“Elizabeth’s First Love is Back” on GH

Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital on October 27 and ABC has released a promo. I’m looking forward to Jackson’s return, but I’m a bit confused. I was under the impression Lucky Spencer had been in Port Charles for some years now. The promo says that "Elizabeth’s first love is back."

Does that mean Lucky doesn’t have a prescription for treating the case of crotch crickets he caught in Sam’s hot tub? Does this Lucky know Jake is Jason’s son? Is Lucky still a recovering drug addict? Does this mean Lucky isn’t the Barney Fife of the PCPD? Will Jackson’s Lucky remember the affair with Maxie? And why would Lucky ask if Elizabeth remembered him? How exactly does one forget their first love?

An actor is not the first love of a character, the character is. Instead of using "first love" or "the real" to describe actors returning as characters why don’t these PR departments just keep it simple? Soaps have to promote the returns of big name stars. It would be stupid if they didn’t, but there is no need to promote the return of one actor by pissing off the fans of another.

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    I was just happy to see JJ, but I have to agree … the chosen words seem just wrong. But did anyone really expect something else? LOL
    I have to say I’m not very surprised that they using these exact words. It’s not fair to GV – it’s not even fair to Jacob Young if you wanna go there. But it’s ABC. It’s still a shame though.
    Besides this PR fauxpas I’m really happy to see JJ as Lucky again. :)

    Now if ABC could find a way to promote CO77X with James Franco’s upcoming appearance … you might find a compliment for them there after yesterday’s hysteria, but I doubt that. :P

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    I guess they could’ve worded things differently but I’m just glad that they are promoting his return because it would be stupid of them, not too.

    Anyways, Jonathan is back and so am I. I can’t wait until he starts airing.

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    I really hate this promo it is disrespect GV ..
    Lucky was not gone he was here for the last ten years ………….

    And I kind like the way they are starting James Franco character a month before he is there.. the Montages with the “mad world ” song is pretty cool and it makes me so excited to see what is that

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    Did anyone expect anything different from the network that promoted “The REAL Greenlee?” I give them points for kind of restraining themselves, actually. Any way they were going to do it, it was going to be insulting to Greg Vaughan. This network doesn’t know how to do things any different.

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    Scott Reeves on GH??

    (stopping in tracks) LOVE HIM!!!

    Loved him on Y&R actually….

    He shoulda been cast on OLTL as REX’S brother, cuz Scott and JPL look IDENTICAL!

    Well, on the bright side, if he’s Liz’s ‘brother’ on show, she (the character, of course) won’t be slurping it up w/him…Cuz liz is such a Ho….

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    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Lucky looks younger than Michael Corinthos. JJ held up well…too well, but he still looks like a teen. I guess Rebecca Herbst looks young too, so it’s probably not gonna’ be too noticeable.

    At least they paid Greg Vaughn. Frons didn’t even pay Sabine the rest of her contract.

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    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Lucky looks younger than Michael Corinthos?

    I could care less if he looked younger than a zygote! I got my Jonathan Jackson back!

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    What if the Jacob Young/Greg Vaughn version of lucky isn’t lucky? Maybe this is just my super-suspicious mind, but when “Lucky” saw Helena at the hospital last week, he was lookin at her that seemed like she could reveal something about him and he doesn’t want her to. Who says he isn’t some guy Helena paid to be Lucky? I dunno, maybe i’m just reaching. Just the way he was lookin at her bothered me

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    I agree season, the real Lucky is back, and so will I, but not one day before he is on!

    GH is under 2.0 and they really need a miracle, since Guza job is safe: after loosing half their audience he is still on, we will see if they can write a good story for a great actor!

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    first – i have to brush my teeth after puking.

    second – i agree with others: did we doubt tiic would manage to muck this up with the most disrespect?

    third it would have been totally respectful to pull a “john black” and keep both actors on air. i still say they should have had GV actually be sly, but who listens to me? (btw: sly is lucky’s cousin that vanished into thin air.)

    now i’m excited about reeves, but only if it doesn’t become the world revolves around liz show, like it did for several years with carly. and it has to add more to the hospital.

    i know jj can act and gh is masterful at the misleading promos. i’m sure his “remember me” line is that he’s been out of town a few days or something.

    ugh and shrug. i’m one who thinks he looks misplaced on the canvas now, but well see what happens.

    what will disgust me most is if liz suddenly turns on a dime and remembers her great love for lucky – that would be a total crapfest – but would i expect anything else?

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    season – i said it would have been “totally respectful” to have done that. keeping both actors would have worked for me.

    even more interesting: if rebecca is really emily, there’s a fake lucky, the real lucky, liz banging nik, and ethan thrown in for fun – that would have been interesting and completely unmob related. all sorts of couples and mixed feelings and real soapiness!

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    Oh, okay I misunderstood. The only issue with that is that Lucky didn’t have plastic surgery. If they had introduced that Lucky looked different when he was found alive it would have worked.

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    I love JJ, too. But come on, attention guys in the promo department, why don’t you just say the “real” Lucky is back.
    How are they going to explain this?

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    Jamey Giddens

    That promo is the ISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry, this is nothing like the Real Greenlee. Anybody could play Greenlee. Hell I got a call back, but there was only one Cowboy! 

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    Jamey Giddens

    How are they going to explain this?
    Who cares! The MAGIC OF LUCKY AND LIZ IS BACK! I wouldn’t care if they rented a Goodyear blimp and put JJ’s face on it. LUCKY! LUCKY! LUCKY!

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    Yeah this ad is kinda weird, but I am so excited for JJ to be back!!! Hopefully this will give the Webbers/Spencers/Cassadines some much needed attention and storylines!

    I wonder how they will dig themselves out of the hole that is Liz/Nik/Lucky/NotEmily. I hope they can because it has so much potential!

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    I think it is the way he tilts his head when he asks if she remembers him but I got the impression that he’s asking if she remembered him while she was hanging with Nikolas. I may be reading a bit much into that little clip though.

    Oh and I love Jonathon Jackson!! I am hoping that he and Scott Reeves will mean great things for GH with a bit less mob. I am loving that Liz will be center stage. Yay!!!

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    Hey can anybody answer this.. from previous comments I looked at youtube at the montage of Mad World they had with presumably James Franco and all the crime scene pictures. Well on wubs.net, they said to look at the guy in the photo in the top right corner but never said what we were looking at. I tried and can’t figure out what we’re looking at. Anybody have any clues?

    Loved the clip though, somehow I missed it live. I must have been fast forwarding too much.

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    Simple & succinct:

    “The original cowboy is back. Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital. October 27.”

    Nothing else was needed.

    A story where Lucky was not Lucky would be completely ridiculous & perpetuate the pattern of outlandish stories with no heart that have substituted family stories of the past. This is why Will Smith wants to be on Eastenders.

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    I think the “first love is back” promo is in really poor taste.

    My perspective is a little different than most here in that this first Lucky was on during the years I wasn’t watching GH. I’ve only seen Greg Vaughan as Lucky. So to me, original/first Lucky is a new Lucky and he’s gonna have to win me over.

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    ICAM with BlackJack – esp. the part about having zero interest in watching the All about Hosabeth hour. she was a screen hog last year (according to STATISTICS) and it looks like she will continue to be. And with twice the lovers its going to be twice the lip gloss, twice the head rolls, twice the snarkabrows, and twice the baby voice. BEYOND DREADFUL. I suspect my FF button is going to be getting a good workout.

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    GRRRRR!!!!! What JERKS!! Cubwriter is absolutely correct – “The original cowboy is back. Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital. October 27.” That would have been perfect. Announcing the return of a fan fave, w/o pissing people off.

    And I agree w/ blackjack and EET – I’m not interested in having Liz jammed down my throat even more than she already is. But at least this proves what some of us have been saying for awhile – that ReH is not disliked by TPTB, she’s not getting fired, and that Liz isn’t being thrown on the backburner or under the bus (oh, if that were to *literally* happen – how happy would I be?? lol)

    I guess I’ll just wait and see. If the story is really good, then I can put up with a character/actress that I don’t like being in the lead. We’ll see… Otherwise, there’s always the FF button.

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    I was a bit confused by the promo as well. You can’t use the word “real” when the character has been there the entire time.

    While I love JJ, I liked GV’s lucky and I think he did the best he could with the material he was given post drug story and he did his best work with the drug story. To a certain degree he was shafted.

    Now I hope JJ is not treated to the Greenlee experience as well as the Greenlee hype because I believe that fell flat and she exited in 2.2. seconds with nothing to show for it. I hope that he is actually used and the writing improves since presumably they are bringing him on to give him weightier material. I hope he is not horribly disappointed if surprise surprise nothing changes. I wonder why actors like JJ and Scott Reeves come to GH after seeing how other actors are treated all lured over with the promise of a meaty storyline (or lured to re-sign) and receiving much less only to leave.
    GH has demonstrated a high capacity to attract high quality actors but limited follow through.

    I am thrilled the Webbers are expanding but wonder why Steven and not Monica is COS. They could have brought Steven back and put him in charge of a department reporting directly to Monica.

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    I agree with Daisy and EET don’t really want Liz shoved down my throat. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with Olivia shoved down my throat!

    I am really happy JJ is back. Can’t wait to watch Tuesday.

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    :) I hope,since JJ is only suppose to be there for 6 months, that they kill the character of Lucky off for good. That way they could have Dante take his place as a detective.Only he could actually be a SMART cop and SOLVE the crimes and be the one to investigate Lucky’s death with Lulu.This could pave the way for them to really hook up. His death would also pave the way for ALOT of good storylines for alot of the characters on the show.

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    I do agree that to a certain extent, this promo is a bit disrespectful to JY and more importantly GV. When I think of Lucky/Liz moments, the first one that pops into my head was when they reunited them as a couple, which was also the first time that GV and RH were the Lucky/Liz… (They did the nasty on Nikolas’s couch…. ROTFLMAO) But as far as longevity, there’s no comparison, Cowboy is JJ. I’m just wondering how far they’ll have to regress the character of Lucky in order to capture lightning in a bottle for a second time.

  27. Profile photo of blackjack21

    rebecca – is it confirmed to be that short of a stay?

    discodan – i think there will have to be major backpeddling to make this plausible. i read somewhere else that they’ve already written lucky out of being a cop – and so it begins…

    my biggest hope is that lucky permanently walks away from liz (but not the boys) i mean how much is a guy supposed to take?

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    I don’t FF actors, I FF storylines, so while I FF Jasam, I don’t FF Sam and Alexis/Molly/Kristina, I FF Spixie, but I wathched the Spinelli/Dante scenes which by the way is the first time I haven’t liked Domte, Spinelli is annoying but he doesn’t deserve to be the way Domte gets Sonny and therefore Jason.

    And though I love Liz, I FF LIz/Nik scenes. I hope that SJB’s departure, and the arrivals of JJ and JF energize the writers and gets this show on track so that the only thing I FF are the commercials.

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    I am like Maxsmom where I will FF thru certain things (ie JaSam, Spixie) but never separately. I think its great that we get the one and only “Cowboy” in my book, and that Liz gets family.

    I was forced to endure endless hours of Sam being forced fed to me. Its nice to see TPTB realize that there are more than two women on this show.

    Countdown to JJ ..YIPPEE

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    I typically only ff Lizard mostly in romantic/flirty scenes with men or 50-50 rivals, I can watch her with a character like Robin or Alexis or even Rebecca when she isnt doing the snarky thing (thats the 50% part), and I can deal with her when she is doing a serious scene, but when she is dealing with nik or Lucky or Jason, the actress tries to portray interest by dropping into this baby voice that makes her sound like a playboy bunny – and everything turns into a question “did you throw this party for little old me”. I know women like this IRL, a guy walks into a room and the switch flips. Thats how RiH plays Lizard and it drives as crazy on tv as it does in real life. So I watch part of it just to get a gist of the convo and then its FF time.

    The only other characters I seem to FF quite a bit are Nik, Rebecca and Luke. When Luke is doing something, I watch but if its Luke getting drunk AGAIN I ff. I ff Nik when he is being moopey – I think the last time I really enjoyed Nik was with SJB – I think they had real potential, I guess because he couldnt just phone it in when doing a scene with her. I also didnt mind him with Courtney. The story was stupid, but I thought chemistry wise they had potential.

    I hope JJ really elevates everyone around him – maybe they will be excited knowing the storyline will be good and we will get great performances from all involved.

    I have to add here – if they brought back JJ for just a short stay I will be angry. If it isnt long term they should have stuck with GV. Would Lizard or Lucky really be killed off as some rumors suggest. Or would they leave together hand in hand. Why bring him on short term if it isnt for some dramatic ending.

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    I wonder if the return of Lizzards family and JJ is to make up to the fans of the actress for the mess that was Liason in the last year. It looks like she is about to get some pretty heavy screen time, perhaps TPTB want to quiet the VERY vocal fans of the actress since Jason continues to get loads of screen time with Sam.

  32. Profile photo of Eleonora87

    Why shouldn’t Spinelli be a way for Dante to bring down Sonny and Jason? Spinelli is just as much of a criminal as they are. If he didn’t give Jason the intel, Jason wouldn’t know who to kill.

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    To me, and I don’t watch GH reguarlarly, this smells like Real Greenlee. I didn’t actually have a problem with Real Greenlee, because I was a huge fan of Rebecca Budig but now I see why so many fans were upset with that campaign. I feel bad for the GV fans, even though I feel good for Jonathan Jackson’s fans.

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    I like JJ also, it’s going to take more than a few character comebacks and new stars to help this show out. They need to improve on storytelling, keeping characters personalities as they were and remember that soap fans aren’t uneducated people that have no memory. This show needs some good writing. It’s done for me, not because I’m a Liason fan, but because every character on this show has had a personality change and the storielines suck too. Women have all turned into whores, and the men are all pansies or counselors to all the town and they all have selective memories to go with the moment. Certain body parts rule their minds. GH learn to tell good stories that keep our attention and quit rewriting history along with the characters.

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    First off GH is really really good right now. I think it is finally back to where it needs to be. I am intrigued too at the whole Mad World montage. I cannot wait to see how that one pans out.

    Lucky returning and the clip that aired recently on Soapnet was perfect. I have agreed with many that GH needs to do a John Black storyline with the whole return of Lucky. I find it more than believable that Lucky could return as a the original. Keep in mind Helena is no idiot. What is to say that the Lucky that everyone has known for years didn’t have surgery to look the part. Hello does anyone not remember how Todd returned to OLTL? Case closed! It will be true to form for Helena to extract the ultimate revenge on Luke and Laura and keep Lucky from them for a decade. That brings me to believe that GV is not leaving and Genie is just around the corner. The timing is perfect the greatest storyline in Soap history.

    Emily’s return is almost imminent. The more time goes by the more Rebecca is Emily and not just by trying to be her. I think that Helena’s brainwash on her is almost gone. LOL!

    Good Bye Claudia! Cannot wait to see you leave and cannot wait even more for Carly to have the baby and see Laura Wright get some meaty storylines out of it. Just please don’t break up CarJax!

  36. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I don’t think GH is wonderful now. It has shown improvement over the last few months but there is still a lot wrong.

    I like the developing relationship between Lulu and Dante.
    I like Johnny with Olivia but wish she wsn’t on all of the time and involved with as many plots.
    I like that Sarah Brown has left because her entire run on the show has been one misstep after another. She is great but they never should have tried to put her in past Carly situations. They should have put her with everyone and anyone who Carly was never aroud and let the character get established before revisiting Sonny and Jason.
    I have always liked Sonny and Jason but their relationship now is not good. They used to get along. Jason has out grown Sonny. Sonny makes no sense. He is a laughable mob kingpin and it makes Jason look stupid to still be taking orders from this guy.
    I am sorry that Greg Vaughn has left GH for the guy and his family but I am happy that Jonathon Jackson is back. He and Rebecca Herbst had wonderful chemistry back in the day. I hope the writers don’t muck that up. I hope that they don’t make the same mistakes with him that they made with Sarah Brown. I personally think that it would have been a big mistake to bring Jonathon Jackson back and try to do a John Black with him and Greg Vaughn.
    I am not looking forward to the latest Scrubs angst because Robin should be pretty secure in Patrick’s love at this point.
    I don’t really want to see Jax and Carly split up because I don’t want to see Carly back with Sonny. I think that is where the show is headed though.
    I also do not like the Jason and Sam retread because it seems so contradictory for Jason to be so focused on revenge on Claudia but working with Sam. Jason loves Michael and would want to punish the person who got him shot but not while working with someone who hurt his own son. He values Michael more than Jake? I just feel like someone who kills people for money would take longer to forgive a woman for hurting his child. If ever!!! And to console her over the loss of her child after the stunts she pulled with his is obsurd. I know many love this couple and I really try to get that but I don’t.
    It’s just my two cents and I know many will disagree but sorry!

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    That would be a great plot twist, wouldn’t it? And, totally in keeping with Helena’s nefarious agendas.

    More likely than not, that little line will make sense when we see it in context, especially in view of previous scenes.

    I am so glad the real Lucky is back. I didn’t mind Jacob Young, and Greg Vaughn is good to look at, but neither is Lucky.

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