Emotions Run High on ATWT

An emotional week in Oakdale. Watch next week’s promo of As the World Turns after the jump.

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    I have to admit that it’s getting better, looking forward to original characters coming back to bad someone has to die for them to come back and we only see them for 5 min. Story lines are just all over the place sounds like GL writers that came over to ATWT are hard at work kilning people off Hm’mm. Haven’t seen Bob and Kim. I hope this gives them a boost in the ratings. I wish those idiot networks start counting DVR, TIVO and Web Viewing.

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    Joan I could not disagree with you more. Since the GL writers came over, ATWT has improved drastically and GL was always the better written show of the two. Storylines are not all over the place, they are finally integrating the cast like they did on GL and not have them all sectioned off. You must be watching a different show.

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    I am so happy that Michael Park is getting such an amazing storyline. The Emmy people better take notice because he is long overdue for one and I have a feeling this could be it! :)

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    The show is still amazingly disjointed with characters appearing every day for a week then disappearing for two or more. There are blink and you miss them romances like Dusty and Bonnie. And Parker doesn’t even know that his brother came back from the dead…though to be fair I’m not sure he knew he was dead in the first place.

    And I still don’t buy nuCraig or nuLily or Rosanna sleeping with the man who tried to kill her. And where the hell did Matt go? There is no follow through at all. Is Bonnie gone? What happened to Jade?

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    Anthony D. Langford

    I’m going to give the new writers a chance to get settled in, but so far I’m not impressed and I don’t like what I’m hearing. And the twenty-somethings (Casey, Ali, Noah, etc.) except for Luke (who really needs to comb and maybe wash his hair) have been MIA for weeks and I haven’t missed them one bit. That’s not good is it?

    But MP is getting a front burner story that’s about him. And he deserves it.

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    IA ATWT needs some serious work. The writing is still disjointed and some of the characters that the viewers actually care about aren’t being shown or are being fired.

    Ending Dusty/Bonnie relationship in such a haphazard way was bad enough. Are we to believe that Bonnie just disappeared because Dusty didn’t want to pick out chinaware after their trip? Bonnie is a legacy character and could easily be incorporated into other storylines. And the fact that Dusty’s likability increased due to his pairing with Bonnie shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

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    I think Jade, Derrick, and Dallas have been let go with no explanation. Doesn’t it seem odd that after her aunt lost her husband that Jade wouldn’t be there for the funeral or wake?

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    Well, I am glad that Alison hasn’t been seen for weeks. I am sorry but I liked Jessica Dunphy as Ali. Recast Marnie with Jessica or get somebody capable to play her. Marcy Rylan, once she’s settled with baby, anybody? That girl can read the phone book and I would watch!

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    The show didn’t fire Austin Peck to bring back old faves. Marcy Rylan is moving to LA, I don’t think she will go to ATWT and she is too short to play Alison. They count DVR viewing Joan76. About Bonnie and Dusty being a couple they didn’t get alot of buzz with the viewers. Bonnie is only off screen for awhile same with Vienna. The actress that plays Bonnie said she is still with the show, but is taking a break or something like that.

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    Thanks soap1234!! I hope Marcy Rylan doesn’t land All My Children. She can land any show/movie in Hollywood and LA except AMC.

    I was going to post before the site went down that Sarah Travers (Bonnie’s adoptive daughter) should come back. She has a connection with Casey (forgot the actor who played him at the time.) And I think Sarah can be created into a bitch if wrote right. She can go against Maddie for Casey’s affection or just be there and make Maddie insecure because of her huge presence in Casey’s life (maybe have a back story that they wrote to each other while he was in prison on a friendly basis), learn a thing or two from mentor Lisa (she IS Bonnie’s god daughter), maybe friend Jade (if the writers can get HER act together.)

    I don’t know, just a thought.

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