Nadia Bjorlin to Steam it Up With Jessica Leccia on Venice!

It looks like the road to true love for Gina (Crystal Chappell) and Ani (Jessica Leccia) will be paved with plenty of gorgeous bumps along the road once Venice premieres next month. TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is reporting the sexsational Nadia Bjorlin will be appearing as a love interest for Ani on the sapphic soap. Maxim staple Bjorlin going gay-for-pay? Venice just enticed an entirely new demographic before it’s even premiered — horny frat boys, and straight male soap opera executives!

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  1. Profile photo of Rockiesoul

    This is perfect! This is how web soaps are suppose to work.

    DOOL is getting viewers from Venice and Ms. Chappell… DOOL is also giving support to Ms. Chappell and Venice.

    This could workout very well for both parties.

    Other Soap Operas are you watching!!!

  2. Profile photo of pecola

    Jamey, Soap Opera Digest says Galen Gering (Rafe, DOOL) is joining the cast of Venice as Gina’s brother. Does Gina have two brothers or did something come up for Jeff Branson (who was a recast for Daniel Cosgrove)?

  3. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Nadia is lovely but I’m really getting worried about Venice. No real info is released about the show from the makers of the webseries.

    The cast is huge so I’m assuming that they are not just cameos but real characters but we know nothing off them.

    You can’t get any actual info on the series from the official website.

    I will watch it but I’m getting very worried.

  4. Profile photo of chelehel74

    Jamey – confused. The way Nelson writes this… can you clarify? Is this fact or him wishful thinking/predicting it would happen.

    Sounds like a prediction…

    especially because Jeff Branson is playing Gina’s brother. I think Nelson’s tongue in cheek wasn’t tongue in cheek enough and he was trying to be whimsical.

    Or not…

    Wow am I confused

  5. Profile photo of Shoot4theMoon

    I’m confused, too. Is GG replacing Jeff Branson or will he be another brother? Is Nadia replacing Elizabeth Keener? If the latter is the case, gotta say it’s a helluva visual up-grade.

    I don’t know if GG can act since he’s been either delirious from getting whacked on the head or unconscious every time I’ve seen DOOL but I know Branson CAN so I’ll be majorly bummed if he isn’t able to work on the new show. A big part of my interest in VENICE is the chance to see the actors from GUIDING LIGHT again.

  6. Profile photo of chelehel74

    Thanks for the info.

    Saw that Nadia tweeted her involvement and saw the SOD now too.
    Guess Nelson’s use of the word prediction made me go huh…

    As did the fact every other cast member has been announced by Venice itself but this time those actors took it upon themselves to tell the world.

    ….um….. not sure about the acting talent of these additions but I guess casting changes happen sometime

  7. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I bet Galen G has been cast as Ani (Leccia’s)brother and its just a typo. I’m loving Nadia being a love interest for Ani its just like any real (tv) soap, they have different love interest.

  8. Profile photo of tnjane

    Love the actors Nadia Bjorlin, Jessica Leccia, and Crystal Chappell and welcome all of them as well as the webseries, Venice but the mix, I don’t know. KimmyT must really write this carefully. HA
    Thanks for the article.

  9. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I’ve seen a lot of plot info for Venice, about as much as a new primetime show before it premieres. We know that Gina is an out, lesbian designer, and that Ani is a former lover, whom she reconnects with in the pilot episode. Crystal has said it won’t just be about lesbians, but a community of people. I am okay with not knowing each and every detail of the show, it will be nice to be surprised again, don’t you think?

  10. Profile photo of Katheryn71

    I don’t think knowing if two new actors attached to the project are recast or are all new characters is too much information. There’s also the fact that other cast members were announced by the PTB, usually with clues before hand. Having the actors actually break their own casting, without a peep from the PTB, sounds a lot like last minute scrambling. I’ll confess I’m a bit worried.

  11. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Ehh I’m not that worried someone just let the cat out of the bag early it happens all the time now especially with twitter and I still feel like SOD got it wrong and he’s going to be playing Ani’s brother (but I have no proof)

  12. Profile photo of Rockiesoul

    Look… Ms. Chappell and Ms. Turrisi are letting us see how a soap opera is put together… thus “Open Book Productions”.

    I am enjoying knowing how long it took for Ms. Turrisi to write the script. I enjoyed knowing when Ms. Chappell read it. I enjoyed knowing when certain scenes were shot… I will also enjoy finding out if the scenes will make in into the final product or not.

    I am enjoying knowing about the plot of the show… and I am enjoying finding out about the casting changes as they happen.

    Ms. Chappell is putting herself on the line a bit more than anyone I have seen before with the constant interaction with the fans and the openness she has given the fans… like when production meetings happen and when shooting occurs.

    Let us as fans be happy about this open production where fans can design the logos, submit their original music or suggest characters.

    (Hey… I am just happy Ms. Chappell is in tune enough with the fans to kiss Ms. Leccica on screen since whomever wouldn’t let them do it…)

    Let us respect Venice and Ms. Chappell… because I am afraid if we nit pick at everything… Open Book Productions can close very quickly.

  13. Profile photo of TigerEyes

    So many great actors, gorgeous people and interesting characters BUT….I wonder, with so many characters, are we going to feel things are incomplete or left with a feeling of needing more after every episode? It’s my understanding there are going to be 12 episodes per season, each episode less than 10 minutes long?? I’m wanting more already!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am excited beyond words about Venice and will soak every second in and watch each episode over and over like I did with Otalia, but I am just thinking realistically about the fact it’s less than 10 min., 12 eps per season & over 12 characters stories to tell.

    Does anyone know why the episodes are going to be so short?

  14. Profile photo of troymcclure

    More casting???? Anyone else think the cast is quite large for a webseries?

    Good for Jeff. I guess when CC approached both Cosgrove and Branson there was a big chance they wouldn’t be out of a job for very long.

    I wonder what Cosgrove’s job is. It isn’t a guest stint on “the Forgotten” because that has already been shot so it must be something else since it is probably shooting now. (still holding out hope for DC joining OLTL)

  15. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Well I’m happy for Branson a steady paycheck is great in this economy so I understand that he had to bail and hey GG might turn out to be a great addition and Cosgrove did say he would love to be in the second season so I bet Branson would love to also its such a great cast either way I think Nadia is a good actress (even though this current storyline isnt doing her any favors)

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