rather see them up front instead of adding a new cast member.

    Also, when the heck is Y&R ever going to do something about its lack of diversity? Where are the Latino, Asian, African-American and gay characters?

    Is Aunt Estella still stuck in jail? Given that she’s been linked to Patty, the poor woman is still slated for trial. She’s been unemployed for months. If she’s not in jail, is she living on the street or on Rafe’s sofa?

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    Is Aunt Estella still stuck in jail?


    FYI- Estella isn’t in jail. She was supposed to be awaiting trial for the stuff at the ranch but I am assuming all charges have been dropped against her since everyone believes it was Patty that was terrorizing Ashley.

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    Seems like Estella is off hanging out with Mary, Lynn, Miguel, Mamie, John Silvas, The Hodges, Larry Warton, Gina, etc.

    We’ve seen Noah and Devon once or so in the past few weeks, but it seems like it has been weeks since we’ve seen Heather, Eden, etc.

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    Sierra was Colleen’s and Lily’s friend when they were younger. She was a very peripheral character, but showed up once in a while (I think she had a crush on Devon in his early days) — she was played by an executive’s daughter.

    It was disgusting about the grandmothers, but at least they were mentioned. On other shows we probably wouldn’t have even had Traci and Steve there… Their presence added so much to the story, in my opinion.

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    Maybe it’s because all I know him from is Boy Meets World, that I don’t see this as a big casting coup. As long as he doesn’t bring Topanga with him, I’ll give him a chance!

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    troymcclure — William started out in soaps. He was Burt McGowan on AW in the late 70s.

    He’s a wonderful actor. I don’t really know if he’s a good fit for this show but please give him a chance!

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    I’m with joshtheguy – plenty of unused cast members at Y and R underused. How about a May/ December fling with the bartender Jill picked up? Kathryn’s hubby needs a dark secret. How about a psycho Aussie ex for Phillip? Maybe Cane will turn to the bottle after realizing who he’s stuck with for the rest of his life? Where’s Nina’s author husband – maybe Tricia could escape and torment the town. Patty – maybe Detective father Williams may have contributed to her loopiness. Maybe Phyllis will get fed up and realize Mr Sharpe is pretty damn hot….yeah, I’m nattering….lotsa underused biggies around the show :)

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    Jamey Giddens

    Hey Scoop Giddens – you buried the lead – Ms. Kristen brought up Mr. Russ in the context of being an "ex-lover" – I thought that was the juiciest part of that interview.
    I haven’t heard the interview yet! LOL I will be listening though!

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    I remember Boy Meets World, and he was a Hottie middle-aged guy…

    As for Y&R, I’m glad he’s here….maybe they can give Jill a viable love interest! It’s been TOO long, and it would rescue her from the nail salon / backburner. Just no triangles with GloWorm, PLEASE!!!!!

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    I think the whole Estella thing is something we are supposed to assume since they haven’t mentioned it yet. They may say something about it in the near future but I do know she isn’t in jail because she met Rafe at Crimson Lights about a month or so ago. It was a short scene if I’m not mistaken.

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