Scott Reeves Heads To General Hospital

TV Guide Magazine reports that Scott Reeves (Formerly Ryan on Y&R) has been snagged by General Hospital to play the recurring role of Steven Lars Webber. Steven heads to Port Charles in December as the newly appointed chief of staff and will be thrown in the middle of his sister Liz’s love life drama. Reeves says,

I’ve always had a great respect for GH so I kinda courted them. It was the one show I most wanted to be on. Steve Burton [who plays mobster Jason Morgan] and I are best friends – we’re literally like brothers – and I just love the people over there. My agent put out feelers and [GH casting director] Mark Teschner called back. They had a role. The timing was perfect.

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    I’m happy to see Reeves back on my screen and another doctor in the Hospital. Can’t help but think (hope?) that this might mean trouble for the Carly/Jax pairing since Steven Lars Webber dated Tamara Braun’s Carly when last on canvas in Port Charles.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am really happy that he will be on GH I loved Ryan on Y&R …
    and we will get more doctor that is good …..
    I liked Steve when he was in 05 ….
    I hope Scott and Steve will have a scenes together that will be just fun because they are such good friends ..

    I am happy I am happy

  3. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Another Doctor at GH? And chief of staff? What happened to Minoica being chief of staff? And why not give that job to Patrick if it is available? Although I am happy that Liz is getting some much needed family, if SR is used as much as JC (Matt) it is just a waste of time and talent.

  4. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    buddabridgewater, you ain’t kidding! days could really use jenn (and jack!) right now, especially with maggie getting so much airtime, nathan in town, bo and hope’s marriage on the rocks, and katerina slash carly headed back to town!

  5. Profile photo of josser

    Cool. Congrats to Scott Reeves. It’ll be nice to see him on GH.

    As someone asked, isn’t Monica chief of staff? I miss the Quartermaines!!!! I miss Monica and Alan!!!!

  6. Profile photo of engradypind

    Glad to have another Webber in town. His last visit was way to short and too dependent upon Carly and her father’s pursuit of criminal charges against Sonny.

    Hope Steven Lars will be there to support Liz’s story line rather than mucking it up with the mob or the local constabulary.

  7. Profile photo of rebalove7

    hopefully this means Missy Reeves will make her way back to Days. Carly needs her BFF back! Also, I think i’ve read this before on here, but how about Marcy Rylan as Abby.

  8. Profile photo of Carol2

    “I’ve always had a great respect for GH so I kinda courted them. It was the one show I most wanted to be on.”

    I assume he only means the thug version of GH, as respect for the other version isn’t exactly on display now.

  9. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    does this mean we can get Missy back on Days? If Jenn came back with Carly, and Vivian I would be in heaven! Ugh oh does this mean Monica will be dying off like most of the rest of her family?

  10. Profile photo of BigDede

    Since Scott Reeves is playing Stephen Lars and he’s SB best friend, maybe they will play up the fact that they are cousins since Jason’s birth mom was Stephen’s mom’s cousin. This is such good news. He’s a doctor and he looks good. I wonder who he will get paired with. I hope they don’t bring on another new woman. Also this means MORE HOSPITAL AND MORE LIZ!!! We have Audrey back, Liz, Cam, Jake and now all we need is Sarah to get the Webbers back. I wish they would bring back Steve Hardy III. He’s bi-racial and Liz’s cousin, Audrey’s grandson. He would be about Maxie/Lulu’s age.

  11. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Wonder if this means that Missy and Scott are leaving TN for CA. It w/b nice to have Jen back on DAYS; maybe that could mean less airtime for Melanie.
    They’ll have to find a romantic interest for Steven Lars. Lulu usually gets first dibs on the new guy in town but it seems they are pairing her with Dante slowly but surely.
    So that leaves Rebecca?! (hopefully not)
    They obviously don’t want to give Kelly or Lanie any romantic storyline.
    So who exactly appoints the Chief of Staff?
    Are Edward and Tracy and Nik on the board? Along with Amanda Barrington.

  12. Profile photo of keanna

    EXCELLENT!!!! I have been a big fan of his and wife Melissa’s for years. (Hopefully, this means that Melissa is coming back to Days.) Lord knows Liz needs family. Now if they bring back Jeff, Heather, Tom, or Tommy or his mom Simone, I will be estatic.

  13. Profile photo of Freerhythm

    This is GREAT NEWS!!!! Aside from bringing the hospital into stronger focus (hopefully), Reeves is a great actor, and I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing my first SoapHunk Crush back on screen….

    Well, Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm) was my 1st SoapHunk Crush, but he’s still on my tv, making me think criminal thoughtts on Criminal Minds, lol

  14. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Recurring? Even characters whose actors are on contract are seldom used (Matt, Monica anyone?), so how often will they use someone who comes on as recurring? Once a year?

  15. Profile photo of maxsmom

    When I hear the name Steven Lars, I think of the days when GH was great, Richard Dean Anderson did an episode of SNL spoofing MacGyver, maybe he’d be willing to do recurring on GH. I know……..but a girl can dream.

  16. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    So what happens to Monica…she gets thrown on the vet pile to be discarded? Why do they need to bring in a recurring actor to play the Chief of Staff when they’ve got a contract actress playing the Chief of Staff that they’re using just like a recurring character anyway. Why does somebody have to be shoved aside for casting stunts? And more to the point, what’s the story justification in removing Monica as Chief of Staff and replacing her with somebody so junior as Steven Lars?

    So us Quartermaine fans get shafted again. And the vets disappear from our screens. When are writers and execs going to realize that soaps need older actors. The people in Logans Run had it easy compared to the people of Port Charles.

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I could see him playing an good guy version of ian devlin. Just like Ian was interested in Sam and his interest made Lucky jealous, I could see him pursuing Sam and that giving us a jealous Jason, him flirting with Robin giving us a jealous patrick, and him coming on to Carly giving us a jealous jax. I think we will see some of that as their way of chem testing. It would be interesting to see a SLW friendship with SuperSexySam – that would drive Lizard crazy and watching steam come from her ears is about the only time I find the character of interest LOL.

  18. Profile photo of BigDede

    I love the idea of Stephen/Robin/Patrick in a love triangle. That way we don’t have to go though seeing Patrick and some random woman flirt and annoy Robin.

  19. Profile photo of BigDede

    I don’t see why Liz would get mad if Stephen would hook up with Sam.

    First that aint’ happening no way but I don’t see Liz really caring. Her and Sam doesn’t hate each other. Only their fans keep the hate up. She warned him about Carly but didn’t get upset that he wanted her. But back then he was a tranny so maybe that’s why Liz didn’t say anything.

    I just wonder if Stephen will still be the CSI/gyno/surgeon type doctor who just does everything.

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont think Lizard hates sam but she would certainly hate having yet another guy in her life falling for Sam. Plus she would know it was a dead end because her heart belongs to Jason – they are soul mates. But I would like to see her working on a case where she is dealing with him a lot and Jason gets jealous. I could also see him in scenes with Carly a bit too. IF they use him. And I wouldnt say that aint happening since we dont have any idea what his story will be or wont be.

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