Rick Springfield on Possible GH Return: "Nothing is Planned"

Actor and rocker Rick Springfield visits with Melissa Parker at Our Prattville about his concert tour and Californication. Springfield is also asked if he could be returning to General Hospital.

Melissa Parker: Will Eli Love or Noah Drake be back on General Hospital anytime soon?

Rick Springfield: No, kind of with the advent of stuff happening now like the whole Californication thing I’m focusing more there. I went back to General Hospital for a little bit and it was fun for a while but nothing is planned there for the immediate future.

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The way Noah Drake was written when they introduced Matt and the way Eli Love was written - totally heartless cads ignoring their illegitimate children - I do not think Rick Springfield should EVER go back! Eli Love was one thing, but to totally trash Noah Drake was and is indefensible.

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Noah should come back since it looks Patrick may be cheating on Robin soon. Noah can tell Patrick not to point fingers when he is also a cheater.

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I don't understand why they won't just put Noah and Bobbie back together.