The Damaged Patty Blame Game Begins On Y&R

Everyone’s trying to pass the buck on who’s responsible for Patty’s breakdown. Shoutout to beautreal for the tip and tvobsessive2008 for the clip!

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    What a great way to keep Stacy on the show! I think this new character could be fun. I hope she is Jack’s new love interest. I am sorry to see that Tracy will be leaving the show again soon. They should REALLY place her on contract. She is one of the best actresses on the Young and the Restless!

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    I am so glad to see Stacy sticking around– she can out-act any actress on the show, and I mean any of them! I wish Beth Maitland could stay, also. I only hope that both actresses are remembered at EMMY time!

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    I’m also very glad to see that Stacy Haiduk is being kept around…..

    Also, so good to see that Victor’s change of heart has made such a difference! Right……

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    Just watch… Once again Victor is gonna try to weasel his way out of the situation. If he had not brought Patty back to town, none of this would not have happen.

    Just from this clip, I’m loving SH and glad that they are bringing her back in the form of a new character who this time is hopefully NOT crazy and wacked up!

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    Get that $#@%$& Victor Newman!! GET HIM!! What an A-Hole to say what he did to Paul.

    Glad Stacy (appears to be)sticking around. And once again, the dumb-dumbs at ABC/AMC had no clue what to do with actual talent but Jammed the Ryan Show down viewers throats, when that guy couldnt act his way out of Erica’s Makeup bag…..Sorry ~I’m getting off track.

    I’ll nit-pick cuz I over obsess w/my own hair (LOL!) but PUT SOME ROOTS IN PATTY’S!! There’s no way a boxed dye job can hold up during that hostage crisis, arrest, and weeks in a Patty’d cell!! Other than that, I have no gripes….Can’t wait to watch all this unfold….

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