DAYS Stars Reckell and Alfonso To Appear On 30 Rock

Peter Reckell swung by BuzzWorthy Radio recently and dropped a bit of news to listeners. He, along with his Days of our Lives co-star Kristian Alfonso, will make a guest appearance on 30 Rock. No word yet on what roles he and Alfonso will play or the air date.

Can't wait to see the duo bust out their comedic timing.

Photo by PR Photos


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11 December 2008
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She could not look more beautiful in that photo. The woman is not of this world.

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26 November 2008
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Bo and Hope on my favorite show?! I can't wait!

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28 May 2009
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Can't wait to hear more information about what date they will be on 30 Rock and what characters they will be playing! Smile I think these two would be great in primetime! Crown Plus somebody might finally gives these two some great writing for a change! Cash Hope this is just the beginning of many other episodes on 30 Rock! Smile

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29 October 2008
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I'm sure they'll be great! I've watched Bo and Hope since I was tiny because days was one of the soaps my whole family has watched, I love Peter and Kristian. I don't watch 30 rock regularly but if you awesome people here at DC post the date I will be sure to tune in!

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22 October 2009
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I love these two together! Too bad they never had the same onscreen chemistry in real, lol. But if I'm not busy I will take a peak.

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27 December 2007
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Love 30 Rock. Love the actors so I'll be tuning in for sure!