Will Nicole Get Away With It All?

Nicole, Stefano told me to tell you "HOLD IT HEIFER!"


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    Am I in the minority here? I like Nicole. Prefer her to Sami who is so screechy and emotional that she is exhausting to watch.

    I hope Nicole takes Sydney and makes a clean get away from Salem, away from the self-righteous ego-maniac that EJ has become. Away from Sami who is too much like EJ to be viewable.

    Where is Brady when you need him? Still getting caught up with Ariana?

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    I absolutely agree with you! I love Nicole and I hope she gets to run away with Sydney, sort of like how Beth made her getaway with Marty on Passions.

    Sami is a scheming, selfish bitch and doesn’t deserve to get Sydney back after all the horrible things she’s done in her life to Austin, Carrie, Lucas, Brandon, Lexie, Marlena, John, Roman, and so on.

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    Sami is a scheming, selfish bitch

    Isn’t that basically Nicole too?

    Also, Nicole’s track record with hurting people isn’t spotless either. She’s done some horrendous things to people in Salem too, so she’s not exactly some poor, innocent victim. Nicole created this mess with the baby switch & lying and if she gets her ass handed to her by losing Sydney, then so be it. I don’t care for either Sami or Nicole but I despise when either tries to play the victim, especially in a scheme of her own creation.

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    Nicole’s a scheming, selfish bitch too, but her crimes are nowhere near as severe as Sami’s, especially given what Sami did to her own sister Carrie.

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    Nicole tampered with Chloe’s surgery so that she would be scarred for life as well as making it seem like she was dead so that Brady would stay with her instead of going to Chloe, so that’s pretty close to Sami’s blackmailed spin via Lexie on convincing Carrie she couldn’t have kids with Austin (that was before Carrie started stepping out on Lucas with Austin, right?) so they run neck and neck with selfish schemes. I think Sami might seem worse cause she’s been on longer but Nicole’s been pretty nasty when she’s been on.

    I also think that Nicole’s tried/planned to kill people and that’s something Sami hasn’t tried to do despite all of her lies & schemes. Sami shot Alan for raping her but she meant to castrate him, not kill him (and she was successful in doing that!).

    Again, this is not to say I like either character but Nicole’s schemes – past and present – aren’t exactly of the chump change variety. She’s hardcore.

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    Nicole never terrorized her sister the way Sami did. What Sami did to Carrie is unforgivable, and I’m talking about what happened 1993-97, not just 2005-06.

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    wonder how much longer this Sydney, who’s the mama, who’s the daddy storyline will continue. I am more than ready for it to conclude with some positive resolution.

    How soon will Sami get pregnant by Rafe?

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    Probably during November sweeps. Arianne Zucker is going on maternity leave soon, and Nicole’s mother Fay is returning on November 30, perhaps to usher her daughter out of Salem.

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    Nicole never terrorized her sister the way Sami did. What Sami did to Carrie is unforgivable, and I’m talking about what happened 1993-97, not just 2005-06.

    That’s because Nicole’s sister was barely in town so she terrorized other people instead. And I don’t think Sami terrorized Carrie so much as schemed against her mostly because she wanted Austin. Carrie was never in fear of Sami,just distrusting and suspicious.

    Sami’s behavior isn’t forgivable but Nicole’s past crimes don’t makes her behavior forgivable either, regardless of a comparison to Sami’s actions as some sort of measuring stick to absolve Nicole of having never done anything heinous because it’s not exactly what Sami did. Nicole’s behavior on its own is shitty, selfish behavior.

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    I don’t think we are going to find common ground on this issue because I rooted for Beth to get away with Marty on Passions, and I got my way for over two years.

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    This whole storyline has reminded me of The Isley Brothers song “Busted.” I’m looking forward to when the truth comes out finally how everyone will react to Nicole’s lies and deceiving.

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