Why TeenNick Needs To Make A Soap!

To recap, we know that teens like ongoing storylines, and there are no teen soaps on the air right now. So the next step is looking at a brand new (relaunched) network for teens.

TeenNick (formerly The N) has recently rebranded itself with the help of Nick Cannon. This new network is aimed at teenagers and attracting that young, Degrassi loving demographic.

But what is actually on TeenNick? Well a lot of old comedies, a few teen dramas such as The Best Years, and a whole lot of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Considering the network is aimed at teens, and is showing teen dramas, I really wonder why they don't greenlight a new, teen-oriented soap. 

Teen-oriented soaps are very popular in other parts of the world, such as Australia's Home and Away, and Hollyoaks in the U.K. so why is there not a teen soap here in the States? TeenNick would be the perfect place for the soap to launch and air, seeing as they have a mainly teen demographic and their viewers are already used to to the soap opera format, thanks to Degrassi.

If the network were smart, they would air a teen soap thirty minutes before primetime, thus allowing the show to essentially 'kick off' the night every weeknight without conflicting with established primetime dramas. Meanwhile, on the weekends, they could air a 'catch up' marathon to keep gaining new viewers.

So should TeenNick greenlight a new teen soap opera or pick up an international one already being produced? What are your opinions? I know this is not likely. I know that Nick Cannon might just burst out laughing at the suggestion. Nonetheless, I think this would be a really good move, and possibly a way to prove that the soap opera industry is not dead.


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i totally support this. i'm a teen and all the teen dramas that are supposedly good suck. 90210, The Secret Life of The American Teenager, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Melrose Place all suck and the other two aren't even keeping my interest like they used to. networks keep cancelling all the shows that were good like veronica mars or just turning them into crap like one tree hill. a short teen soap w/ real storylines is just what teens need. not all this crap they see on the cw, abc family, and that dumb canadian show.

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Why not ... the German Nick channel has started it's own soap last month. And so far it's seems to be a ratings success. But in Germany are all soaps still pretty popular and they don't have the problems that US soaps have.
But it could work, why not. I would totally support the idea too. It's a chance for the industry and any of them is a good one these days, right!?

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As a Canadian, you'd think I'd stand up for the television treaure known as the Degrassi series. Well I'm not.

I believe that the best Degrassi was in the eighties and ninties. When everything wasn't always so blown out of proportion.

Drama can be good,but kids need to see someone they relate to, not pretty, rich kids with problems. Degrassi: TNG should have ended when the original characters graduated. Or they could have created better characters when they left.

These days on Degrassi, it's about being famous and those who try, succeed everytime. Like the teen mom who became a model in Paris, or a whole bunch of kids who became movie stars (by sing on a bus to impress the director(WTF?)) or Paige who became a celebutante. They are basically saying "it's so easy to become famous, so who needs school?"

Mark my words, if I make my own REALISTIC teen drama myself (which I already know what I want to do), I'll do it, and it will be made.

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Nickelodeon had a teen soap many years ago. It was called Swan's Crossing. I watched. I loved it. It starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the main mean girl. It never caught on though and was cancelled. Passions used to attract a lot of the 18-49 crowd. They should've dropped that show to one hour/once a week. They should bring it back as the teen soap. Rebranded. Revamped. One hour/Once a week.

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RCLGuard, actually Swans Crossing was syndicated. Nickelodeon did have a soap called Fifteen that aired weekly.

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Good post, Jonathan. I agree with you that there should be a teen soap on to help revitilaize the genre in general. I aslo think they'll need some older characters as well though, since I really think tenns like veterans and older couples too.
I also agree with Dainella1030, I loved Degrassi in the '80's when they had real storylines [ Spike's teen pregnancy, the twins and the abortion storyline.] I tried watching one episode of the new show and I thought it was okay, but didn't need to watch again. Oh well, at least they have Spike and Joey.