RUMOR REPORT: Is Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott in Contract Drama AGAIN?

Just received a tip that those spoilerazzis over at Daytime Royalty are abuzz with rumors about The Young and the Restless leading lady Melody Thomas Scott once again being in rather salty contract talks with Sony. Guess what, we’ve been hearing the exact same thing!

Reportedly, Scott was allowed to save face in the press by making it seem like she re-signed "on her own terms" during her last round of talks, but chatter is Scott was only given a short term deal to coincide with the end of Eric Braeden‘s contract cycle. Last June, TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco reported that Scott was being written out. Later the actress revealed to TV Guide Magazine‘s Michael Logan she had re-signed.

"Melody is willing to take the substantial pay cut Sony wants her to take, but she wants a contract," says a source.

Sony, however, reportedly wants the actress to take recurring or nothing else. Could we soon be seeing the last of Victor and Nikki?

"Sony was paying close attention to what happened at Days of Our Lives when Deidre [Hall] and Drake [Hogestyn] were let go," says an industry insider. "Not only didn’t the show tank, DAYS has actually gained viewers. They could care less about angry fans online."

This ish gets crazier by the minute…

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    Makes perfect sense. Victor and Nikki were supposed to leave town for Belgium for his treatment. Nikki has declared that Victor is her one true love. Therefore, she would not have an onscreen love life if Braeden and his character, Victor, left.

    Isn’t a trip to Europe for medical treatment how Marlena and John left town?

    The Y&R writers have proven themselves to be hacktacular for copying Days for the umpteenth time!!

    What’s next? Adam is forced to bury Ashley alive? Jill plants a chip in Jack’s brain? Of course, Phillip is the Pawn! Lily becomes possessed by the devil? :-P

    So, what does this teach us? Scott is willing to take a huge pay cut but Sony won’t put her on a contract. If this is true, why should any of the actors trust Sony?

  2. Profile photo of Smitty


    Ok seriously, I was hoping when I read this early on another board that it wasn’t true. It’s just not right. Recurring or nothing?!?! That is just wrong on so many levels….so much is going through my head regarding this and I don’t really know if I could continue to watch this show because I don’t want to see a Y&R based off of Amber, Ryder, Gloria, Jana, Kevin, Jeffrey, and Michael. I just can’t…

  3. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Whoever that “source” is, is LYING. (when they say MTS is willing to take a paycut, but wants to stay on contract). I do remember it being said that she would be staying put “for the time being.” So I’m not surprised it’s coming up again. From what I remember, TPTB proposed the said cut (probably 40-50%) and she balked. So then, they said, “we’ll bump you to recurring.” Which basically would *force* the new salary amount, but I suspect we would not see Nikki any less. She whined about that too, so a temporary arrangement was made where they would put it off, until apparently they had to deal with Braeden (they knew full well what a drama queen he would be about it).

    I’m getting pissed. They can BOTH leave as far as I’m concerned. Why can’t they just swallow their freaking PRIDE, be PROFESSIONALS, and take the paycut, like Jess Walton did?? Apparently they have taken all this for granted and have forgotten the old adage, “be happy to be a WORKING actor.”

  4. Profile photo of Smitty


    You might want to go back and read Jamey’s post. Better yet let me point it out to you.

    “Melody is willing to take the substantial pay cut Sony wants her to take, but she wants a contract,” says a source.

    She is willing to take the paycut! Give me a break people don’t start this nonsense.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Originally Melody did balk at the pay cut, but now she sees Sony ain’t playing and reportedly has agreed to the money they are offering, she just wants it on contract, where as they want to pay her on a recurring basis.

  6. Profile photo of Mel Aikens
    Mel Aikens

    The writing is bad. If better story lines are offered then perhaps the ratings will go up. The word now is Deacon is leaving. His whole story line was stupid!!!!! Y&R needs better writers. Don’t blame the actors for bad ratings.
    Now Amber needs to go.
    Bring Dru back.

  7. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Bullsheet, Smitty. If she’d agreed to their pay cut from the beginning, there wouldn’t be this drama. This whole, “they want to bump her to recurring” is HOGWASH. Re-read what I wrote, because that’s how it happened. They only suggested recurring to her, because she refused the suggested paycut. They offered recurring status as an alternative but we would not see Nikki any less. They would just pay her for each episode she was in which would mean less salary than a contract player.

    MTS and EB are not the victims here. They’re just being drama queens. Pay cuts suck–but that’s the way it is. The genre is dying. They are not helping the show by continuing to be prima donnas.

  8. Profile photo of Smitty


    Thanks for the clarification. I guess you should start a Coffee Junkie Confidential site since you know how things went down and you have all the inside details. How lucky you are to have the insider details. HA!

  9. Profile photo of josser


    Why would Jamey, of all people, lie? He is damn accurate with his reporting. Why would he say that MTS is willing to take a pay cut but wants a contract if it were not true? I can’t imagine Jamey just making this up to fill pages.

    Do you have a better source than Jamey? If so, what did they tell you?

  10. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Guys, you are all right. No need to fight. Coffee_Junkie is referencing the first round of talks, where Scott reportedly did balk at taking a pay cut. Sony then offered her recurring. When she refused that, she was written out. A temporary deal was reached, and that deal has since expired. Scott is now reportedly willing to take the cut, but Sony is said to be only offering recurring. If you remember from Dee and Drake the news staggered too. They cut one, then the other…

  11. Profile photo of Smitty

    Thank you Seasons…

    People thought I got worked up over EB, they haven’t seen anything cause Melody Thomas Scott that is my girl and I gotta stick up for her especially when she is willing to take the paycut.

    Honestly I just want all this to work out for EB and MTS. Like someone said in another thread all the corporate drama seems to be going on behind the scenes instead of on our screen. Sigh…all I want for Christmas is for this to work out…LOL

  12. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Where did I say Jamey was lying? I said that the SOURCE was. “Melody is willing to take the substantial pay cut Sony wants her to take, but she wants a contract,” says a source.” It wouldn’t be the first time MTS turned around and made it seem that somehow, she is being “wronged” in all of this.

    And Jamey, I think your #8 response is right on the money. That’s undoubtedly exactly what’s going on.

  13. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    This is crazy. I think that EB was right that Sony wanted to get rid of him for a while and now they want MTS on recurring? Hell To the Naw, LOL. They really want the show to go the way GL has. |(

  14. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    If she’s willing to take a huge paycut, the least Sony could do is give her a contract!

    Sony really needs to be careful here. I don’t think they should be looking at the Days situation to guage what will happen to them. Just because Days lucked out, doesn’t mean Y&R will too. Now Days has Crystal Chappell who, along with her Otalia fanbase, helped increase their ratings even more. What big name is Y&R getting to help with Victor leaving? The Dad from Boy Meets World? He’s no Crystal Chappell!

  15. Profile photo of Smitty

    What big name is Y&R getting to help with Victor leaving? The Dad from Boy Meets World? He ain’t no Crystal Chappell.


    I hate to keep beating a “dead” horse but I can honestly say that VICTORIA ROWELL is the answer. It’s time to bring her back. Y&R doesn’t have as many former breakout stars from there history. They have kept a lot of the breakout characters on the show in some capacity. There are maybe about five characters/actors they could bring back to help stabilize the hit of losing Victor/Nikki.

    Coffee_Junkie I will play nice. As you can see, I just love my MTS and can get a little carried away when talking about her on the threads. LOL

  16. Profile photo of Lchampjohn

    Did any of you read the last part of this article which states “Sony could care less about angry fans online” so I wouldn’t get to rowdy at what they are doing over at Sony….please! They are going to do what they want to do and we would spend our precious time barking at who right and who wrong….again please!

  17. Profile photo of cmleidi

    I am amused by people who claim Braeden and MTS are divas. IT’s obvious that Sony decided they were expendable, and they were going to do whatever they could to drive them out. IF you really want someone to stay, you don’t start the “renegotiation” phase via email. This is an actor who has given 30 years to your program. An actor (who by all accounts) was one of the first to take a voluntary pay cut. You don’t write a story that vilifies Victor so that if Eric Braeden returns, he will be forever hated. This was done consciously because they wanted him gone. They chose the two people who aren’t as well liked as other castmates to do this to.

  18. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    season1217 I’m with you if they try this mess with Jeannie it is ON! You know I’m actually starting to worry about Y&R sure Days survived without Marlena/John but Days also had other supercouples (cheaper) to rely on. How many characters can take over Y&R after Victor and Nikki leave? I mean I don’t want to see Adam become the new head of the show Billy yes but not Adam. It just reminds me of when GL started to get rid of all of there vets.

  19. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    I think Jeanne would take the cut. I remember reading in the soap magazines during the Jess Walton drama that Jess asked Cooper for advice, and based on her response (can’t remember the exact words) I think she would just ride Y&R out to the end–even if it means making less money.

    Sony/tptb are not doing this to be assholes. They literally cannot pay salaries that are in the stratosphere anymore. It would be one thing if soaps were making money, but they are LOSING money.

  20. Profile photo of good4u

    Maybe MTS and EB wouldn’t have to take pay cuts if the writers were writing better s\l’s. I cannot imagine Y&R w\o MTS and EB. I won’t even watch Y&R right now b\c of s\l’s. The show is way to dark and the writing is getting worst. Maybe MTS and EB are catching a break leaving the show.

  21. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    “Sony/TPTB are being azzholes here. It’s not about what they are asking for, it’s about how they are doing it.”

    What are you talking about? Sony/TPTB held a sit down with the entire cast to explain the situation. Arrogant EB, even though he was at work that day, chose not to attend this important meeting. Than he turns around and boo-hoos that Sony isn’t *respecting* him? PUHLEEEZE!

  22. Profile photo of season1217

    My issue is that if both Eric AND Melody are gone who is going to represent the Newman family. Because none of those children and the actors playing them (sorry) are up for the task. I’d sooner believe that baby Ashley’s toting around could pull a power play in the boardroom than one of Victor’s spawns.

  23. Profile photo of Smitty

    I agree Seasons. I’m sorry but Nick or the current Victoria can’t be the head of the Newman Family. They just aren’t strong enough actors.

    I’m sorry the Newman family needs Victor or Nikki there. Coffee_Junkie you can say what you want but the viewers want to see Victor/Nikki and could care less about the backstage shenanigans.

    The reason that Y&R is so popular has a lot to do with Victor/Nikki, Jack vs. Victor, Kay vs. Jill. You can’t take away all these factors and expect it to stay good. I know many of you will try and compare Y&R to DAYS but I’m sorry it’s a different breed. Let’s be honest, if the show lasts for 5 plus more years Jeanne Cooper won’t be around much longer. I LOVE Jeanne Cooper but she is 81 years old. I love having her front and center but in reality how much longer can she keep it up? That is no dig to Jeanne Cooper it’s just reality.

  24. Profile photo of amcfan09

    Alright, enough! Y&R has always bored me to tears, so I have basically no opinion on this except that I am sick and tired of Braeden and Scott’s drama on every other magazine cover and showing up on every other blog post (not that I blame DC et al. for discussing it in the least–I understand that if it’s happening, it needs to be covered). At this point, I’d rather they just ditch them and be done with it so that I can stop hearing about it constantly.

  25. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    They can scrap the whole lot of them (keep Nick though). I’ve OD’d on the great and powerful Newman family for too many years now. Enough!

    True, the Abbotts have been around even longer than that, but they were never as insufferable as the Newmans.

  26. Profile photo of Westcoaster

    With the focus of Nick, Victoria(I bet the actress will be replaced once she goes on maternity leave) and Adam at Newman. Then we have Billy running Restless Style and the making of a super couple with Billy and Chole(they are not over each other) , I think the show is putting in the groundwork for the next generation to take over the Newman/Abbott feud. If they recast Keemo or Kyle , Jack’s sons or have Abby start to have issues with Victor then that is what the producers have in mind.
    So with Victor leaving(maybe…) and now MTS rumours of contract trouble. Could the next characters to leave or die be Jack and Ashley? Nothing this show does lately would surprise me

  27. Profile photo of season1217

    If this show still wants the Newman family to still be viable, if both Eric and Melody are out, they are going to have to recast the role of Victoria. Victoria is the future of the Newman family. Nick has always been insignificant when it came to Newman business and don’t get me started on Adam. They need a powerful actress in that role. Amelia Heinle should be playing damsels in distress not powerful executives. I loved Amelia on Loving/The City but she’s a weak Victoria.

  28. Profile photo of josser


    To be fair to Heinle, the character is performed as written. Victoria is not written as a hellion any more.


    I agree. If people don’t care about the Newmans, then why continue complain?

    Y&R is not Days. Victor and Nikki play different roles than John and Marlena. Victor is the great anti-hero/some-time villain. Nikki is not a complicated woman but she is not heroine like good gal Marlena Evans Black.

    Am I tired of the Victor/Nikki melodrama merry-go-round? Yes. Nikki should have married Paul. Say what you will about LML, but she did give Nikki a feminist spine.

    There are no other characters on Y&R with the same function as these two. Bringing in Tucker seems lame. Victor Newman is not Victor Newman just because he has tons of money. He has a complex history. Motivations. Thirty years of backstory.

    Again, I’m not confident in the abilities of the head writers to take this show forward after their many craptacular failures since this summer.

    Someone needs to hit a reset button and make the last 6 months a dream. Retcon it all away.

  29. Profile photo of Smitty


    I’m sorry but Heinle has had the chance in a number of scenes to bring it and she has fallen FLAT! Is the writing different, yes, but Amelia has shown on several occasions that when given the material she can’t handle portraying Victoria Newman like we all remember and love as played by Heather Tom.

  30. Profile photo of jetty

    The comparison to DAYS is nonsensical. John and Marlena didn’t dominate that show in the way that Victor dominates Y&R. With Victor gone, entire storylines have to be dropped and make no sense. Adam no longer has someone to get revenge on; his story turns into beling jealous of his boring half-siblings. Jack and Billy’s feud with Victor falls apart. He ends up having no contact at all with baby Faith, even though everyone believes at the moment he and Ashley are the baby’s parents.

    It would take major, intelligent storytelling to get around these plot holes, and what I’ve seen lately on my TV doesn’t inspire confidence that the folks in charge of Y&R know how to get around these problems. They’ll probably give us more of the Scooby Gang, more of those terrific art-inspired stories, etc. And the ratings will start sliding downward.

  31. Profile photo of

    Ok there alot of hot topics you all touched but let get the jist together.

    Y&R and Days are totally different. Dee& Drake were top level characters on Days, but Nikki and Victor are so important to the older audience, because they all know Victor and Nikki, and once they’re gone so is the show! I’m sorry, you all can hate on EB and MTS, but they’re a staple on that show!

    Next: If Y&R only got a two-year deal with CBS something tells me that Sony is inching away to cut this show if they can’t afford their vets. MTS is willing to take the paycut and EB I guess scoff, and he should take the paycut, but one thing that Jamey has stated and I think it more than paycut. It their gurantee on their contracts stating how many episodes they will appear and so on. You need that contract plain and simple…

    When you look at the whole issue it galls me, because I wonder do any of these executives even care? I don’t think so and I think all of them are trying their best to cut all 7 serials off the air. ABC owns all their shows so they can control everything. P&G owns ATWT and Sony has Y&R/Days and Bell Dramatic has B&B.

    Sony acts like it doesn’t have any money, and they have lots of money, all the movies and other items they offer makes money. Don’t let Sony talk that BS about money. I don’t see any executives at Sony taking any paycut so if all the actors can step up to the plate and take the cut so can Steve Kent and all the other top level CEOs and etc.

    Maria Bell some storylines are good, but I don’t know if Hogan writing some of these horrible stories, but I need Maria to get a grip. I like Maria, but some of these writers need to be checked, and I wish Kay Alden and Jack Smith could come as story consultants. The reason I say that is because since was Bill Bell, Sr writing partner since 1974 and knows the history of the show… Y&R is known for it strong history.

    There some actors on this show that can leave. I’m sorry but the role of Victoria needs to be recast. This chick can’t cut it. I say Chrisite Clark from Days and this Adam needs to be recast too. This actor bores me as Adam, it like watching paint dry. I say Austin Peck, or somebody strong. I would like to see a Nick and Adam rival. Also they could get rid of Amber, Jeffery, Jana,Ryder,Lily, Cane. They all don’t bring anything to this show!

  32. Profile photo of Westcoaster

    All the pay cuts and drama at the Y&R lately seemed to be just a way to place more focus on the next generation in Genoa City and gradually have the vets fade into the background. The killing off of Colleen was a big mistake as she would have been a big part of the plans for the future when it comes to the Newman/Abbott feud. When it comes to the Chancellor family, there is Chloe and Jill who do not like each other. That looks like they are paving the way for the same type of feud Katherine and Jill have had for decades.
    If the show decides to bring back Dru and recast Keemo, Jack’s son then they would be appealing to the Afro-american and Asian communties as well.
    With all the uproar about EB leaving and now MTS, plus tense contract talks due to “budget issues” may be true. The fact remains that the Y&R we have all watched for years is changing whether that will be a good thing remains to be seen.

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